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TX State Senator Wendy Davis About Texas Abortion Bill In Washington

In the race for the Governor’s seat in Texas, one of the more remarkable things about the campaign — among many — was the fact that both candidates proclaimed their support for open carry and the expansion of gun rights in Texas. While Texas might be perceived as the nation’s home of gun rights, the fact is that Texans don’t enjoy the level of firearms freedom seen in many other parts of the country. The announcement by Wendy Davis’s campaign that she, a Democrat, would support open carry was looked upon with skepticism by many, simply paying lip service to gun rights in order to look more moderate and gain votes in a tight race. Now that she lost, Davis is dropping the mask. She’s admitted it was all a ruse and she lied about her pro-gun bona fides . . .


Sen. Wendy Davis said in a Monday interview with the Express-News that she opposes allowing the open carry of handguns and that she wishes she had a do-over on the support she expressed for the idea in her ill-fated run for governor.

“I don’t live in the world of regret,” Davis said in the exclusive interview – her first sit-down interview since the election – when asked whether she had any regrets about her campaign.

But she added, “There is one thing that I would do differently in that campaign, and it relates to the position that I took on open carry. I made a quick decision on that with a very short conversation with my team and it wasn’t really in keeping with what I think is the correct position on that issue.”

As I sit here writing this article, I admit that I’m practically speechless.

The entire point of an election is to identify a candidate who supports your beliefs and will be an advocate for your opinions in government. In order to make that possible, candidates put themselves in the spotlight and make their positions known on everything from abortion to gun rights to whether they want to spend money fixing the pothole on your street. The system only works so long as the candidates truthfully describe their own beliefs, and detail what they will do once in office.

In this case, we have a confirmed instance of someone running for Governor of Texas lying to the electorate on a fundamental political position in an attempt to gain votes. Maybe that kind of cynicism is no longer surprising, but it’s rare that we get to see such a blatant disregard for the intelligence and opinions of the voters.

Back home, my house has always been a hotbed for local politics. I’ve seen more campaigns run from my kitchen table than I can count, and spent many a night trying to fall asleep as the politicians and campaign staffers met long into the night below me. So when it comes to politicians and how they run their campaigns, I have some experience in that field from behind the lines.

There’s a growing trend in modern politicians that I have always found repulsive, and that’s the idea that they are akin to modern royalty — that they are elected and given free reign to do whatever they want, and they aren’t responsible for carrying out the wishes of their electorate. That the voters who elected them are too stupid for their own good, and need someone to make the important decisions for them.

The Wendy Davis campaign is yet another case where a politician saw the election process as a means to deceive the population of an entire state in an attempt to gain power to pursue her own hidden agenda – not to carry out the will of their voters. Gun owners in Texas dodged a bullet.

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      • If you like your gun you can keep your gun?

        “If you like your doctor you can keep your doctor.”
        “I did not have sexual relations with that woman.”
        “At this point what does it matter?”

    • What is pitiful is that a politician lying– as you, others and Foghorn have brought up here– is not surprising. Maybe it isn’t, but it should still be a despicable act and while it is largely tolerated it shouldn’t be. They lied so much and so often that we got tired of holding them to a standard; it’s the equivalent of a parent being worn down by a incessant child’s demands for something they want.

      Wendy Davis fell flat on her face for a multitude of reasons, not the least of which is an example of what we have here: that she is a liar hiding behind a very thin veil. Unfortunately many politicians on either side of the aisle are more tactful in their attempts to deceive the electorate. Many people know it too, and the exposure of their deceit should be as pronounced as when they truly uphold their promises– not when they try to and make excuses (“Well, it’ll just get vetoed if we did” is an excuse that comes to mind after breaking campaign promises…)

      It’d be far more of a return to form than what we have nowadays. Hell, the country may even turn back into the bastion of freedom it was…

    • Awfully glad she lost the race now.

      I don’t understand how someone can support women’s rights and be dead set against a constitutional right. I can’t wait until there are more than 2 viable political parties. I think it will happen in my life time.

      • Davis and her ilk do not support women’s rights (which, as I understand it, are pretty much the same as men’s rights, if you think about it). They support women’s dependence on a nanny state to create a false equivalence (in all kinds of senses, not just “between the sexes”) that doesn’t exist in reality. That is, “equivalence” for the hoi polloi, but certainly not for the ubermensch who graciously gifted the peons with said “equality”.

        • I’m for men’s rights too.

          For example, I think it’s wrong that a woman has multiple legal way to divest herself of all responsibility (legally) for the birth of a child (abortion, adoption), but a man has no such choice.

        • My point was actually that rights are not really properly apportioned according to sex, or color, or national origin, or any such thing. The right to live your life physically unmolested is not a “women’s right”, it’s everybody’s right. By the same token, no one, male or female, has the right to snuff out a human life that they deem to be inconvenient to their lifestyle. I do find it passing interesting that so-called”women’s rights” seem to primarily revolve around various ways to keep the “casual” in “casual sex”. How empowering–let’s make sure the guys can continue to use our vaginas as masturbatory toys, womyn!

        • ^ I really don’t give a shit whether you believe in abortion or not. That was not my point.

          My point is that right now, women have tons of reproductive rights whereas men effectively have none.

        • What “tons of reproductive rights” do women have that men don’t? You can’t abort your girlfriend’s baby without her co-operation, but you can use contraceptives just as well as she can, or take some responsibility and not engage in reproductive activities until you are ready to face the consequences, just like she can. If you are the parent of a child and are willing to acknowledge yourself as such, you have as much say in the adoption process as the mother. Again, outside of a “right” which many folks do not consider to be a “right” at all ( and which is nowhere to be found in the document supposedly outlining that “right”, you have pretty much the same options as the woman in regard to reproductive activity.

        • I will use small words. Keep in mind these points may vary slightly by state.

          1. If a woman gets pregnant and she is married, despite being separated or in the midst of a divorce, the state automatically assumes the husband is the father. As such, men sometimes get hit with child support for children who are openly not theirs.

          2. Whether a woman aborts or not is 100% her choice. A man has no say in whether she does or not.

          3. If a woman has a baby to term, a man has no legal way to absolve himself of all responsibility to the child unless he goes through a difficult and extensive legal process that the mother agrees to help with.

          3a. Women on the other hand can give a baby up for adoption or even adopt a baby to people she already

          3b. A woman in most states can give a baby up for adoption despite the wishes of the father. In effect, this
          means that a man could (against his will) never see his child again.

          4. Men get hit for child support for babies born via in vitro fertilization after they donated to a sperm bank in the past.

          5. Men’s child support is based on their income, which is bullshit.

          6. After divorce or just upon a couple not being together anymore after having a child, child custody is /heavily/ and /automatically/ weighed towards females.

          7. Men are frowned upon for taking paternity leave and some companies won’t even seriously offer it. Men have been fired for taking paternity leave but it seems nobody cares.

          8. Women can and do collect child support even while living with another man and making more income-wise than the child’s father – even in the case of 50/50 custody.

          As for the other stuff you said about birth control, etc, condoms suck (they’re not amazingly effective). Plus, they’re easy to sabotage. A number of women (even some I’ve known) have admitted to poking holes in the condoms of their partners. The pill, the ring, IUDs etc all vary in effectiveness and can wane based on certain types of drugs like antibiotics.

          The fact is that when it comes to reproductive rights, men pretty much have none.

  1. So how many idiots believed her stance anyway? This is why you go by track record and not lip service on the issues..

    Make sure this quote follows her forever, in case she tries to run again anywhere..

    • I don’t think you’ll have to worry too much about her running unless it’s a safe liberal seat or there appears to be a Democratic wave election. More like, this shores up the bona-fides for the gig at MSNBC or CNN.

      • It is my belief that somewhere near the end of the election, Wendy stopped running for Governor and turned to shoring up her whacko liberal credentials again, with an eye to just such a gig–that or appointment to some high position in the DNC. Indeed, what better successor to Debbie Wasserman-Shultz than this empty-headed lying left-wing nutjob.

  2. Wendy Davis should be tarred and feathered and ridden out of Texas on a rail. She is a pathological liar and an anatomical obscenity.

  3. “The entire point of an election is to identify a candidate who supports your beliefs and will be an advocate for your opinions in government.”

    False. The point is to claim legitimacy through your participation by making you believe your opinions matter. But you knew that already.

    • Of course he knew that. This was a humor piece and that was the big joke of it. Or at least that’s how I took it. Nick, were you expecting a laugh from that paragraph?

    • Nothing new here…remember Sen. Al Gore D-TN…NRA A-rated…southern Democrat 2A supporter until the Clinton/Carville crowd got ahold of him? Ultimately, the Democrat leadership is antigun and will make all their subordinates toe the line. Party over principle is the rule. Friends (that want to keep their gun rights) don’t let friends vote Democrat. Not all Republicans are pro-gun, but in the majority they will prevent more gun control.
      Even Christie, R-NJ has held off the ‘Hand them all in’, Democrats… opposed to CA, CO, NY, MA and CT, where they are in complete control.

  4. *I* know what is best. I don’t care what you think, what you know, or what you want. I will make all your decisions for you, and tell you what to think. Vote for ME! That would be the truth, but would not get her elected. So instead, in the best Democratic tradition, recently reemphasized by the POTUS, she lied, and now is proud and happy to tell us she lied, and probably would be, right about now, if she’d been elected. She’d be announcing a new push for radical gun control objectives, tossing away questions about her campaign with “Nobody really believed that. After all, I’m a Democrat!”

    • Hopefully her lying statements and subsequent admission that it was all a lie to gain votes will provide great fodder for her next political opponent to hit her with, loudly and incessantly.

  5. She should take a look at my home state of Colorado to see where that kind of lying gets you (spoiler alert: you get booted out of office in disgrace and your career in government ended).

  6. Wow. Well, political suicide happens.

    As an EMT and before Darwin Awards (more’s the pity) I one time made a house call on a dud who’d played “Russian Roulette” with a semiautomatic pistol.

    This kinda reminds me of that.

    • A politician who boldly lied to the voters and then proclaims it in an interview after losing shows how confident she is that it won’t come back to haunt her.

      I’m even more dumbfounded at the brazenness.

    • So which is the one that is the sicker individual?

      The pathological liar, or the one that knowingly votes for and is willing to have the pathological liar as their leader?

    • More and more of my pro-gun democrat friends are becoming Pro-Gun Libertarians instead. Too many “pro-gun” Democrats are proving to be “Pro-get-me-elected-so-I-can-do-what-I-want”

      And past performance has proven ineffective at determining when a candidate will flip. Reed had an A rating from the NRA…

      • Yeah, I think we all saw how Democrats were bought off and bullied into supporting Obamacare, even though their constituents didn’t want it. That was a real eye-opener for me, anyway. Now, half the senators who voted for that are out of office.

        The lesson to me was that a politician can be forced or bought off to toe the party line, so don’t vote for anyone in the party that has the platform you disagree with, even if you like them personally.

    • Yup. A coworker said this once, I’m gonna borrow it- I’m a Libertarian because I hope for a better government, but I vote Republican because I know we’re not going to get one.

  7. No sir. We did not dodge a bullet. Nobody I know believed her when she played “2nd. amendment supporter”
    We did remember when she supported closing City of Fort Worth properties to Gun Shows. Not all Texans are stupid rednecks, as a matter of fact vey few of us are.
    Paul in Texas

  8. So a known pathological liar admits to yet one more lie that she told and you are speechless?

    Luckily there were plenty of other reasons for me to not vote for this clown that it never even got to the point where I cared what she thought about firearms ownership. Her whole demeanor when she was saying it was completely fake and very much the liberal elite “yeah ok sure you little rednecks can have your toys to go play with, yeah whatever, sure, just dont cause too many problems”

  9. This should be put into the file of every political hatchetman for future reference. Any time this woman opens her mouth for any reason, this needs to be thrown in her face with the premise that she lied and how can she be believed about anything. What ever political think tanks she oozes into need to be painted with the same brush so that she can only get the most inconsequential, unimportant, and meaningless job possible. She’s toxic and deserves to be treated like a pariah.

  10. Dodged a bullet? We missed that one by a mile, she did worse than Bill White last time. And we saw right through her about this, I don’t know anyone who believed her on that one.

  11. See, most of you are shocked at all this but when I saw that the collar did not match the cuffs I knew she would be deceitful about other things as well.

  12. “In order to make that possible, candidates put themselves in the spotlight and make their positions known on everything from abortion to gun rights”

    I call B.S.!
    Most politicians I see address questions of substance with answers full of doublespeak, catch phrases and legalese while avoiding an actual answer whenever possible. There are always exceptions I’m sure but from my perspective it seems the norm. Is it different in other areas of the country?

    I support XXXX BUT……

    • “I support XXXXXX but…” would be too definite.

      It’s more like:
      Reporter/Constituent: “Mr. XXXX, do you support universal background checks?”
      Mr. XXXX: “The death of any child is tragic. That is why America needs more better paying jobs.”

      • My Congressman in the US House of Reps is Louie Gohmert. He hasn’t been shy about letting folks know where he stands. But when he was first running I asked him straight-up about 2A issues. His immediate response was, “Well, what do YOU think about it?” Evasiveness just runs in their blood at campaign time I guess.

    • You must be one of those folks she was aiming at with her first campaign ads. About 3/4 of her portrait was taken up by her, ahhh, chest.

  13. Yeah, listen to the 2000 debates and then look at how Shrubya really ran things, yet a lot of folks still laud him.

    Maybe she planned to “save Texas,” then be remembered kindly irrespective to the lies during the election, a performance contrary to expectations and stated goals, and perhaps the ruination of her constituency.

    “Today the world is safer” sounds like a grabber to me…

    • I went to an event in San Antonio in August 2001, where W cut the ribbon on the restored gristmill at one our Spanish missions, and then gave a speech on his plans for promoting more relationships with Latin America. As governor, he had been very successful promoting trade and friendship between Texas and Mexico, and wanted to continue that as president. Texas had purposely rejected the California model that had offended Mexican businessmen. It was an unseasonably cool rainy day, and a very festive event. I still have pictures.

      Simpler times. Little did any of us know that three weeks later, everything, and I mean everything, would change.

    • To be clear, I’m not berating here, just reminiscing. Bush would be considered far too moderate now in TX. As governor he worked better with Democrat legislators than the Democrat governors who preceded him. The house speaker and the Lt Gov were both Democrats, and they preferred Bush to his Democrat predecessors. The Lt Gov adored Bush and said he was the best of the 6 governors he’s served under, four of whom were Democrats, and when Bush was up for reelection, the Lt Gov threw his own Democrat protege under the bus and supported Bush. He wanted what was best for his beloved Texas.

      Not to make excuses, but Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi were a little different to work with than Speaker Laney and Lt Gov Bullock, to say the least.

      Nowadays, the attitude toward stateside office holders in TX is that Democrats are never to be trusted on anything. especially gun rights. We havent elected one in 20 years, and any Repub who’s nice to Democrats in the legislature is regarded with suspicion.

  14. “The system only works so long as the candidates truthfully describe their own beliefs, and detail what they will do once in office.”

    Bull! Lying, deceitful politicians are as old as politics itself, yet the system still works. It works because if they don’t keep their promises, we can vote their sorry a$$es out of office next time.

    That’s how it’s supposed to work, and it does, when the voters pay attention. We get the kind of government we deserve.

  15. Obama ran a successful campaign in 2008 that wasn’t clear on a whole lot of issues. There were just vague and charismatic references to “Hope” and “Change.” There were also promises to make the government more transparent and accountable. Campaigns are simply to get votes and have nothing to do with integrity, particularly when Democrats are involved.

  16. “I don’t live in the world of regret,”

    The self-justification for a pathological liar. Considering this (obvious at the time, obvious now) lie, her multiple lies about her background and family, and every other lie she threw out, I’m left to wonder if her name is, in fact, “Wendy Davis”.

    Luckily, as with many pathological liars, she’s really not very good at it.

  17. This is why we need to put an end to “Career Politicians” with Term Limits the same as the Presidency for Congress (two terms) and, I think, limited to ten or twenty years on the Supreme Court. The States, who have not already done so, should follow suit and some of those who have them need to cut the number down to no more than three or four for Governor, Legislature and no more than twenty years for their Supreme Courts.

    See the table on this web page:

    National Popular Vote reports they are 61% of the way to tying the Electoral College to the National Popular Vote for President

    I know it is folly to expect Congress would vote itself out of a career, especially when you look at how lucrative it is. Fox News did reports on “Boomtown, Washington D.C.” in 2013 and it’s maddening to watch:

    A large part of the dysfunction we are experiencing is because we keep sending the same people back to Washington D.C. and our State Legislatures over and over and over again. We need to rethink this and follow the Founders idea that Service in the Government should be service to your fellow Countrymen, not a lifetime appointment to being a pseudo-aristocrat. Wendy Davis just illustrates the danger of making “Political Offices” such a high stakes game of personal profit.

    • I beg to differ.

      I case you missed it, Wendy Davis lost. Big time. And statutory term limits were not a factor in that election.

      We already have the best kind of term limits. We, the voters, get to decide whose term to limit, and when to limit it. Plenty of politicians at all levels felt the harsh reality of that last November.

      • I know Wendy Davis lost big time, but didn’t think I needed to mention that well known fact. We, the Voters, fail to change out Congressmen and Senators consistently. You should research how many of them have been in Congress for more than three Terms. November 2014 was a backlash and exception to the rule. It took two mid term elections and one Presidential election for the People to wrest control of Congress from the Democratic Socialists. Had we not stymied the DS’s with the House of Representatives, we might be looking at a Democratic Socialist attempt to remove the Presidential Term Limit, as Dinesh D’Souza predicted in “Obama 2016”, so that Obama could run for unlimited Terms. You know, Chicago Democratic Political Machine style…

        You need look no further than Illinois Politicians to see strong evidence of the truth of what I am saying. Term limits at Federal and State levels are the surest way for the People to insure they are the true rulers of the United States. NOT that I expect to see it happen in my limited remaining time on Earth.

        So, with all respect, I beg to differ back at ya’, Curtis in IL.

  18. I’m going to save this article so I can link to it the next time someone asks why TTAG is ignoring pro-gun Democrats.

  19. “There is one thing that I would do differently in that campaign, and it relates to the position that I took on open carry.”

    Politicians don’t have personal convictions, they say, whatever they have too to appease their constituents..
    If somebody suggested the horizontal position as a way of getting elected, she would have done it.. if she lost the race she would have claimed the sex sucked.. if she won, it was the greatest sex she ever had.. None of them have a sincere bone in their body.

  20. It used to be you voted for a candidate that was the lesser of two evils.

    It’s no longer choosing the “lesser of two evils” when picking a candidate to vote for.

    It’s simply what “flavor” of evil you want to vote for.

    Plain and simple.

  21. “As I sit here writing this article, I admit that I’m practically speechless.”

    Seriously? Have you not been paying attention to the politics since Obama won his first term? Grubber was not wrong, the lack of transparency is what helps get bogus legislation through. The left uses situational ethics, this has always been true.

    Given all the past articles about how the anti-gun crowd and their political lap dogs work, I am more surprised that you are surprised. This is what politics has become —

    “Maybe that kind of cynicism is no longer surprising, but it’s rare that we get to see such a blatant disregard for the intelligence and opinions of the voters.”

    Once again, have you not been paying attention. The day Obama assumed office he made it clear that he was going to forever change America and Politics. — He rules like he has no need to respond or respect the system of government nor the people of the USA. Again, why are you surprised. The DNC takes its lead from the President. I just need to look at my own State of CT. The governor ran his first term saying how he would run government like a business and then proceeded to raise or create 422 new taxes and on his second term he ran that the state had a surplus only a few weeks later after being sworn in reported that the state was $100m in the red and once again is using accounting tricks and talking about raising even more taxes.

    “There’s a growing trend in modern politicians that I have always found repulsive, and that’s the idea that they are akin to modern royalty — that they are elected and given free rein to do whatever they want,”

    Once again, have you not paid attention to Obama or the post Newtown anti-gun legislation when CT, NY and MD passed gun votes under false “emergency” conditions? In your own state, have you not seen that Obama has allowed the flood of immigrants to your home state — that Obama has lied about pretty much everything and has not clue about foreign policy?

    Again, I am shocked that you are shocked.

    • I’m shocked that you think this shit started with Obama. Most of the presidents in the 20th century behaved in much the same manner, with varying levels of contempt for the citizenry of this country. There’s certainly an unbroken trend of it going back at least to Kennedy.

      • Nope, I do not believe it started with Obama, he has just made it an art form and an aspiration to those in the DNC.

        The extreme in the abuse is with Obama. All presidents have stepped over the line, but Obama has made it art and has made it institutional. His gift to our society is to make it blatant without any regard and wearing it on his chest as a medal of honor. Many in the DNC have admired and followed his lead. Obama has made it an aspiration to live up to within the political class. He has not bothered to hide it in any shape or form. Situational ethics is now institutional.

        His stance and object disregard for the constitution and our political system will be his legacy and all those who believe in him will carry it forward.

        Ruling without consent is something the DNC and GOP will roll with going forward because they believe their ideology is more important than anything else. — In short, they all suck.

  22. Fortunately, she’s little more than a PR stunt in sneakers.
    She didn’t have a snowball’s chance regardless of her stance on the issue.

  23. Democrats are pro gun control. Their party platform has explicitly stated this position for several election cycles.

    Individual Democrats may appear or even feel that they support gun rights. However, even on the extremely rare cases when this is true, they will just about always sacrifice gun rights for some higher principle–abortion, statism, welfare, party dominance, etc. And, as a bonus, remember that any vote for a Democratic congressman is a vote for Nancy Pelosi to become speaker.

  24. Abortion Barbie.

    Wendy Davis had a kid out of high school, then went to college and had another kid when she married a sugar-daddy who sent her to law school. She divorced him after he paid her last tuition bill, but don’t worry, she let him keep her kids. Then she was elected as a liberal TX state senator and gave a 11 hr filibuster on absorption rights while wearing pink sneakers. Texas voters didn’t dodge a bullet; they were smart enough not to point the “gun” at anything they don’t want to destroy, namely the great state of Texas.

    Wasn’t there a TTAG article a month ago about how Dems and Libs can be pro-2A? I hope y’all are paying attention.

    • Voters probably won’t have to worry about it, because I think her political career is over. Keep your eyes on liberal media outlets, where she’s bound to show up as yet another know-nothing talking head.

  25. Abortion Spice is just another empty suit (skirt) flimflam politician. I wouldn’t hire that liar to do anything more consequential than serve hotwings. If you want to see a true woman of substance on the national stage, take a look at Condie Rice or Laura Bush or the late Jeane Kirkpatrick.

  26. Our whole political system is built around people spending lots of money to convince you to vote for them by touting the most believable lies.

    So this leaves you speechless?

  27. At this point, we might as well vote for boot-headed Vermin Supreme for president. After all, he promised free ponies for all Americans.

  28. What most of you are missing here is that this women is merely an unsuccessful clone of what the DNC has, and plans to, run for lots of higher level offices.

    1. She’s female, and moderately attractive. She looks better than Hillary, and a woman that at least doesn’t look as tho she’s been hit in the face with a red-hot shovel suffices in Democratic circles.
    2. She has an Ivy League degree, especially a law degree. The best credential to gain access to the DNC higher ranks is a law degree from Harvard School of Law. Davis has one.
    3. She’s a gold digger. Diane Feinstein, Barbara Boxer, Hillary Clinton, and many other DNC women are married to highly successful men who bankrolled these women into office.
    4. She’s a sociopath. This is the one attribute becoming more and more prevalent among liberal political operatives and candidates – clear and unmistakable signs of being a sociopath.

    The top three attributes of a sociopath:

    1. They not only lie, they believe their own lies. I’ve worked for a sociopath, and this is the far-and-away best indicator of a sociopath: they believe their own lies. Why is this so important? Because it leads to the next two behaviors:

    2. They never apologize for telling you lies, because they believed what they said was the truth. They never apologize because they think you are wrong, not they. They never apologize because they honestly believe, in their head and their guts, that they told the truth, and you’re the irrational one for calling them on it. They never feel guilt, shame or remorse, because in their minds they have nothing to feel guilty about. They express genuine puzzlement as to why people are so pissed off at them. They honestly cannot understand other people’s wrath and fury at them.

    You also fail to catch the sociopath as they are telling you a lie, because many of the indicators that we normal people associate with lying are missing from the sociopath’s behavior as they are lying – because they believe they are telling the truth. That’s how they get you – they are able to tell a lie with a straight and honest-appearing face, because they believe their own lies.

    3. Sociopaths are intelligent, glib, often well educated, highly articulate and charming. Davis is all of that, as are people like Bill Clinton, Barak Obama, et al. They know they’re intelligent, educated and articulate, and they honestly believe that they’re doing you a favor by running for office or volunteering to help you run your life.

    A look at this woman’s history showed you she was a liar on the gun issue. She actively supported anti-gun policies in her more junior political career, just as Obama had served on the Board of the Joyce Foundation. You Democrats who keep holding up these sociopaths as being “pro-gun” or “at least, not anti-gun” candidates need to get your head out of your nether regions and cease deluding yourselves. Democrats, in general, would be best served if they quit voting their genitals in state and national elections. There’s situations that thinking with your genitals is excusable, some other times it might even be pleasurable, but state and national elections aren’t one of those situations.

    From my experience with sociopaths, you have only two options to deal with them: Get the hell away, or destroy them. Sadly, the latter is often much more difficult than you’d like, because they’re constantly moving on to new, fresh people who they suck into their personality cult and pack of lies, and those people will defend the sociopath against those who have awakened to the truth.

    Texas voters should be thanked for stopping this horrid woman’s career right here.

  29. “I don’t live in the world of regret,” Davis said

    Yeah. No shit. Look at her scandalous personal life. Apparently she also doesn’t live in the world or morals, scruples or shame. Gross person all around.

    • And that’s why I labelled her a sociopath. It isn’t just about guns. Her whole life, her dealings with people on a multitude of issues shows that she is a sociopath.

  30. Liar Liar panties on fire…I admit I know very little about Texas politics. This gal is piece of work.

  31. “The system only works so long as the candidates truthfully describe their own beliefs, and detail what they will do once in office.”

    I’m not sure if you have noticed, but the system hasn’t worked properly in a long time.

  32. She lied? Whatever. Unfortunately.

    She admits to the lie boldly, like a badge of honor? That’s a big step further than our current liar-in-chief, who boldly lies and then just ignores the outrage.

  33. …….and as you people bitch….I quietly continue to buy my guns and ammo….this bitch is thevtrue meaning of the progressive movement…”I want my rights but screw yours.”


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