Turnbull: Keeping the Traditions Alive

Courtesy Joe Grine

When you hear the name Turnbull, you immediately think of the beautiful bone pack charcoal finishing process that they seem to have perfected. But you might not be aware that they have a master engraver on staff as well. Turnbull was displaying samples of his work at SHOT Show, and were evening offering an exquisite sample for sale…for a mere $35,000 . . .

Courtesy Joe Grine

Courtesy Joe Grine

Courtesy Joe Grine

Oh, and did I mention they do color case hardening?





  1. avatar Rick K says:

    Doug and his guys make some truly drool-worthy stuff. His production 1911s are excellent. His case hardening is the best on the planet and his restoration work is amazing. But $35k? Yikes!

  2. avatar Tom in Oregon says:

    That is some high end gun porn right there.
    Their color case hardening is stunning.

    1. avatar OODAloop says:

      Okay, maybe on the 1911, but on the AR it looks kinda tacky. I also see ARs as precision tools though, rather than works of art…

      1. avatar NYC2AZ says:

        Haha… I just saw that too!

      2. avatar Tom in Oregon says:

        Way cool. Thanks!

  3. avatar Somebody says:

    So do those 1911s actually function, or is this the same price ( 6 x 6K = 35K, well almost) and value (6 x 0 = 0) as six Cabots?

  4. avatar Mark N. says:

    I like their 1911 with a case hardened frame (like the old SAA) and a carbon blued slide. I had wondered what one would look like, and then came Turnbull with my exact idea. Very cool.

  5. avatar surlycmd says:

    Man that 1911 is purty.

  6. avatar DMB says:

    That is one god awful ugly gun

  7. avatar Jesse says:

    Wonder how much Colt would charge to engrave in similiar style? Surely not $35,000? However, in Doug’s defense it appears to be a pre 70 series gun if I know my 1911’s. (To which I’ll add the disclaimer that I’m by no means a 1911 expert.)

  8. avatar Paul says:

    I have a Turnbull Commander, it works like a champ. Highly accurate. It’s their 1911 in a Commander, and with that Turnbull Blue. Stunning. I ordered it from Turnbull and they made it to my really minor specs…I looked into engraving and man did it get expense fast. So now I have an awesome smooth side 1911.

    I also have 2 of their 1911 reproductions.

    Their customer service is first rate.

  9. avatar paul says:

    I have this old gun……….
    cost 450.00
    accurized by mr ken hallack many years ago
    springfield 1911, and i appreciate it as much as I would this beauty.
    cause I am not afraid to shoot it, handle it, scratch it, or use it constantly.

    1. avatar Jesse says:

      Last year I considered the purchase of a Chapuis Double Rifle, but at the end of the day I realized that I wouldn’t feel comfortable carrying 5000 dollars worth of walnut and blue steel slung over my back through the mud, cold, and brush. I get uncomfortable carrying a $2000 rifle. So, I understand what you mean Paul.


  10. avatar DaveR says:

    $35,000 and no tactical rail?! NO THANK YOU!!

  11. avatar bontai Joe says:

    Most of us would not carry such a beautiful engraved firearm as our every day piece. But do any of you remember Kahdaffi’s last day when he pulled out his engraved gold plated piece? Somebody got a nice trophy that day!

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