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Fresh to my inbox this morning was a presser from the Texas State Rifle Association announcing that they are planning their first annual Two-Gun Class 3 Match benefitting the TSRA-PAC. The TSRA has been one of the biggest voices in the state for firearms rights and has been instrumental in lobbying for various bits of firearms legislation over the years. They’re also responsible for organizing several competitions, get togethers, and educational events each year. Presser below . . .


Since 1919 TSRA has worked every day to protect your personal right to keep and bear arms in Texas. Whether it be competitive shooting, youth shooting sports, hunting, self-defense, cowboy action shooting, or air guns, TSRA works diligently on your behalf, providing you with a strong voice in the State of Texas. The focus is on your right to own and enjoy a firearm. As a TSRA member, you are helping yourself and other Texans enjoy these same freedoms. Membership also provides the advantage of staying continuously informed on issues and situations regarding firearm ownership and attacks on freedoms at the state and local level.

Political Action Committee funds are used solely to elect or reelect pro-gun candidates at the state level. All contributions and donations are reported monthly to the Texas Ethics Commission. Your generosity and your membership keep Texas strong and well represented in Austin.

What to Bring to the Match

Firearms, Magazines, Holster, Magazine Pouches, Ammo (50-rounds handgun, 100-rounds for semi-auto shooters, or 300-rounds for machine gun shooters), Sunscreen, Water/Snacks Remember the appropriate paperwork for NFA Items!!

Saturday, September 20th
Registration at 9:00am and safety briefing at 9:15am
Pre-registration suggested–see contact information below for Chris Raney

Proactive Defense (DFW area)
I-35W at Farm to Market 1171
Northlake, TX 76262
817.919.7990 Call for Chris Raney for range and match information!

Entry Fee: $35
Optional: $15 donation TSRA will deduct 15 seconds off of your score time, well worth your investment!

Machine Gun / Handgun Stock class (Iron sights, factory capacity magazines)
Machine Gun / Handgun Open class (Optics, magazines with capacity over 30 rounds)
Semi-auto / Handgun Stock class (Iron sights, factory capacity magazines)
Semi-auto / Handgun Open class (Optics, magazines with capacity over 30 rounds


*Range provided by: Proactive Defense,
*Awards provided by: DFW Armory.

For specific match or general information, contact:

Chris Rainey 817-919-7990 [email protected].

Chip Andrews 817-320-4724 [email protected].

**Kudos to Dale Hendrickson – event spark plug !!

Alice Tripp and the TSRA Legislative Committee thanks you all!

See you at the Match!
More Gun-More Fun with Class 3

If you happen to be in the DFW area that weekend, you might consider hitting up the range. They’ll have two classes for those without the means to reach machine gun nirvana, and I’m sure the spectating will be well worth it. Not to mention the proceeds going towards one of the best firearms rights groups in Texas. If you end up going, be sure to send pictures and thoughts to [email protected].

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  1. Any links to how “two gun” really works? I’ve always been interested in 3 gun, but I’m not really a shotgun guy. A class with just pistols and rifles sounds great to me.

      • Fundraiser or otherwise, it’s a competition. I WTF’d at that as well.

        Just raise the damn price of admission or set up different brackets for the “competitive” and “casual” crowds… But don’t monkey around with scores/money when there are prizes involved

  2. I agree with the honesty of a “Donation = time off” comment, but think that should exclude you, or move you into a special classification for prizes/rewards.

    Then again, all it takes is one Jerry Miculek and I’ll be looking for any edge….. $120 = 120 seconds?

  3. Its still unclear to me if I need my own Machine-gun or not to compete. And if not, what caliber/kind of ammo would i need to bring?

  4. The real fun match is 9 gun competition. 2000 rounds of ammo needed so it is a little expensive. Plus you need a horse and ATV. The boat and helo are optional depending on the range. It is best in winter at nightime.

  5. Sounds like fun but I’m getting ready for a 3-gun comp in CA. I could probably make an event in Los Vegas, but TX is a little too far.

    I haven’t shot a machine gun in way too long.

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