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Thanks to our partnership with Gunocracy, TTAG is offering our readers the first crack at getting the excellent Ruger LCP .380 with a Viridian Laser for only $369.00. This full pocket carry kit comes complete with a Ruger LCP .380, pocket holster, and green Viridian laser sighting system. No shipping charges and no sales tax for purchases outside of South Dakota.

Get your LCP Pocket Carry Kit today!

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  1. I have one of these. Viridian works pretty well with the supplied pocket holster. The laser turns on when removed from the Viridian holster, and is based proximity to a magnet. You can add a little magnet to a different holster and get the same result. LCP is a quality pistol.

  2. So I take your saying that the magnet is keeping the system off, while in the holster? Is there a separate switch to turn the laser off when you would want to remove the pistol for a while, such as cleaning etc.

    • Correct on both. There is a little button in the left face of the laser housing; on/flash/off.

      The little magnet in the supplied holster (sewn in) turns the laser off when near. Removal of this magnet turns the laser on.

      I will say this thing is BRIGHT! It’ll burn through the batteries pretty quick. For instance, turn the laser off at the range or it’ll be dead before you burn through 200 Rds.

  3. Is this offer for the latest iteration of the LCP (Gen 3)? I bought one of the first LCPs and even after being broken in, it was only a fairly reliable single shot with a sh*tty trigger. My Gen 1 was recalled, repaired, and when I got it back, it worked: Strange since Ruger said the recall was due to reports of LCPs firing when dropped. I assume “Gen 2s” are just Gen 1s with the recall repairs made prior to shipping, and, with the same sh*tty trigger.

    This past week, I was at the range and another shooter let me try his Gen 3 LCP. I was truly impressed. The pull is still long (as expected with a DAO pistol) but its smooth and it breaks nicely. I called Ruger and asked if I could have my “old” LCP updated. They said, “No. The Gen 3 is completely different and we don’t have a Custom Shop that could do it.”

    So, back to my question: Is this offer for the latest iteration of the LCP (Gen 3)? Or is the Viridian laser just lipstick on a pig?

  4. “…for our readers who do not reside in California…”
    There. Fixed it for ya. LCP has never made it on the roster. Probably because it is too small. The state seems to have issues with pocket pistols.

  5. I purchased this same gun several weeks ago from Palmetto State Armory. $276 after shipping. I’m thrilled with the purchase and after a hundred rounds of FMJ to break her in and two boxes of my carry ammunition to ensure feeding, the LCP goes everywhere I go.

  6. Great for pocket carry or other deep concealment! I picked this up online for $315 shipped earlier in the year. Laser works great, highly visible, and has two modes – solid on, and pulse. Pulse is listed to give you 2x battery life… Which you may want cause it will burn through the little batteries quickly. I highly recommend the hogue hybrid grip add-on for better controllability and less fatigue. Trigger on this generation (2013 redux) isn’t bad at all for a DAO.

  7. I realize there are compromises with a gun this small, but I have shot my nephew’s LCP on multiple occasions. It hurts my hand, has an ungodly awful trigger and I can’t hit the side of a barn with it. I also don’t like that the slide doesn’t lock back with an empty mag. A Pierce grip extension on the magazine might help, but I can’t help but hope there’s something better out there in the pocket .380 category.

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