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As Dan mentioned, TTAG was asked to assist with a demonstration of Slide Fire Stocks for CBS. The video below aired on national television at 5:45 PM Central time today.

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      • Dangerous ground there TTAG. The metric is bullets out the pipe. Bumpstock or fully auto, the result is the same to the victims.

        • its the truth. how is that dangerous? so you think we should just act like bump fire stocks don’t exist or that we don’t know how to use them and some how that bolsters our side??

          i’ve said for a long time that bump fire stocks are idiotic so i couldn’t care less if they make them illegal.

        • Stop supporting more government restrictions on anything, especially those restrictions that have anything to do with our rights.

          Every tool or concession you give government will be used against citizens. It’s the same as so-called Fudds stating we don’t need semi autos.

          You’re letting the reaction from one evil SOB to determine the rights for the entire citizenry.

    • Firefox doesn’t work well, even with the flash-block and ad blocks stuff disabled.
      I use Microsoft Edge to see some of these videos. Hope that helps.

      • Nonsense. You obviously have some problem with your configuration, firewall, permissions, add-ons, plug-ins, or some user-related issue. Firefox is superior to Microsoft browsers by almost every conceivable performance metric. If a user values privacy and control of their personal information and browsing habits, Firefox is the best browser available.

      • depends on where you are watching from. from work, no telling what will work, with all the firewalls and ACLs running. at home, that depends on your browser settings. Might want to do a “restore to defaults” in options.

  1. Do you think it would blow their minds if you started bump firing a rifle without any modification?

  2. I would also refer them to Jerry Miculek.

    A little practice.

    Okay, A LOT of practice. And many thousands of dollars worth of ammo, and you’re there.

    • Promotion of The Truth About Guns to an unfamiliar audience could potentially be a major benefit. However, the attempt may backfire.

      • “However, the attempt may backfire.”

        Yeah, it *could* backfire.

        I’m inclined to believe the mention of ‘The Truth About Guns’ will have people Googling it and finding it, where the fence-sitters just might be surprised to discover the Leftists fave been lying to them about guns.

        The upside to that is, once someone discovers they were lied to, it drastically increases wondering what else they may have been lied to about.

        We’re not trying (well, very hard anyways) to convert the hardened Leftists.

        It’s opening the eyes of those without strong feelings one way or the other on the issue that’s the target…

        • Yeah, that is *exactly* what converted me from being a leftist. I took a 2 day pistol course with my Dad (a gun loving lefty,) figured out if been being lied to all my life, got home that first night and started googling to see what else is been lied to about. Turned out it was pretty much everything…

        • “got home that first night and started googling to see what else is been lied to about. Turned out it was pretty much everything…”

          It can be a shockingly powerful moment for someone when they make that realization.

          It’s the very embodiment of that recent Leftist term of being ‘Woke’.

          And it’s all the more *sweet* when someone becomes ‘Woke’ to the lies of the Leftist hate ideology…

        • Stumbling across the TTAG website and following it, is what changed me from being a fence sitter. I am now a concealed carrier and own a suppressed SBR. Thanks TTAG.

        • TTAG was a boon to me when I was new to guns and it was an honest review site.

          Now that it is a far right political dumping ground and all around howling in to the void site that occasionally reviews a gun… less so. A newcomer to guns would find valuable information in the archives.

          And the there is the comments section.

        • Fair enough, Robert. It may be that the amount of content overall has jumped and while you publish more reviews as a static number, they are overwhelmed by the amount of political stuff.

          For what it’s worth, I think it was the right decision to to the bump-fire overview. Better you guys, who look fairly normal, than some tac’d out bro who is still geared up from his 3gun match.

  3. Good attempt by RF to tamp down panic, but you need to say WHY it’s not really practical. Assuming you have reasons?

    Mine would be that I was taught that the only time full-auto fire from a rifle (as opposed to a real MG) is useful is when you have to rapidly kill everything in a room or trench – and in those tight quarters, it’s very likely that the stock would not stay perfectly seated in the shoulder, and so the bump-fire would fail to function. In any other situation, aimed semi-auto fire is more useful.

    Tragically, the scumbag murder seems to have figured out a practical application -shooting at a target so big that it’s is literally unmissable.

      • Of course, everyone knew that would be the case, except for you. You know, there is a reason why the NRA’s standard operating procedure is to say and do nothing after a mass shooting event… until the time is right. My guess is you guys like the media attention, even if it casts you in a negative light.

      • The worst possible 5 seconds of what comes out of Robert’s mouth is better than the best 5 they would have gotten from their normal sources as they roll in footage of real machine guns being fired while they refer to them as semi-autos. In my personal opinion, knowing all of what RF said on camera, this was cut as badly as it could be for the 2A side and I still think it’s better than whatever alternative messaging would have filled their airwaves otherwise.

        • Clearly that’s not the case or they wouldn’t have used TTAG. They didn’t have to use anything they shot with you guys. You didn’t pull one over on them. You guys played the useful dupes in their advancing the daily left wing “news” narative.

        • “The worst possible 5 seconds of what comes out of Robert’s mouth is better than the best 5 they would have gotten from their normal sources”

          Agreed. And perhaps some new ,open-minded, people undecided on how they think about citizen firearm ownership is introduced to the site and its content.

        • Any chance y’all filmed the whole thing? That way all could see what lies on the cutting room floor.

        • see also “Trump should have know better that to ________”

          How stupid/unaware are you about the mainstream media??? You’ve been in a coma for the last 50years?

      • …and we’re supposed to believe TTAG has OUR best interests in mind? LOL!

        Here is proof positive that when given the chance our own side will sell us out for a buck (the website will see increased traffic which benefits Farago financially and we get to deal with more trolls and DOS attacks).

        Smart move “EinSTEIN” I hope you’re proud of yourself.

        • 1- You’re an idiot
          2- That’s not how any of this works.
          They just saved us a whole lot of headache, and prevented the spread of a literal TON of misinformation.
          This interview WOULD have happened with or without TTAG – and Robert is smart enough and experienced enough to not give them any ridiculous sound bytes.

          Memorable quotes from this interview:
          “Allows simulated full auto fire”
          “Not practical”
          “Machine guns have been illegal since 1986”

          Quotes if CBS had done this interview with one of Bloomburg’s “gun experts”:
          “Its basically a machine gun that you can buy at the corner store”
          “Turns any rifle into a high powered machine gun capable of killing dozens of people in a few seconds”

        • Let ME explain to YOU how IT works.

          The Liberal Media will cut & splice the video to make law-abiding gun owners look as “radical” as possible. Remember who we are dealing with here not only the network which has an anti-gun agenda (as do their ignorant hoplophobic reporters/propagandists) but also firearm illiterate people at home.

          “Regular” CBS (Fake News) viewers ie. non-gun owning folk, don’t understand nor do they care about the terms used by TTAG especially “semi-auto” (they are incapable of comprehending how THAT works, ALL they hear is “auto” and THAT’S “bad” to them). The only thing viewers at home will remember from this piece is how “evil” and “dangerous” those “black” rifles looked (they aren’t grandpa’s wood-stocked bolt action or pump shotgun) and how fast those “evil”, “black”, “clips”, were emptied.

          The reality is we are dealing with morons if they haven’t learned the basics on firearms by now and most haven’t in the age bracket/demographic that watches the network evening news they NEVER will. They WILL on the other hand write letters/call/email/sign petitions demanding legislators “ban” not only the bump-fire stock but also “semi-auto” rifles (remember it HAS “auto” in it’s description) because to them it’s the simplest thing to do rather than educate themselves on how firearm (mechanical items) operate (have YOU ever tried to explain to a non-mechanically savvy person what’s wrong with their vehicle, I have, their eyes just glaze over).

        • “Gerbs says: ‘They (I think he means TTAG) just saved us a whole lot of headache, and prevented the spread of a literal TON of misinformation'”.

          So tell me Gerb where do I get the “automatic rounds” they’re talking about? (CBS)

          Also from the CBS article online:

          “And fully automatic machine guns are still being sold from ads in the back pages of gun magazines.”

          Now I want to know where in the hell are these newsstands and book stores that stock firearm-related magazines that sell “fully automatic machine guns” in ads on the back page?

          Yeah we (TTAG) have done CBS, it was soooo “positive” and well received (by the anti-gunners), we dispelled ALL the inaccurate or blatantly false reporting on firearms now lets show everyone how really stupid we are and appear on NBC, MSNBC, PBS, ABC, and of course CNN.

  4. Eh, the video could have been worse. However, I don’t think it really helped anything, as it just made a clearly defined target for legislation.

    • Actually, saying that it’s just a “range toy” and not practical makes it more likely to get banned – since there’s apparently no good use for it (like self-defense) to weigh against its now apparent possible misuse.

    • I believe the BATFE has already ruled that per the (unconstitutional) definition of a machine gun these devices are not open to regulation by the federal government. If they are to be regulated at all it would have to be on a state by state basis.

      • Not open to regulation under current law, yes.

        Not open to legislation like short barreled shotguns, rifles over .510, ‘armor piercing handgun ammo’, …? I wish.

        What remains to be seen is how many members of the Repugnant Party are willing to commit career suicide by stabbing their voters in the back in a hopeless attempt to gain favor with the legacy media…

    • The antigun progs are likely to also attack flashsupressors. Already making noise about making rifle “harder to detect”. No end of stupid.

  5. A segment so facile as to be pointless.

    I appreciate you guys tried to bring them the truth about guns, but no amount of 2 minute segments no matter how much true information is in them will be effective when all they have to do is show b roll of the reporter walking out of a gun shop with the stock and say no permit of background check is required to buy one.

  6. I saw most of it on the news. I thought RF did a fine job at getting the point across that it was for the most part a gimmicky joke of an item. That’s what I always thought about bump-fire stocks also, mostly because I have gotten to fire actual select fire weapons.
    Nice job RF

  7. Gun lovers who say its just a range toy and would not work in all positions.

    Non-gun owners (70 per cent of the public according to the latest info on msnbc) are horrified as the nut case killed far more people in a much shorter period of time than if he had not had the bump stock.

    What will happen? I think the Republicans will agree to ban it if the ATF does not just make a ruling and ban it themselves and don’t think they can’t. They in the past have banned a lot of things like the wallet holster and the street sweeper shot gun and the Spas Shotgun just because they knew they could and wanted to.

    • the nut case killed far more people in a much shorter period of time than if he had not had the bump stock.

      Not true. He could have used a binary trigger for the same effect.

      • He likely would have killed the same amount just using semi auto fire.

        Is there any evidence that the bumpstock was the main weapon used? I know the first 20 seconds of the video that I and others have seen with the full auto fire must have been used with the bump stocked AR, but he was up there for an hour shooting.

        I would think after the crowd started running, then he’d switch to single shot for the precision.

        • I agree that there isn’t any indication about what was actually used. Indeed, there is admittedly speculation that one of the two firearms pictured (out of apparently twenty-three) that had the device installed. Which one(s) were used? To what degree? There is very little information out there about what was in that room. Why are we hearing about this? Incidentally, one doesn’t a bump stock to fire rapidly.

        • Oh, that’s just great.

          Give them the excuse to just ban semi-autos entirely.

          A question for the TTAG resident ‘Legal Eagles’ :

          I can see a brewing battle on firearm registration laws being used to facilitate eventual gun confiscation.

          From what we have had in the Heller – McDonald decisions, what are our chances that a conservative 2A friendly SCOTUS could rule mandatory registration is a violation of the intent of the 2A?

          And as a follow-up, are there any court cases in the pipeline challenging the constitutionality of mandatory firearm registration?

        • The progtard ship has sailed on banning semiautos when the 10millionth AR was sold to the public. Not going to happen. Any registration delusions them still have is gong to run into reality of mass civil disobedience or active resistance.

      • Oh for God’s sake, let’s give them more targets?

        We here know that had the scumbag murderer just used lots of aimed semi-auto fire he probably would have caused the same level of death and injury while expending fewer rounds – but that’s not what the public will see. They’re seeing something that looks and sounds really scary and for which no practical defense has been (or will be) proffered. Yes, we all think it’s a silly range gimmick – well Mr. and Mrs. America now think it’s a bloody WMD.

    • Not to be too pedantic, but the “banned” items you listed don’t really apply for your analogy. Those weren’t banned specifically in any sort of ad hoc basis. The shotguns were banned as part of the ’94 assault weapons ban and “wallet holsters” are only illegal if they disguise the appearance of the firearm and the firearm can be fired while its appearance is concealed. If that’s the case, it falls under the 1934 National Firearms Act as it qualifies as an “Any Other Weapon,” which is an NFA-regulated item. If the “wallet holster” only covers some or most of the firearm so it’s still distinguishable as a firearm or if it fully disguises it but it cannot be fired while disguised then it’s fully legal. Same would apply to, for instance, a briefcase that holds a gun inside and can be fired via the briefcase handle while the gun is fully hidden (which is a real thing for the HK MP5). Legal to have a gun in a briefcase, but AOW if you can fire it while it’s in there.

      The truth is, the Slide Fire is a novelty / gimmick. It prohibits discriminating fire and greatly hinders accuracy. If somebody were going to shoot at me I’d greatly prefer they were trying to use one of these stocks than not. In nearly every possible case, it is a detriment to the function, accuracy, and lethality of a firearm. Unfortunately, in the case of a massive, dense crowd of people who are stuck in a confined area, indiscriminate, inaccurate fire is actually effective and the only thing that matters is how many rounds can be put into that huge general area. In this case it does appear that what is usually a range toy and, by all accounts has in the past been exclusively purchased as such, was used in a very specific circumstance to, yes, increase this guy’s ability to cause harm. Though he could have bump fired without the silly stock, he could have installed a trigger crank or created one with an electric drill, he could have used a binary trigger, he could have illegally modified his firearms somehow to make them actually full auto, he could have gone through the long process to acquire actual machine guns (as it seems he had the money to do so and had a clean background), he could have engineered some sort of rig that he could mount 6 guns to and fire them all together, he could have blah blah blah. A Slide Fire stock is only one way to legally increase the rate of fire of a gun, and it usually leaves the gun less lethal for it.

      • your explanation on the wallet holster is wrong because they were legally being sold for quite a while and then the ATF suddenly decided to ban them. If they had been illegal from the very beginning according to the Firearms Act the ATF would have hunted down everyone who bought them and confiscated them. They had done this in regards to other weapons that were sold illegally from the very start. Rather in the case of the wallet holster they simply either re-interpreted the Firearms act ( cover for we changed our minds) or simply made a new ruling at 8:00 in the morning and by 6 pm it was law. I cannot remember anymore which it was.

    • “Non-gun owners (70 per cent of the public according to the latest info on msnbc)”


      The epitome of “Tell a lie often enough, and it becomes the truth.”

      The real number of people who own guns is *much* higher.

      And they vote… 🙂

  8. So let’s say legislation gets passed and bumpfire stocks get NFA treatment. How difficult is it to make your own bump stock?

    • “How difficult is it to make your own bump stock?”

      Not particularly difficult, but you can often get the same result with simply holding the weapon loosely in your hands while firing it.

      Shall we require universal human hand registration, or just outright outlaw them and begin the mandatory confiscation?


      • I learned how to bump fire a Ruger MkII when I was like 16, no special equipment needed. Also quickly learned how utterly useless it is.

  9. You guys really need to stay away from the liberal media. Even if what you are saying is positive Second Amendment accurate description, they will hack it to pieces in the edit room and you will look like an ass. Please stay away from the liberal media let them put up whatever retarded crap that they’re going to put up and then later it will be wrong as always and we won’t be part of it. There are no newscasters that are gun people they’re all bunch of liberals snobs nanny goers. You are going to do absolutely nothing for the Second Amendment and gun owners by going on CBS NBC ABC orfox. Bad move.

    • Agree.

      Way back in the day, I was involved with an on-camera interview with Ted Koppel of ABC news. The interviewee was a staffer of the local FEMA team. The interview required video of the FEMA rep answering questions, then video of Ted asking questions. Both setups to be edited together later. During the questioning, Koppel was mannered, courteous, “laid-back”. The FEMA rep answered the questions with accuracy, but with an obvious uncomfortableness at being interviewed by a media big name. Once the questions were answered, the cameraman put the lens on Koppel. At that point, Ted asked the same questions, but with venom, heat, disrespect and accusation. I saw the finished product, and it was brutal. What I learned from that was never trust any media person, for anything, even telling you the time. Also, I learned to “read” televised interviews. If all the participants are not on camera at the same time, it is a fake, a weapon to prove a point. Watch closely, and you can see that sometimes, the participants are not even in the same room with each other.

  10. You guys did well.

    Imagine if they had instead interviews a bunch of morons missing teeth and wearing, “Shoot ’em all and let God sort ’em out” t-shirts.

    Nah, it could have been a disaster, and you made it as neutral as possible.

    Proud to associate with you guys.


    • What Jeremy said above is true: if TTAG hadn’t weighed in on this story they would have simply made a response up out of whole cloth… and gotten it completely wrong.
      Everything about this tragedy stinks and we’re simply in damage control mode now. People of the Gun understand the fallacies of the lefts arguments but we are woefully outnumbered by people who are not on our team. I’ve already heard too many callers on talk radio and comments on news sites claiming “I’m a hunter and nobody needs to own weapons like these” and similar tripe.
      The one possible good outcome of this CBS story is that maybe…just maybe, some of those who were on the fence on this will come to this site out of curiosity and learn a thing or two.

      But I won’t hold my breath.

  11. I’ve already written off bump stocks as yet another thing I won’t be able to buy in the next few years. This video will certainly gain public support for banning them. I know no compromise is acceptable but if they go after bump stocks and not the actual rifles then it will be the best outcome I could realistically hope for. That said, I see some of the truth in Jeremy saying the worst 5 seconds of what came out of RFs mouth is probably better than what they would have shown alternatively.

  12. It was OK! Better than I expected. Oh and I’m too poor to buy this stock and waste 100’s of rounds just for sh#ts and giggles…

  13. I thought it was a very good commercial for bump fire stocks. Good job on CBS for plugging Slidefire…..and for some real cheap fun, a shoe string and an AK.

  14. Might as well have shown them the thumb in the belt loop while you were at it.
    Then the Congress critters would propose to have all gun owners thumbs cut off Id imagine.

  15. I would rather have a gun friendly person explain this to CBS instead of a crack pot. This is the best way to get out in front of a story. He called it a range toy. And it is just that. We have fun at the range. The general public needs to understand this, as well as our american civil right to do this.

    Many years ago a woman who just got out of a mental hospital ran over 100 people. Killing at least 9. No body was calling for the banning of automobiles. And just a few months ago over 900 people were shot to death in the “gun free zone” of Chicago in the year 2016.

    I will be asking my liberal friends and family. Why do 50 or 60 shot to death white people get you concerned?
    And over 900 shot to death blacks don’t get your concern????????????

    • But CBS chose to use TTAG when they could have used a crackpot instead. Are you trying to tell me they couldn’t find a crackpot? Or, maybe, just maybe CBS thought they could advance their fervent anti-gun agenda better by discrediting/mocking/making TTAG look like liars instead of using obvious crackpots.

      It doesn’t matter what RF said. They showed it being rapid fired by Jeremy and the deadly results of Sunday night speak for themselves. Claiming it’s not practical may be true, but it sure seems to have been used very effectively and with horrific results on Sunday night. The latter bit surely will debunk the range toy claim in the minds of the average viewer.

      So, aside from getting the name of the website out in front of people, what was accomplished?

  16. Facepalm….

    This video was edited to represent gun owners as dangerously naive, as if we couldn’t ever imagine or expect someone to use a bump stop in a mass shooting or other destructive context. And calling it a range toy? Not a wise choice of words.

    Which plays into the Left’s portrayal of the ignorant / selfish gun owner stereotype: all the pro-gun folks care about is our range toys, not how much damage they can do in the wrong hands.

    And it’s obvious they would attack bump stops and any and all accessories these rifles have just like they shut down silencers.

    Granted there’s really nothing said that would not have been spun, but “range toy” was giving them an opportunity to attack gun owners’ intent.

  17. Are you friggin’ kidding me? Idiots! CBS like all major news networks save for FOX News are the ENEMY, why would you even consider demonstrating ANYTHING for them as they will only use it against law-abiding gun owners?

    Was TTAG smart enough to do like the like the Virginia gun owners did and “tape” the entire event yourselves in case it’s deceptively edited ala Katie Couric?

  18. This went as well as I thought it would, RF is made to look like some sort of enabler by CBS, though he stated that this is an ineffective measure, what CBS left out is the simple admonition that ACCURATE fire at the ranges the Vegas killer was shooting, WITH this stock is not possible. That tidbit would have done a much better job for informing the uninitiated than a heavily edited anti gun CBS strokejob. Kudos to RF for trying his best, but this reaction was expected.

  19. You will only confuse them with facts.

    Journalists tend to be majors in arts and social(ist) studies.

  20. If the TTAG recorded the interview please release it ASAP. This feels like a hit job designed to make gun owners look bad.

  21. Are you friggin’ kidding me? Idiots! CBS like all major news networks save for FOX News are the ENEMY, why would you even consider demonstrating ANYTHING for them as they will only use it against law-abiding gun owners?

    Was TTAG smart enough to do like the like the Virginia gun owners did and “tape” the entire event yourselves in case it’s deceptively edited ala Katie Couric?

  22. You: Hey guys look how easy it is to simulate full auto with a semi-auto!

    Them: Great! Time to ban semi-autos!

    Once again the gun community is its own worst enemy. All the simulated full auto redneck wet dream devices were a disaster waiting to happen, and now it’s happened. How long have we been fighting the false narrative that semi-auto are machine guns? Argue the semantics all you want. All people are going to see is a bunch of bodies and RF demonstrating what is essentially an over the counter full auto. Nice job.

    • Yeah that’s not what’s happening here… not even slightly.

      Quit being a Alex-Jones chicken little.

      • That’s exactly what happened. Now is not the time to be saying “look at me!”.

        The “impractical” quote played right into their hands because it was pretty freakin’ practical when engaging an area type target with plunging fire. Successful engagement of almost 600 people from 500m makes it “practical”.

        The public can care less about the technical definition of a machine gun. If it fires 5 to 10 rounds per second, it’s a machine gun. “But I can do that without a bump fire stock” is one of the stupidest things to say right now because their answer to that is “ok, give us your ARs and AKs then”.

        The end game for the other side is weapon confiscation and we are playing right into their argument for it.

    • I second this. I’m all for free media exposure for your website, however this was the wrong way to go about it.

  23. A majority have decided which side they are on, the remaing will be forced to soon.

    There will be mass civil unrest/war before Trump’s term is over.

  24. I can understand the intent of trying to provide accurate information, but I don’t think it worked.

    Saying they’re an impractical range toy after the asshole used them to kill near 60 people and 500 injured came across poorly.

    None of this is going to end well.

  25. All CBS wanted (and got) was confirmation any device on the rifles used made the rifle “more deadly”.

    This is simply the beginning of an accessory witch hunt (based on “lethality”). If they can’t ban rifles, they are certainly going to try to strip them down to the point any firearms available will be bolt action bb guns.

    The only counter argument possible is to find any cases where bumpstops were successfully used in a defensive or DGU scenarios to illustrate that the device serves a greater good.

    In the future I would refrain from any sort of casual references to “toys” or “fun” when talking about guns in the future. Our only stance right now and in any future murders is to be polite, responsible, empathetic, and concentrate on the real problem and why we own guns = because we know evil will strike again and we care about other people, not just ourselves in this fight. Our message should be that armed good guys save lives and we are here with everyone standing against evil people.

    We will never win this if we keep separating ourselves from the pack as “gun owners”. We need to remind people that we’re just like them, part of the community.

    • Point of clarification, my comment about certain topics to refrain from talking about only applies to speaking to people outside the “gun culture”.

      Remember that anyone not in “the know” perceives any firearm as something that can be used against them. So that’s the mindset we’re dealing with.

      While it seems redundant to justify, firearms, like cars, need to be seen as a greater good. The misuses do not outweigh the lawful uses. They save more lives than they take. Every accessory will be judged by these merits. Will it make users and the community safer with X accessory?

  26. 6/10 americans dont know the difference in full auto and semi auto. Liberals have always used this to their advantage by calling everything “automatic weapons”. Videos like this educated the public about the difference between the two and eliminate a liberal tactic.

    Worst case, you lose bump fire stocks.

    • “6/10 americans dont know the difference in full auto and semi auto”

      And THAT right there is where we LOSE because once the term “auto” enters the discussion in any form all the firearm ignorant hear is “auto” the “semi” goes in one ear and out the other, like a bullet.

      “Worst case, you lose bump fire stocks”?

      Actually the worst case scenario is we lose semi-auto rifles/handguns/shotguns and make no mistake that IS the short-term goal of “the Left” (Democrats/Liberals/Progressives), their ultimate goal being complete disarmament of both the civilian population and police.

      We would have experienced an Obama/Clinton-directed, George Soros-financed revolution already if not for the fact that many Trump supporters (including police & military both active and retired) are armed. The Democrats were worried about we would react to a loss in November of last year yet here they are, “The Resistance” and the Deep State/Globalists, seeking to perpetrate a silent coup. They know we are the only thing standing between them and a compliant populace and they want to render us incapable of resisting their efforts.

  27. I have an AR equipped with a bump fire stock, and RF’s description of the device was spot on.

    Moreover, I’ve learned how to bump fire my M1A without any device whatsoever. The first time was an accident, but I practiced the technique. It’s gotten so easy to do that I have to make a special effort not to bump fire it.

    Somebody had to explain bump fire to the public and media. I’m glad it was one of us.

  28. While most of the people commenting are defending Leghorn, he says in the comments above that bump stocks are idiotic and he doesn’t care if they get banned.

    1. The anti gun politicians are on the record as saying their strategy is to slowly chip away until guns are outlawed.

    2. Is he so ignorant that he believes that what one “thinks” has any bearing on our rights? There are a ton of gun owners who “think” that anything other than bolt actions are idiotic. Do you really want to go down that path?

    The agreeing to the CBS video and its merits can be justified, the “useless” terminology and follow up comments by the author are not.

    Good thing some of us are intelligent enough to stand up for all rights and not just the ones we personally like.

  29. You can keep saying a bump-fire isn’t practical, but the results of the Vegas shooter show otherwise. It was rather effective at laying down near automatic fire. He wounded 104 people, and another 400 were injured from running away/trample. From using a bumpfire stock at long range.

    • “You can keep saying a bump-fire isn’t practical, but the results of the Vegas shooter show otherwise. It was rather effective at laying down near automatic fire.”

      Beware of concluding anything based on highly-edited video. But even then, why would you expect any gun owner (who has no intention or thought of using a bump stock to facilitate mass murder) to emphasize just how effective the device can be against a confined crowd of unarmed people? Restating the obvious is helpful, how?

  30. The AR-10 using .308 ammo could penetrate a person, exit and then penetrate another person standing behind.

    The bump stock makes no difference, you have to use more dexterity and energy to keep it running,
    with a full auto you just hold the trigger down.

    Using bump stock is a novelty, similar to installing 24″ chrome rims on your gradmother’s Crown Victoria.

  31. I guess they better ban belt loops and index fingers as well. After all, the same basic result can be had with that method. Ignorant idiots. Just ignorant to the inth degree. But they are “doing something”. And it looks and feels so good. Pfftttt…. morons.

  32. As we at least those of us not seeking to financially benefit from an appearance on National TV expected TTAG got punked by CBS so much so even Breitbart is reporting on it.

    And tell us “Professor” Farago just what is an “automatic round” and where can I get some?

    Yeah lets appear on a Liberal Media/Fake News outlet we will enlighten the firearm ignorant, yeah that’s a great idea SAID NO ONE with an ounce of intelligence in the pro-2nd Amendment movement.

    By the way thanks again Bob now we have someone else to “Primary” next year (he’s from Texas of all places) it’s as if we didn’t have enough spineless weasels in the GOP to run out of office on a rail in 2018.

    What’s your NEXT bright idea? Are you going to appear on CNN and show the folks how easily gun owners can change magazines in semi-auto handguns? I can see it now, Dems/Libs/Progs and the firearm illiterate demanding a “ban” on having more than one mag per firearm and the requirement that ALL factory mags be chained to the butt of a handgun/rifle ala WWI Enfield rifles, all “for the children”.

    Please stop “helping us”.

    • “Someone” was inevitably going to do a piece on this – had it been someone from the left there would have been much more anti-gun rhetoric added. This was a fair and neutral assessment. Mark Kelly, quit being an ass – you sure as hell are not helping anything or anyone with your attacks on Farago. In fact, you are representative of the “whacko right conservative gun nuts” the left so often loves to quote and use against the rest of us. Please stop talking and making us look stupid.

  33. Hey Bob, thanks for nothing, Twitchy now has CBS and their “report” on “automatic rounds” which YOU helped contribute to leading the day’s stories. Still think it was a “good” idea to illuminate the firearm ignorant? If you do I’ll let you in on a secret, those that watch the Alphabet Network’s evening news programs DON’T come to pro-2nd Amendment websites like TTAG to get the facts on guns.

    btw: I still wanna know where I can get “automatic rounds” and are they compatible with my existing clips or do I need to purchase “automatic” clips?

    • Better:

      We will allow you to keep your seat in Congress (and enrich yourself and your pals with backroom deals) if you refrain from enacting any new firearm legislation that impacts law-abiding citizens.


      We will permit you to keep your seat in Congress if you repeal ALL firearm legislation that negatively impacts law-abiding Americans.

  34. Expect all bumpfire devices and similar items (binary triggers) to be banned. Expect the left to go STRONG on another “assault rifle” ban. Expect them to try to create limits on how many guns can be purchased. Expect them to try to create limits on how much ammo you can buy. We are probably going to take it in the shorts BIG TIME. I suggest everyone start writing/calling their congressmen now. The Las Vegas incident was the PERFECT thing they’ve been waiting for to justify banning everything possible.

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