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My P226 is and always has been my favorite handgun. And while some people like the whole tribal tat thing, I’m not one of them. So for me, this is like they took the Mona Lisa and scribbled all over it with Sharpie. OH GOD . . . MY EYES!

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  1. Maybe on an AR. But on that, if someone gets to see the tribal marks, either I’m doing it wrong, or they’re doing something wrong.

  2. Yeah that looks… not appealing at all. I carry a P229 and I got a great deal on it because the local tribal police used it as a range weapon for a few years before selling it to Scheels. I am quite thankful they didn’t add this to it 🙂

      • Aye, I do but I still thinks it looks nice.

        I’d prefer if it were dull black on duller black rather than glossy on dull and I would change the design of it but I get the mental image of what they’re trying to do and I think it’s nice!

        I do seem to be alone in that thought however.

        *tries to back out of the room unnoticed*

    • I’m alright with it. If people hate em, maybe they’ll sell for less and I can pick one up for a deal.

  3. I seen it in person last April at the NRA show. It is fugly. However, I do really like the feel of the grips.

    • The feel of the grips is what sold me. I was just looking around like I always do. I looked at the Seals 226 with the Anchor on it but just wasn’t moved to buy it. Then the salesman pulled out the Tribal. It fit so natural in my hand and the feel was almost erotic. I can take or leave the Tribal, but the ergonomics is great.

  4. Does it come with a gift certificate to your tattoo parlor of choice to get either a tramp stamp or a barbed wire tattoo? Why not combine all the crap editions they sell into one, gloriously overpriced pistol? Next up, the P227 SAS TacOps Diamond Plate Combat Elite Enhanced Equinox Tribal Extreme. Yours for only $1500.

    Get back to me when then spend more than $10 on barrel finish. They can’t even get that right.

  5. Sweet heaven, whyohwhy…

    I’ve seen good tribal tattoo art, but most it, including whatever the hell they marred that beautiful SIG with is crap. Is this a new trend to replace the bright green zombie crap?

    Not to mention that most guys who tend to get tribal tattoo art have no idea of the history of tribal designs or even what they mean… kind of like people who get random Chinese characters tattoo’d on them and have no idea how to read the character or its nuances.

    Putting that crap design on the SIG reminds me of that lady who tried to re-paint that ancient fresco of Jesus… LOL.

  6. The tribal tattoo stuff is ugly, but I am really happy to see that that gun lacks an accessory rail. That is how SIGs should be (with the exception of the MK25). 🙂

  7. Cool! I could wave it around as I dance around a fire wearing nothing but a codpiece and wooden mask! Wouldn’t even need ammo. Show it to zombies and watch their heads explode!

  8. I think its a wicked lil beauty and feels perfect in my hands …. idk what all the negative talk is about but hey beauty is is in the eye of the beholder 🙂

    • Not sure why all the traditionalists feel a nice handgun can’t be tastefully “decorated” just a little, and step out of the “I’m just a tool” aesthetic paradigm.

      I’m only here b/c I saw one of these while browsing P226’s for my next purchase and found it to be gorgeous, so I googled “P226 Tribal” and wound up here.

      BTW: I’m a balding, middle-aged, caucasian, blue-eyed, reasonably well-educated, middle-class american male, so don’t go making assumptions or stereotypes about who might like this thing! The small markings on the sides of the slide add, I think, a tasteful and understated “sumpin’-sumpin'” to a very nice but otherwise utilitarian-looking pistol. The scrolling on top is more than I might want, but still tasteful and, IMO, not overdone if you like the design (clearly I do). The “smooth” grips look freakin’ awesome too.

      If its as functional as any other 226, what’s the problem with some tasteful, not-too-flashy, factory-added bling? Now if people start painting and scribing these things up like an over-pierced and tattooed skinhead or punk rocker, then I might join in the ridiculing…

      I hope to find one of these babies and make it my first full-sized Sig (currently loving my P239 SAS) if it feels as good as it looks (to me, at least). Hell, I’ll probably even make more friends at the range with my new “conversation piece” 😀

      Sometimes unique is not bad, if its tastefully done.

  9. If you are a tribal police officer or Agent and are Native American it is a cool duty weapon, not for the average pink guy.

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