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Full review on Monday.

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  1. Say- is this some super-rare left handed 1903? Do you wear your wedding ring on your right hand?

  2. Don't be so obverse. I mean, obtuse. Gotta check with the daughters . . .

    Searching the web, I caught a comment from someone who said he knew someone who dropped a 1903 from his waistband and shot himself. To death. So . . . .32 ain't TAHT wimpy. Sic. Sick?

  3. I've owned a Colt 1903, and I don't remember the ejection port being on the left side.

    Are you using a Mac? Isn't there a switch that allows you to reverse the image?

  4. Yes, yes; the image is reversed! it would've been fine if it hand't been for those meddling kids!

  5. Well, Robert- at least you know we're paying attention- looking forward to the full review- just finished up a 1920 model which appears to have had a period conversion to .380

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