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At a press conference this afternoon the San Bernardino police department revealed some additional details about the aftermath of the mass shooting there today. According to the police the SUV that was involved in the shootout this afternoon was potentially involved with the mass shooting — the police had a tip that someone at a particular residence was involved, and the SUV was seen fleeing that location. As for the suspects . . .

Two people were killed with the SUV. According to the police the suspects were dressed in “tactical gear” clothing, and were armed with both “assault rifles” and handguns. California has some of the strictest gun laws in the United States including universal background checks for gun sales, registration of handguns, a “high capacity magazine” ban, and a complete ban on the possession of “assault weapons.” In other words: no “gun show loophole.” The make and model of the firearms were not disclosed at the press conference.

The two deceased attackers were described as “one male and one female.” There is a third suspect confirmed to exist, but their condition is not being disclosed. Earlier reports indicate that this third suspect is in custody at this time.

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  1. Fox News reported one gun down shooter is named Farouk Salid, nothing to see here, please move along.

      • It can be pretty dangerous to start naming people before we have more info. If you’ll remember a similar thing happened after Sandy Hook and one of the killer’s family who got named before the proper finger was pointed.

        Thanks said I don’t doubt you as I’ve heard the same thing from a few places. But it still bears keeping in mind.

    • Choice of large, dark SUV plus tactical-looking gear plus the fact that they were caught tooling around near the attack site long after the attack (instead of escaping) plus the fact that the original attack was over so quickly, leaving scores or hundreds of potential targets untouched = the killers were planning to return to the scene and hit the cops from behind.

  2. Watch the media start to walk back their hysteria. A female shooter? That’s very different than their narrative.

    All we need are one or more of the shooters to not be white (and/or Christian) and this whole thing will blow up in the media’s faces – and they’ll drop the story like an anvil tossed out of a 10th story window.

    • +1. The really interesting story will be the obvious collusion on the Left to spin this, as they have other mass shooter events, to scare the LIVs to vote for more gun control. The obvious desperation, to distract attention from Obama’s failure in economic policy (obamacare), foreign policy (the middle east), and all the “healing” sponsored by the first post-racial POTUS, now devolving into cry-bully nitwittery on campus,

      MUST be addressed by Narrative- its all the Left really has, its agitprop and propaganda-

      so, yes, of course- expect collusion and coordination among the usual community organizer and Journolista puppets online, and embedded in the StateRunMedia.

      I’ll just leave you with this, to drop into WAPO and NYT or other liberal forum comment boxes- h/t Instapundit,
      by Katie Pavlich:

    • Much like there has not been any new information on Robert Dear since over the weekend, you mean? Funny how THAT story has dropped like a hot potato in less than a week.

    • Two female suicide bombers killed six people in Cameroon yesterday.

      Pakistan hung four people yesterday who were involved in the Dec. 2014 Pakistani school attack that killed some 150 children (nearly seven times as many children as were murdered at Sandy Hook.)

      But…..but……I thought this sort of thing just doesn’t happen in other countries?

  3. School shootings get 24/7 coverage. This has not been like that. They know it is terrorist related and are downgrading it, now that they have two dead and know their race it would become obvious. So in other words back to dancing with the stars and your usual broadcasting.

    • Dancing With the Stars returns to ABC on March 21st.

      If Bloomie and the Moms are correct there should be another 50 or so mass shootings between now and then, plenty to keep everyone entertained.

  4. Already trying to spin this as workplace violence. Someone was kicked out of party and came back with others. Oh, they they just had some pipe bombs handy. And tactical gear.

    • +1 This is no disgruntled postal worker scenario. “Farooq Saiid” with non-California compliant weapons, normal capacity magazines, body armor, etc… A man goes home and talks 2 others into a mass murder scenario based on his hurt feelings – I call B.S.

      This is a planned terrorist attack no matter what his deeper feelings and intentions.

    • Well with the current administration being accused of actually funding and supporting ISIS what do you think the odds are of them calling this terrorism?

      The fix is in people.

    • It’s a well dressed disgruntled employee indeed who sports tactical gear, pipe bombs and matériel sufficient to outfit himself and two spontaneous, suicidal accomplices all on the fly.

  5. Four star general, oops I mean San Bernardino Sheriff was just on ABC, apologizing for being only minutes away, while seconds counted. (my words not his)

    • I hate to laugh but yeah I thought the same thing…bunch of “4 star generals” running around in police uniforms these days.

      • They run around thinking they’re General Patton, but they come off looking like Cap’n Crunch.

  6. Interesting rumor by LATimes quoting a federal source, that someone left the county employee party at the disability center, and may have come back with guns.

    AM radio notes there was a SWAT training event not far away, which contributed to the fast response by many, as noted in the nurses video.

    • Huh… imagine that.

      Do you know the French anti-terror group also happened to be “training” nearby when the Massacare in Paris went down?
      Did you know DHS emergency response teams happened to be conducting an “exercise” less than 5 minutes away from Newtown on the day of the shooting?

      Its enough to make one buy an industrial-sized roll of tin foil..

  7. Anybody who has lived in or near San Bernardino knows that other than all of the victims being in one place, this is a typical Tuesday. My friends would often joke that they had heard enough gun fire that they could differentiate between AK’s, GLOCKs and other types of firearms being sounded off at night.

    • My thoughts exactly when earlier in the afternoon they had reports of gunfire at a local Chipotle… That’s just a regular Tuesday afternoon in a sh!thole like that

  8. OK, signing off this story- probably wont be much useful facts until tomorrow morning.

    Great link to Broadcastify, thanks, Nick- for the scanners. At one point the San Bernardino channel was up to over 70K listeners, vs typical 2k on next most popular in general. Clear as a bell – very useful next time, I think.

    Again- lesson learned- when the power goes out- or internet goes down, cell phone towers overload- just go turn on the car radio to local AM channel- usually its the conservative station that has the best traffic updates, and/or has emergency broadcast responsibility, that will be most likely place to get ground level citizen info on whats going on real-time:

    while the LameStreamMedia sends the cloned bubble heads to the same places to stand around in same fakey yellow jackets with mic in hand, and speculate, while waiting for the pressers, which become quickly useless once the pols to show up at emergency centers, and crowd one another to be sure they get on camera…

  9. These kinds of nut jobs are getting real tiresome. Is this just a symptom of the extreme division of Americans? We cannot talk to each other anymore. Just hate speak and killing? It drives one to despair.

    • DeRoy,

      The problem is people who let emotions rule, define, and drive their lives. They are not honorable people. For whatever reason, honorable people have let emotional people escalate to the point that we see what we see today. With no one providing any disincentive to emotional outbursts, we should not be surprised at what is happening.

      This is quite literally the same phenomenon as rogue elephants. Seriously … look it up.

    • It wasn’t all bad. I was jawing with someone at Salon about whether it was sexist to say that men have itchy trigger fingers…. and then the news that one was female! Poor guy, I took full advantage.

    • Formula #1: Diversity+proximity = war.

      Ever wonder why the Balkans is such a powder keg? See Formula #1 above.

      • Me thinks you minored in poli-sci while getting your gunsmith cred (joking not snarking). Yeah, Iraq is diverse too and its doing great 🙂 Humans are great at the 2 F’s. The 2 fuel each other. Diversity gives yet more reasons to war – as if we needed much in the way of reasons to begin with.

        • I totally agree that diversity is the problem! The only solution is to do away with all that divides us. We are all just hairless monkeys floating on a rock around the sun together. The sooner we understand that religion, political boundaries and race are the constants that divide us the sooner we can come together and live in peace.

      • Well, forced diversity, yes. You can’t conveniently draw national boundaries on an atlas and just slam random cultures together and call it a country, like after WWI.

        Voluntary diversity is a different thing. These pin prick kook attacks aside, America is one of the most diverse countries on the planet. Yet, we’re also one of the most peaceful. Hell, what drives up our murder rate is plain old, nondiverse black-on-black homicides.

        Despite centuries of immigration from every hate soaked, blood drenched, war torn, Hell hole in the world, 99% of American residents get along just fine. They leave the ancient hatreds in the Old Country, or at least rechannel them into quiet, passive prejudices here.

        It’s because we’re a capitalist(ish) society where resource allocation decisions are based on money and merit (mostly), not political, tribal, social or birthright class associations.

        It’s really only when you have people whose Weltanschauung is utterly incompatible within Individuality, as with Islam, or when resources are allocated by political or other rigged system fashion, as in many African countries, that diversity drives conflict nationwide.

  10. This just totally reeks of terrorism — dressed in fatigues with military-style semi-auto rifles and handguns, three attackers, one of the attackers was a woman, and they died in the process.

    Some dude who wants to exact retribution at his former workplace doesn’t go to these lengths.

    • It reeks of a little of both, and NO explanation for EITHER.

      Terrorism: Pick a High value target with symbolism, in a symbolic place, that people care about in a capital city/significant place. San Bernardino does not meet the criteria of important city. The health clinic, unless there’s some sooper-secret coverup and it really was a high-value military target, doesn’t fit it either. Even the radicalized-one-offs that occasionally hit smaller targets never have friends to do it with.

      Workplace violence: location and reasoning fits, but the MO doesn’t at all. Long guns, multiple shooters, black SUV, explosives- all wrong.

      This shooting really is strange, to say the least.

      • What better way to strike terror into the heartland of your enemy than to mount attacks at entirely random and unlikely places? It’s not like killing a few dozen people Christmas shopping at the mall would have gotten any more news coverage, or even a higher body count. This entire building was a level White and even the so-called security was probably at level yellow, tops.

        This is the strategy the Palestinians are using in Israel now with the knife attacks – you never know when the person next to you is going to shove Grandma’s butcher knife between your ribs.

      • Self radicalized guy who happened to think it was symbolic to attack a Christmas Party at a place he was familiar with?

        • Self radicalized, or went to a radicalized mosque. I’m not saying I like domestic spying, but the FBI has been doing a good job of trolling those looking for outside connections.

      • Or……maybe they were just following ISIS’ orders to strike where you can, when you can, in your location. Well, not everybody has the resources or proximity to stage impressive attacks on high profile targets.

        If they already had an employment beef, then that could just have been gravy.

    • All of that, plus… who has pipe bombs already built and fused, waiting for someone at work to piss them off? That doesn’t fit a workplace violence profile at all.

      Then there’s the issue of multiple people, similarly outfitted indicating plenty of planning, all going up against the LEO’s for the supposed workplace insult of ONE person? Um… how many people are ready to tell their buddy who was dis’ed at work “Absolutely dude! We’ll throw in with you to get back at your co-workers. Sure, dude, we’ll all likely die in the process, and there’s no riches or rewards if we do get away (unlike a bank job), but we’re totally down to die for you feeling insulted.”

      Said no one ever.

      • Yeah, I’ll help a buddy move a couch, fix his computer, that kind of thing. Revenge killing? You’re on your own, dude…

        • But it fits with the narrative the MSM is selling really hard…that we are all just a “request from our friends” away from a murderous rampage. It dovetails nicely with the images of POTG shooting up folks in Starbucks because they got their latte quicker or students shooting profs over grades.

          “Hey, man, my boss dissed me. Come help me shoot up the place” is, they think, a reasonable conversation for us to have.

        • Meaning, they think we think it’s reasonable…or they are trying to sell the idea that we think it is reasonable.

        • I agree, especially with a woman involved. Of all the extremely delicate, virtually no chance of a “Yes” requests for a favor a man might make of a woman, who would ever want to waste a one-in-a-million “Yes” on a suicide jihad attack? Sounds more like they were all in on it from the beginning.

  11. I’m just spitballing here, but I’m willing to make a small wager that the names of the two perps sound more like POTUS’ than they do to mine.

    Any takers?

  12. Man, that “assault weapons” ban and lack of open carry really saved the day today! Keeping those guns out of criminals hands is really doing the trick! These people clearly gave two f*cks about that and had to hit their “bullet buttons” to reload really got slowed down today! And the armed response by those lawfully open carrying slowed them waaaaay down….

    In all seriousness, my sympathies go to the families of those lost today, but I can’t help but think how this kind of stuff really only happens in places with the strictest gun laws. Maybe if people were allowed to defend their lives against this kind of aggression they wouldn’t have to hide in closets and pray the aggressors don’t find them. *Sigh* of course all the the dimocrats are calling for further control over their subjects, “to prevent further tragedy like this”. How bout this? Let people defend themselves how they see fit!!!

  13. I know some folks in the San Bernardino CHP, and have an SO friend in the area, so I may be able to get some insider info. I’m off to work.

    Keep your powder dry, my friends.

    • Keep your ears peeled, and report everything ASAP. I wouldn’t be surprised if this case took some odd turns that might shut you up later on. Nothing in this one seems to fit a typical MO for anyone.

    • I’ve been wondering when you’d materialize. I’m looking forward to something without the BS filter of the MSM.

  14. I just heard on the news that “its really fortunate – the police just happened to be doing a large drill nearby, so they were seconds away when it happened”

    Where have we heard that before?

    Oh yeah:
    -Paris and Newtown

    Anti terror response forces and DHS just so happened to be a mile away when the event occurred..

  15. The news reporter said they had “AR-Style-15’s” …. Is that a new variation? At the last news conference it was asked if they used AK-47’s or AR-15’s….the Chief said yes something like that…so I guess a hybrid. Was pretty shocked to see a lot of the police there with Ruger mini-14s with just iron sights. Some had duck tape on the stock.

    • Abc kept saying long gun, and the reporter on the ground kept saying it, even when asked if it was an assault rifle, he said yes, its a long gun. Makes me wonder if they were repeating cop chatter, or this was a shotgun, and some handguns, and the spin isn’t just right for the narrative.

  16. Police are advising that they are detonating a device (3 separate detonations within short proximity of each other) in 2 minutes at 1365 S. Waterman. Cover your ears I guess. Syed Farook’s house I think.

  17. I’m guessing that they’re given Diane Feinstein’s dried husk a good shake right now, so she can get a running start on the morning-show interviews.

  18. Am I the only one seeing (1) … A military style “HIT” … and/or (2) … A false flag event?

    • How in the world does this look like a “military-style” hit? Multiple dead with a room full of injured and other witnesses? Getting killed and captured with no good ex-filtration? Unless the other shooter is magically dead by morning in an unexplained complication, this is a particularly inconvenient and sloppy military hit OR false flag. Explain what makes this look like one, besides the timing? What in the actual EXECUTION, MO, or actual happenings makes you think that, or give any indications of such?

  19. The commenters at the NY Times are convinced that San Bernardino is the fault of the ‘guns’.
    Even after it’s fairly clear that this event has been brought about by “The Religion of Peace” it’s still guns that need to be controlled.

    There are 1552 comments there at the moment and most that I looked at are like the ones below.

    Here’s a small sample:

    Nick Charlottesville, VA 21 minutes ago
    We need to shame gun owners the way we treat owners of hard core pornography. Both have some sort of protection under the Constitution, but this does NOT mean society has to respect these people.
    Lets stop being polite to those who want to stockpile weapons to “protect their family” (not yours). Shun them, shame them, …

    NTSchmitz Maple Valley, WA 7 minutes ago
    I am ashamed of the politics of my country where nothing can be done in spite of the conclusive evidence that lobbies for the US gun manufacturers whose products are designed to kill people funnel money to the NRA which supports those rights to make products that are designed to kill people, to the feckless Congress which does not have the spine to stop the insanity of distribution of those products which are designed to kill people, the politics thereof are killing our own country’s soul.

    Kate Koza New York, NY 18 minutes ago
    Are we ever going to have a serious conversation about how these mass shooters are almost invariably male?!
    As a woman who feels strongly about the need for more female voices, brains, and sensibilities in policy making, I view this constant carousel of rampages as a horrid-yet-potent campaign ad for matriarchy.
    dorobou hong kong 7 minutes ago

    upstate ny new hartford, ny 18 minutes ago
    I want to see the Republicans in Congress speak out against these atrocities committed by unregulated (or possibly legal?) gun owners! We saw what happened to Congresswoman Giffords, yet her colleagues didn’t have the gumption even then to regulate guns. My own congressman, a Republican, has been silent from the start, despite all these horrible incidents, presumably because he is a gun owner or hunter and represents a district with similar interests. Courage is needed, but I’m afraid the desire to keep their job is paramount in the mind of most legislators.

    We need to classify all gun violence perpetrators as terrorists, and they should be treated and trialed as such.

    Liberty at the cost of constant fear is not liberty and not worth a pence. It’s well past time to do something about it. I just feel that the issue with gun violence is already a lost cause. It seems the only thing we could do about gun violence these days is to talk about the aftermath and the horror of it. I feel hopeless and shameful to be from a country that touts liberty as if it’s a commodity.

    • “Shame” people who view hardcore porn? We passed that point a long time ago. Most people who view porn are pretty up front about it. Especially girls.

  20. THIS may lose the election for the hildebeast. Actual documented terrorism. This will fire up the repub base, pro 2A and wreck the anti-rights crowd. Look for a record gun sale Christmas. It sure worked in 2014-and folks are more afraid NOW. I heard Quater too…aloha snackbar!

  21. It’s 10:15 P.M. Pacific time, and I have
    not yet heard any interview of an eyewitness (in the room) or a survivor of today’s terrorist attack. Also, please don’t tell me it was “Domestic” terrorism.

  22. Having the shooters turn out to be something other than sane white guys really pissed in the medias Corn Flakes as well as the POTUS.
    The shooter CLEARLY was planning an attack for quite some time. The level of preparedness in my view is something that’s been in the planning stage for months. Make no mistake, this was a terrorist attack.
    All the gun control the US can shovel off a lawn won’t stop the crazy and fanatics from harming us.
    I’ll just continue to count on myself to protect myself.

    • What’s really interesting is they interviewed a black man on abc7 who described a shooter in the car as a “white dude”. I’m curious to see pictures of all the shooters, because he unequivocally described a shooter as white. I was on the edge of my toes, waiting for this to be linked with colorado as a need to crack down on the right wing rhetoric and guns, and surprised that it snapped back to exactly what I expected.

    • Yep.

      The media just bit off much more than they can chew. They could have kept their mouths shut until they had some facts, but nooooo. They wanted this to be a bunch of whack-job crackers with KKK tats and sheets all cut up and hanging in their closets.

      Turns out, the woman at least is an immigrant from Qatar. The two brothers sound pretty well off – and I’m going to bet, self-radicalized.

      This comes at a time when we have a candidate for POTUS who will run with this event and cram it back down the media’s throat, too.

  23. Syed Rizwan Farook and Tashfeen Malik. Those are the names of the two dead suspects. Hmmm, I’m guessing the third guys name wasn’t John Smith…

  24. USA Today just ran TTAG RF’s counterpoint to the Lefties’ predictable call for more laws (sorry, no link). It’s calm and thoughtful, as you might expect. With the exception of some of the usual suspects like the New York Daily News, the media seems somewhat subdued. Maybe some have come to realize that this attack doesn’t fit their usual narrative.

  25. Quoting from Sailer;

    Dave Pinsen

    Conservative: “Phew! It was a Muslim.
    Maybe liberals won’t talk about banning assault rifles for the next 3 months.”

    Liberal: “Phew! He used an assault rifle.
    Maybe conservatives won’t talk about banning Muslims for the next 3 months.”

    • Hmmm…not sure about that “liberal” logic. But then, what generally passes for “liberal logic” is almost exclusively illiberal illogic.

  26. Here’s a plausible theory: American born 27 year old single Muslim who can’t find a suitable Muslim girlfriend/wife in Cali goes to Middle East to pick up an “arranged marriage” bride. Only she is actually an Al Qeada agent. Al Qaeda is pretty smart and knows that an American citizen with a public sector job can easily get his “mail order” bride a visa into the U.S.

    They both know well in advance of his employer’s infidel holiday party and plan accordingly.

    Just a theory.

    Of course the solution is to ban Christian holiday parties that offend Muslims. Besides, a public sector employer hosting a Christian holiday party clearly violates the 1st amendment anti-establishment clause and violated our shooter’s civil rights. /sarc

  27. not necessarily related to the original post. but, jesus fuck my head, I just spent 20 minutes watching msnbc, and the anti gun rhetoric is appalling. I swear I just head some fuck stick senator say that there are two weeks left in the legislative session and that we need to do “something” or at least make people believe that we are trying to do something. that makes me sick

  28. Havnt seen pics of these two Islamic Jihadists… But plenty of pics of the abortion clinic shooter..

  29. Since this was a husband and wife team, will the media be forced to call them “gunpersons?”

  30. From what is known (and released to the press) at this point (1145 MST), what we know is this:

    – Primary actor: Syed Farouk, 28. Supposedly “very devout.” Co-workers called him “reserved.” Recently started growing his beard out. (NB, several of the militant/terrorist groups make this a requirement of their men – with a beard long enough to grab in your hand being the ideal minimum length). US Citizen, parents immigrated some time back. He also started wearing the long shirt and a cap on his head.

    – He travelled to Saudi Arabia in June of 2014, and came back with a woman, Tashfeen Malik, on a K-1 visa who was a Qatar national. Her name indicates possible Pakistani origins for the family.

    – They had a child six months ago. Their co-workers, (ie, the people they just shot up) held a baby shower for the couple.

    – The male (Farouk) attended a holiday party yesterday, and “stormed out” (according to one account) before coming back with murderous intent.

    – Farouk and his wife/girlfriend/whatever took their infant to the Farouk’s mother early in the morning, claiming they had some other appointment(s) during the day. ie, this wasn’t about some remark at the holiday party. This was pre-planned. And what sort of parents take their child to grammy’s in preparation for an event like this? A couple who are thinking they’re going to not be coming home that evening, that’s who.

    – Police have now found explosives at their residence that bear the MO of AQ’s IED’s.

    Now, I asked this on another thread a couple weeks ago. I’ll ask it again. How many of you are willing to sacrifice your rights (not just your gun rights, but all your rights) to allow you the smug virtue-signalling of your beliefs that all religions are equal, and that we should all hold hands and sing a rousing chorus of Kumbaya? Because ISIS has indicated that they’ve been installing “sleepers” into the EU and US since 2012.

    In other words, this isn’t going to be a one-off, folks. Paris isn’t going to be a one-off.

    • Happy to answer your question; I will give up none of my rights. Not one.
      Now my question: how many people’s rights to we need to take away to make sure that cowards feel safe?

  31. Late to the thread, but one thing stands out. The city is pronounced San B’rdino. I worked with someone who lived there till his 20’s, and he always called it San B’rdino. The “nar” in the middle is silent. Whatever.

    There is more to this story than two cut-rate jihadist’s. These two had help from someone else, or a few someone else’s. Terrorists don’t operate in 2’s, they operate in groups. Two may carry out the actual attack, but there are always others. Phones, Twitter, and any communications will more likely than not, lead to the few/many unknown others. Maybe I’m strolling down Tinfoil Alley, but wherever this investigation leads, it will need loads of transparency, especially regarding information gleaned by the Feds. It seems that the only people not openly calling this what it is, terrorism, are the Feds. Hmm?

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