The Truth About Guns on the Radio


If you live in beautiful Austin, Texas, then tune in this Sunday from 4 to 5 PM on Austin’s TALK 1370 AM to hear The Truth About Guns’ own writer, Alan Brooks, on the “Come and Talk It” radio show. If you don’t live in Austin you can listen online here or check out the podcast at your leisure. “Come and Talk It” is hosted by Michael Cargill, an Army veteran who is running for a seat on the Austin City Council. He is also the owner of Central Texas Gunworks which, in turn, was featured in a Truth About Guns article back in March.


  1. avatar Tommy Knocker says:

    Please indicate time zone for radio show.

    1. avatar Timmy! says:

      Austin is Central time.

  2. avatar Dano says:

    Iheartradio or online?

    1. avatar Matt Richardson says:

      The station doesn’t seem to be available via iHeartRadio but it CAN be listened to live through a browser at:

  3. avatar Matt in FL says:

    Is this your first foray into the world of media? Other than your near-infamous photo with Shannon Watts, I mean.

    Might want to put up a reminder when we get closer to the date.

    1. avatar Matt Richardson says:


      Additionally, if it’s your first time on the radio meditate and do some breathing exercises beforehand. I’m going to see if I can did the station up on iHeartRadio

      1. avatar Alan Brooks says:

        Thanks. I had a weekly segment on a radio show in Tampa for a while and I was a guest on a talk radio show in Tallahassee so this isn’t my first radio rodeo. 🙂

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