Training with the same gear you plan to use in the field is a huge advantage. Building that muscle memory on the range translates directly to improved reflexes when it counts in the field. For organizations that use the MCX rifle that hasn’t necessarily been possible, as the unique gas system and bolt design isn’t easily adapted for UTM Man Marker rounds — the best force on force training ammunition available in my opinion. New for 2017 SIG SAUER is releasing a version of their P320 and MCX rifle specifically designed to use UTM’s training ammunition.

The MCX has seen the most modification — the bolt and bolt carrier assembly has been redesigned to operate without locking, allowing the telescoping case to properly cycle the action. It looks like the rest of the gun is standard, so one would assume that this will be an available option for a retrofit kit for existing owners.

Available first to LEO and military customers, I’d assume that the kit will be available to civilians as well to support UTM’s home live fire kit┬áin the future. No word on pricing.



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