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They say video is the future. Toward that end, in partnership with our friends at Gun Genius, we’ve recorded a number of short video gun reviews for your low attention span pleasure. Today we look at the Springfield XD(M) 4.5. To read the full review, click here.

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  1. “…you want something you can take to war.” Well that wouldn’t be an XD or XDM then. A little bit of sand, dirt, or even steel cased ammo the magazines turn into baby rattles that won’t feed more than a few rounds.

    • I’ve got an Xd Mod2 and my buddy has the XDm. We have tortured them both with snow, mud, sand, dirt and never has either failed to perform. I’ve tried limp wristing, loose grip etc and it always feed, fires and ejects. Love a good XD

  2. Sorry but you need to take your bash elsewhere. Never had a problem with XD or XDM mags. Many years of service/training and competing without failures. I’ve had great experiences with XD and Glocks and the differences are purely preference based, not quality.

    • Good for you, but I shot it for 3 Bianchi Cups, and a total of just under 12,000 rounds. So my opinion is based on personal experience with the gun.

      • So are ours.

        I have a lot more than 12000 rds through my XD45. Only failure was a limp wrist at the end of a 1000rd string. They’re excellent.

  3. Yes… all professionals participating in a Bianchi cup advocate used ng steel cased ammo in a dirty, sandy, gun. Junk ammo will never provide consistent performance regardless of platform. Fail to plan. Plan to fail. Hoping you had better luck in other runs. If you have so much as a hint of a mag issue the manufacturer will exchange… even if you feel it could eject/drop faster. Nothing meant as a dig or bash… just net talk.

    • In practice mags hit the ground, which around here gets sand in them. The XDM is the only gun where if I didn’t clean the magazines at least once a month (during the 3 month period I shot it each year), it would have stoppages. Other guns I own the magazines are disgustingly dirty and they still feed fine. Heck not even my turned 2011 magazines are that problematic.

      As far as steel cased ammo being junk, not all of it is junk. I had a case of the Hornady Steel Match. The accuracy isn’t great compared to hand loads, but it was an acceptable round doing a little over 2″ at 25 yards running about 135PF, and no ignition issues. The XDM is the only gun that I’ve encountered where the magazines won’t even load steel cased ammo. Other guns might get stoppages with the Tula rounds like FTEs, Stove Pipes, and FTF; but all of them had no magazine issues.

      • If you’re stupid enough to run steel cased ammo in your guns and blame the gun you might be as big as a dipshit as you come off. There’s one platform steel cased is acceptable for, the AK. Try to not run shitty ammo through your guns and avoid looking like a moron in the future.

        • It’s the ammo fault, when the same ammo, Hornady Steel Match, doesn’t have issues in any other gun I own.

          Steel cased ammo isn’t shitty either. I would take a case of Hornady Steel Match over a number of brass cased ammo.

  4. Isn’t it a 19+1 capacity in 9mm?
    I’d like to see some video edit cutaways while you’re talking so we don’t only get your facetime: pictures of the gun up close, the box contents, etc.

    I think the XDm is one of the best beginner/starter out of the box guns one can find. Plus it comes with the accessories so one can basically strap it onto any belt and have fun at the range without having to do additional shopping for a kit.

    Big kudos to Nick for losing the weight.

  5. Nice review TTAG. Hope you do many more.
    Two comments.
    First, 4 star accuracy comment is not explained. It would be nice to hear why.
    Second, I know an older gentleman who complained of high cocking effort. Just a FYI. This characteristic may mean something to some, certainly not all, potential users.

  6. My XD9 is still in the family. After ten years, I gave it to my son. Neither of us have had any problems with it. I specifically chose it over the Glock because of the grip safety, never paying much attention to the cocking indicator though it was nice that it was there, and because I shot better with it. While I was admittedly a newbie at the time I first encountered Clocks, I never liked the way they felt in my hand. The XD(M) is an improvement over the original, but it is not on the California roster (separate and apart from the 10 round limit we are stuck with). I would think that a gun as large and as heavy ()fully loaded) as this one is would be best suited for OWB and open carry. It is not a gun that is terribly concealable.

  7. “for your low attention span pleasure.”

    Thanks for the starting insult.

    Seriously, though, guys, video is not why I come to TTAG. If I want that there are other places and people who offer that as their main line of content.

    Re the steel match issue, I’ve never shot it. I just tried and can’t find it on AmmoSeek in .45acp. The XD(m) manual doesn’t say anything about steel cased ammo but it does include disassembly instructions for the magazines. And it says “Disassembling and cleaning magazines every 3-4 months is normally sufficient, unless the magazines have been exposed to dirt or other adverse conditions or inspection indicates a need for cleaning.”

    Seems pretty clear that you should clean dirty XD(m) magazines. If you’d rather not, fine, but you can’t blame the manufacturer for not telling you you need to.

    • ^I’m with him. I like the written format on TTAG and there are plenty of established places I get video already. When I’m reading TTAG it’s because I want to read something (and often can’t listen to audio).

  8. The XD series are some of the best Glock clones out there. Right up there with the Walther Glock clones.

    However the cheesegrater style grips on the XDM series are rough on the hands. The Grope Zone style grip on the Gen2 version XD are optimal if you can deal with the shattering reality you bought a gun that actually has the words GRIP ZONE embedded in the grips.

    And no, didnt bother with the stupid video “review.” Already know everything about the XD platform. They are built like tanks and if you must get a Glock clone, you cant go wrong with the XD.

  9. I agree Fred. I have the xdm9. I have run it hard. It’s been dropped knocked off a table mags have landed in dirt sand and mud. After eight thousand rounds not a single issue. Never had a single failure. Feeds fires and ejects perfectly. Still using the original mags I got with it when I bought it in 2009.
    I’ve run every kind of ammo through it as well. Never had the issues this guy is claiming he had.

    • Rock on Ironhead. The only XD ever had trouble with was a ported V10 XD9. It constantly FTFd. I figured it was all those holes in the barrel like swiss cheeze, dropping too much gas pressure so the slide wasnt coming back hard enough. Also it blasted hot powder flash directly into my face, no fun. It was an OD Green job, looked cool, loud as hell, but just couldnt deal with the feeding issues so I traded it on another Glock.

      Love my XD45 tho. They need to start offering the Md. 2 XD in 40SW without the silly Grope Zone writing and a Gray frame. Would get one of those.

  10. My only comment on the video would be better lighting for the talking segments so the firearm is more visible (particularly when talking about looks and specific features). Other than that, I was informative.

    But like everyone mentioned, most people have their go-to gun reviewers they likely go to for various levels of opinion and expertise. So I’m sure you guys will find your space and TTAG angle on reviews.

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