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Laser sights are great, until you can’t see the blasted red dot because the sun’s too bright, or you accidentally left it on so the batteries are dead. Viridian has come up with answers to these problems . . .

They make a green dot laser sight, which is much more visible in bright light than red. In addition their retention holster extinguishes the laser when the weapon is holstered, but doesn’t activate the on/off switch so when you draw the laser comes back on immediately.

My permit-renewal class instructor actually had a DGU (his wife woke him up when an intruder reached under the covers and touched her). Fortunately he did not have to shoot anyone, but he was positively eloquent in his description of the effect an adrenalin dump has on fine motor control. In short, when you are in a SHTF situation, the last thing you want to have to try and do is fuss with a laser sight switch.

They are available with or without an integral tactical flashlight which also can be operated by their holster and you can download a catalogue from their website

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I am a bit of a Johnny-come-lately to the civil rights (firearms flavor) movement, having not really gotten involved until after I hit 40. I am not really a "gun guy"; I can generally hit what I aim at, but I'm not a competitive shooter. I enjoy the craftsmanship of a fine pistol or rifle, but I am not particularly knowledgeable about firearms in general nor am I a Glock guy, or 1911 guy, I'm just a guy. What I am is passionate about civil rights, especially those of the firearm flavor.


  1. I have a viridian green laser. The laser itself is awesome it goes like miles in the dark and very visible. The mount its self is kinda cheap it broke the first time I used it. The zeroing in part is pretty simple. It’s really faint though during the day like now its 1 in the afternoon sunshining you won’t see it go too far or spot it. Indoor ranges cloudy days or late afternoon transitioning to the night time is great to use it. I agree with you, Its something extra to fiddle with at the range but not in real life.

  2. The problem with lasers other than red is that they have a fairly narrow range of operating temperatures. In Arizona we get everything from 110-120 to below freezing in the high country. (And if you leave a gun in your car in the summer, it’ll be subjected to even higher heat, and you’ll have to wait even longer for it to cool down.) Just too many circumstances where a green laser might not work. Until they can get emitters that handle a wider variation of temps, I’ll pass.

    • Yeah, I understand the three current weaknesses of green lasers to be low visibility in bright light, narrow operating temperature range, and significantly shorter battery life compared to red lasers. There was some discussion about it here a while back, I think it was one of the Act of Valor threads.

  3. I spent 300+ on a viridian POS and it is the worst thing I have ever bought. The laser has tons of artifacts and you can’t see it more than 7 yards during daylight. Don’t waste your money on this crap. Btw their customer service sucks

  4. the associated holster looks an awful lot like the much maligned serpa design, if not a little worse.

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