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Joe Biden has done more damage to this country than any president in American history.

We are embroiled in conflicts and proxy wars around the world. Other nations no longer respect us. Our once-great economy is in shambles. Millions of undocumented and unvetted immigrants illegally cross our borders. Trust and confidence in government is at an all-time low, and violent crime is skyrocketing. Meanwhile, Biden, his handlers and the gun-ban industry are inching closer toward their ultimate goal of total civilian disarmament.

There is a growing sense of unease in the country. For many, it seems like our nearly 250-year-old Republic is teetering toward disaster.

Long story short, we are not safe, and Joe Biden’s policies are making us less safe.

One thing is certain: Even if Biden loses his reelection bid, it will take years to undo the damage he has caused. We will be living with the threats Biden has created long after he has shuffled back to his beach chair in Delaware.

Recognize the Threat

Never before have Americans faced the variety of threats we see now. We could be incinerated in a flash, because our enemies possess nuclear weapons, from ICBMs to small, portable tactical nukes. Iran has moved closer to achieving a nuclear weapon under Biden than ever before.

The millions of illegal aliens that Biden has allowed across our borders include gang members, cartel gunmen and actual terrorists who are members of international terrorist groups such as ISIS-K, the jihadist group now active in Afghanistan and Pakistan, which now has access to 176 artillery pieces, 64,363 belt-fed machine guns, 126,295 handguns and of course 358,530 select-fire assault rifles – real assault weapons – that were left behind during Biden’s hasty and ill-conceived retreat.

No one within the Administration has ever commented on the more than two divisions of Chinese military-age males who infiltrated our country unabated. Their marching orders and ultimate goals are known only to Chinese Communist Party leaders in Beijing.

Taking a page from Fidel Castro’s playbook, Venezuela President Nicolás Maduro allegedly emptied his prisons and asylums and pointed his inmates north. Americans have been raped and murdered as a result of the Biden-Harris administration allowing these monsters into the country. Few, if any, have been vetted as the administration falsely claimed because, of course, we cannot background anyone from Venezuela. Their government does not accept queries from ICE.

Even our finest warfighters are worried:

“We are gravely concerned by the current heightened risk of terrorist attacks against targets inside the United States and both U.S. and allied interests abroad. Our complete withdrawal from Afghanistan, without a viable stay-behind or over-the-horizon counterterrorism and intelligence capability to suppress threats, has created a vacuum in the region in which anti-American terrorist groups, such as al-Qaeda and the Islamic State, are flourishing once again,” the Special Operation Association of America, which represents thousands of Army Rangers and Green Berets, Navy SEALs, Marine Raiders, Air Force Air Commandos, and other special operators, wrote in a recent statement

Trust and confidence in government is at an all-time low. Our military is struggling to recruit, and most law enforcement agencies cannot find, much less hire, qualified applicants. As a result, violent crime is skyrocketing, which Biden strenuously denies. He points to juked stats and faulty data as proof, but Americans know the truth. They see it with their own eyes.

Many Americans now realize no one is coming to help. They are their own First Responders, which explains why gun sales remain strong.

Stay informed

It is not easy to track events taking place within our borders or around the world, but it is vital. Any intelligence, much less accurate threat analysis, is necessary but difficult to obtain. The corporate media has proven time and time again that they cannot be trusted to speak the truth. They haven’t even connected the dots on the spate of illegal aliens who are committing rapes and murders nationwide, and they refuse to tie this growing crime trend to the Biden-Harris administration. That could harm Biden’s reelection chances – which they will never do. Trust the legacy media at your own peril.

The Annual Threat Assessment, or ATA, used to be a must-read document. It is the Intelligence Community’s yearly report and analysis of worldwide threats to our national security, an “unclassified summary the Intelligence Community’s evaluation of current threats to U.S. national security, including cyber and technological threats, terrorism, weapons of mass destruction, crime, environmental and natural resources issues, and economic issues.” Unfortunately, since Biden took office, the intelligence contained in the ATA appears to be watered-down.

There are websites and individuals who speak the truth, despite attempts by the Administration to marginalize them as a fringe group and censor them online. Seek these sites out before they’re shadow-banned or completely silenced.

A good example is HeyJackass!, which tracks shootings, murders and other crimes in the Chicago area, and is a must-read for anyone headed to the Windy City. Since Jan. 1, according to the website, 242 people have been shot and killed and 1,161 have been shot and wounded.

Another intel source is the Crime Prevention Research Center, which is operated by Dr. John R. Lott, Jr. Any crime data from the CPRC or vetted by Dr. Lott can be trusted.

Seek Competent Instruction

If you don’t know how to operate a handgun, take a basic pistol course. If you want to carry a concealed firearm, take a concealed-carry class. But if you want to learn how to defend yourself and your family against real threats, you should seek competent instruction from experienced people who specialize in such training.

Fortunately, we live in the Golden Age of firearm instruction. The Global War on Terror produced hundreds of extremely qualified tactical instructors, who don’t teach from a textbook or bother with certificates or certifications. They’re too busy teaching their students how to win gunfights. U.S. Army Special Forces veteran Bob Keller is just one of many to offer real-world training and experience to students through Gamut Resolutions.

Bob Keller, founder and CEO of Gamut Resolutions, back in his Army Special Forces days.

A Tactical Combat Casualty Care (TCCC) certification is a good place to learn how to control a bleed. TCCC was designed by the Department of Defense for forces deploying overseas. There are three tiers. Tier 1 can be taught in just eight hours. The D-Dey Response Group teaches TCCC and other tac-med courses, and their instructors are all former Special Forces medics (18-Deltas) with real-world experience.

Protect the Second Amendment

The Second Amendment is under constant attack and must be protected. There is a direct correlation between the Second Amendment and your personal safety and security. Its 27 words prevent our Republic from becoming a dictatorship.

Even as Joe Biden stokes fears that Donald Trump as president again would lead to a tyrannical government, no president in American history has done more to damage and circumvent the Second Amendment than Joe Biden. Curiously, no one from the corporate media has ever bothered to ask him why he wants all of us disarmed.

Biden and his handlers created a taxpayer-funded office inside the White House, which is specifically designed to infringe upon our Second Amendment rights. Not only does the White House Office of Gun Violence Prevention create national gun-control policy, such as the Surgeon General’s false declaration that “gun violence” somehow constitutes a public health crisis, the office serves as a clearinghouse of sorts, and pushes its unconstitutional gun-control schemes out to the states.

If we lose the Second Amendment, or if Biden is able to weaken it further, our other rights, especially the First Amendment, will be immediately vulnerable.

Prepare for the Worst

FEMA recommends Americans should stockpile enough nonperishable food items to last “several days” in the event of an emergency or natural disaster. The agency also recommends whistles, dust masks and moist towelettes. Somehow, arms and ammunition didn’t make the list.

The truth is, we all know what we need to survive: Food, potable water and water purification equipment, First Aid supplies, communications systems and, in the worst-case scenario, arms and ammunition.

I would add one item to the list: Body armor, preferably NIJ Level IV (now known as NIJ RF3) plates capable of stopping rifle rounds.

The author’s body armor. Lee Williams Photo.


This country has survived a Civil War, two World Wars and the Great Depression. We can make it through anything as long as we remain vigilant and zealously safeguard our personal security and our constitutional rights.

Hope for the best, plan for the worst and remember: We’ve gotten this far because we’re resilient, and even with our faults and internal disagreements, this place we call home is far better than anywhere else.


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  1. Is it not treason to run a country through a mentally incompetent and drug addled old man?

    These people were not elected.

    • And they’re so bold about it, they run on “protecting democracy.” As Jonathan Gruber said, “Lack of transparency is a huge political advantage. And basically – you know, call it the stupidity of the American voter, or whatever – but basically that was really, really critical to get anything to pass…”

      They know what they’re doing.

      Then there’s the IC running a non-stop op against the incoming, and then present administration. That’s called an attempted (and eventually successful) soft coup. Then there was the IC blatantly meddling in the 2020 election while presenting it as Russian disinformation.

      Gruber was right American voters are stupid.

      And now the “protect democracy” crowd is calling for Dem party elites to choose their candidate for them. This is after they cheered on the deep state undermining the democratically elected president and installing a puppet.

      • The deep state always regarded Democracies as “unstable” and preferred the firm guiding hand of a dictatorship. And none of those disruptive elections too.

    • “Other Agency’s” specialty isn’t spying. It’s overthrowing governments. “But they would never do that here.”

      P.S. You guys know what I mean by democratically elected president. Don’t get all nerdy about the EC.

    • Maybe not treason but a bunch of unelected bureaucrats running the country behind a brain dead meat puppet kinda sounds like a threat to democracy.

  2. Ran into an images of Hillary (book cover) and Kamala online – is it my imagination, or are they both sharing hair with Screwzum these days? Brush patterns, anyways…

  3. The televised evidence shows the democRat Party owns elderly abuse like the party owns the Legacy of Slavery.

    On the other hand…The usual suspects who were upset over bumpstocks and held hands with Trump slandering democRats are the same usual suspects who are holding hands with Trump slandering democRats wanting to replace joe biden. How easy it is for the usual suspects to forget the sleaze surrounding the removal of POTUS DJT and inserting joe biden who somehow garnered 81,000,000 votes from 81,000,000 of the most dumbest people on earth.

    Bottom line…The elderly abusive Rat Party owns lying joe biden…No deposit, as is, no exchange, no f-ing returns.

    TRUMP 2024.

  4. Ya know having turned 70 I have a bit of perspective. Went through economic chaos after the oil embargo. Didn’t get drafted. When Jimmy “put a sweater on”Carter was presidon’t I couldn’t get a job. Enormous interest rates. In the 90’s slick Willy wanted a war but W got it. Anyway the deep state is unhappy with DJT ’cause he started no wars. No matter what this country is going to he!! in a handbasket. If you’re not prepping start. Slow Joe is the least of your worries. Get right with GOD & His SON Jesus Christ. Trump 2024!

  5. Surviving is all that can be done, because there is no opportunity to thrive. Unlike in 2017 through the end of 2020.

  6. Things are so bad that I’m actually praying for a nuclear 9-11 that would cripple the Deep State bureaucracy.

    I’d post more, but I’m busy whipping up another batch of Plutonium with which to load another dozen thermonuclear hand grenades.

  7. If the left aren’t able to lie, steal, & cheat their way to another victory for Pinocchio Joe they will release the dogs of antifa and others upon us again. There is a lot of coordination and funding behind these groups,, just how high up the food chain does it go.

  8. “No one within the Administration has ever commented on the more than two divisions of Chinese military-age males who infiltrated our country unabated. Their marching orders and ultimate goals are known only to Chinese Communist Party leaders in Beijing.”

    The libertarians liberals and the left don’t seem concerned either.

    • Well someone has to work at all the Chinese owned companies in America Chris. It’s easier to employ the Chinese, they work for less, eat less, work longer, and don’t need interpreters.
      And as far as taking over America, go to Walmart and buy a Made in USA.
      Its already been taken over.

  9. Buy more ammo. Take a training class. Buy a small solar generator. And make your own drinking water.

  10. >>This country has survived a Civil War, two World Wars and the Great Depression.<<

    Did it?

    I mean, yes something called The USA is still extant, but did the actual country that was formed in 1791 actually survive until 2024? In 1791 we were a Constitutional Republic that had an actual Constitutional prohibition against keeping a standing army, one that prohibited an income tax, and one that provided for a federal government that was only to subsist on tariffs and was basically only there to organize defense; certainly it didn't have anything to do with health care or environmental protections or housing or urban development or anything else the federal government has metastasized into.

    The Jarkesy and Loper Bright decisions are perhaps more important to the cause of freedom than Heller or McDonald ever were. Heller & McDonald affected gun owners, but the cataclysmic earthquake the USSC just set off against the bureaucracy is as substantial a blow for freedom, I think, as the Shot at Lexington and Concord. I think there will be a revolution fought against the bureaucracy now, and the bureaucracy will fight hard, just as the British did, but for the first time I have true optimism that we're actually taking a substantial and significant step back towards freedom.

    The USSC has never been more important. No matter what else you may think of Donald Trump (liar, cheater, fraudster, convicted felon, adulterer, whatever), he gave us the key to this peaceful and bloodless Second American Revolution by appointing constitutionalists to the Supreme Court. And no matter what else you may think of Mitch McConnell, he shepherded those constitutionalists (and Kavanaugh) through the maze and got them confirmed. You may hate things about these men (just like we can hate that Washington and Jefferson owned slaves) but the things they've done for the cause of freedom are worthy of celebration.

    • I believe Washington and Jefferson would have found Prohibition as it exists today abhorrent and most dangerous to the cause of freedom.

      Eliminate the dictatorship of the contraband oligarchs and the looming police state, or die a slave.

      • No it doesn’t however I’m sure that if I looked up who that person was I’d find a majority of that persons followers were disgruntled.

        • On June 28, 1914 Archduke Ferdinand and his wife went to the capital city of Sarajevo to inspect the imperial troops stationed there. As they headed toward their destination, they narrowly escaped death when Serbian terrorists threw a bomb at their open-topped car. Their luck ran out later that day, however, when their driver inadvertently drove them past 19-year-old Serbian nationalist Gavrilo Princip who shot and killed Franz Ferdinand and his wife at point-blank range. Austria-Hungary was furious and, with Germany’s support, declared war on Serbia on July 28. Within days, Germany declared war on Russia—Serbia’s ally—and invaded France via Belgium, which then caused Britain to declare war on Germany and the rest is history.

          • WW1 would have happened in any case, Princip was merely a catalyst……..there were dozens of others in the wings.

            Britain’s Edward VII spent most of his time inflaming his cousin Wilhelm’s paranoia with various words and acts and steered Europe into unstoppable eventual war.

          • The entangled chains of alliances that were intended to prevent a large-scale war by maintaining the “balance of power”, ended up doing the exact opposite.

            Washington was right. Avoid entangling alliances. Especially with Europe.

  11. Just a correction, I meant 1789 (when the Constitution was put into effect), not 1791 (a famous date for us because that’s when the 2A and the Bill of Rights was ratified). It’s hard to pick a true start date for the USA, between the start of the revolution in 1775 at Lexington and Concord, Independence day in 1776, the Articles of Confederation, the writing (1787) / ratifying (1788) or put-in-operation date of our current U.S. Constitution (1789).

    • The main thing to remember is that THE Revolution was the American Revolution. Marx was and is counter-revolutionary.

      • It’s the one example in human history that comes the closest to a “conservative” revolution. The colonies had a long-established tradition of self-governance and fought to preserve it against the mercantilist meddling of the mother country.

          • Nothing conservative about that. In fact, it is downright silly, like setting sail for the horizon and thinking you won’t fall off the edge.

            • Or thinking you will eventually end up where you started…

              Karl Marx was a counter-revolutionary… desperately trying to make an end run around life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness…

              With significant, hopefully temporary, success.

  12. Never mind the Biden era. That’s over. You want to have a chance to survive a really hard time. It’s the three Gs. Guns, grub and gold. Of course, it’s more complicated than that, but you understand my meaning.

    • You can not eat gold and when times get bad turnips will have more value.
      How much value does a gold coin have if you need to skin a buffalo?
      How much value does Flint have if you need to skin a buffalo.
      If you and I were hungry and I had a turnip and you had 40million dollars worth of gold.
      I’d keep my turnip and live to take your useless gold.
      Gold bullets would be awesome. Better then lead.

      • You can’t eat or drink gold and when there is almost no food Nobody will be selling what little they have for some.shiny metal.

        Gold is for setting yourself up on the other side of the Troubles once you have survived them (IF you survive) and is pretty useless for the survival part in the meantime. If folks know you have some (by trying to spend it during the Troubles) it might even be counter-productive.since it will attract the kinds of people who will kill you without a second thought just to take it off you.

    • My Ol’Man called it butter, bullets and beans. He grew up during the Great Depression and fought the Nazi’s in WWII. He always said the butter and beans was for eating and the bullets were for getting more food and protecting the food you had. They didn’t have much in the way of $$$.

    • Don’t be so sure it’s over. Democrat Ballot Harvest Scams in all of the big blue cities can generate all the votes they need.

    • Stock up on lead rather than Gold.
      A certain African American gun owner who actually hunts explained the logic to me.
      When times are tough, people will give you what you need if you give them your Good.
      When times are really tough, people will give you what you need in return for your not giving them your lead.
      When people refuse to give you what you need in return for you not giving them your lead, you can just take what you need after giving them your lead.

    • Likely just running damage control elsewhere on other sites along with the more typical trolls. Expect them back Monday at the latest.

      • Miner Sandwich is actually Doctor Jill. . She’s way too busy trying to circle the wagons at the moment. No time to troll the Gun Forums with her many sockpuppets.

        • I served with a few kids that had her for English in community college. She isn’t quite that bright.

          • Ask her Ex-husband what he thinks of her and Joe. She was cheating on him with Joe who she thought would take her further in life because she was so ambitious. Even so he says that he can’t even recognize the woman he married in her behavior today.

  13. As lousy as Uncle Joe has been as president (and vice president, and as a senator, and as a father, and as a human being in general…) I’d argue that Woodrow Wilson did way more systemic and long lasting damage to the USA.

    • Completely agree! Enshrined racism in the federal gubmint. Played Birth of a Nation in the White House. Oversaw the death of our money with the Federal Reserve. Federal Income tax! Orchestrated WW1. Sound familiar Slow Joe & Ukraine??? Pretended to be president after a stroke(sound familiar?) Had his missus control him-sound familiar??? Thank God we didn’t join the League of Nations!

      • You forgot to add opposing suffrage, jailing political opponents, and institutionalizing propaganda. WW was a real nasty piece of work – bald face lied his way back into the White House with the slogan “He kept us out of war” while blatantly planning on entering the Great War. Probably the worst person to ever hold the office. Though without Teddy Roosevelt’s obsessive hatred of Taft we wouldn’t have been stuck with Wilson – the Bull Moose definitely lost the plot on that one!

  14. When the Supreme Court decided the Loper Bright case, it eliminated the Chevron Doctrine and also made life far more difficult for the ATF. Mark Smith, Four Boxes Diner explains.

  15. How to survive the coming civil war -Be in the right part of the country when it starts. That’s your best bet… Don’t be inside Pol Pot California before the barbed-wire and sniper towers go up at the DMZ. Same goes for the rest of the Blue Marxist Zones. We’ve all had plenty of warning…

    • Could you please refrain from suggesting Californians move. Its crowded around here enough already.
      Stand and fight for your State and your Rights oh steadfast Californians.
      Do not whither in the face of adversity.
      Be strong, invoke your Oklahoma pioneering spirit.(but do not move to Oklahoma, please 🤞)

  16. “Somehow, arms and ammunition didn’t make the list.”

    People who don’t have arms and ammunition are little more than free convenience stores for those who do!

  17. Understand what Biden is and is not

    Understand what the president is and is not (regardless of who it is)

    Understand that not everyone will see things the same way or see anything at all. The sad truth is that far too many people will believe that if Pelosi says something then it must be true. While also being convinced that anything any Republican says (especially Trump) is automatically a lie. To these folks, it would never even enter their mind that high ranking Democrats just might not be telling the truth.

    The whole idea here is never to be in the position of surviving Biden in the first place (or Trump for that matter). The point is that no one in DC is to be trusted, followed, worshipped, or held on such a high pedestal as a king.

    Most of those that vote for Biden are doing so out of the mistaken belief that the Democrat left will take care of them and out of hatred for Trump. Hate put there by the Democrat party through their unquestioned lies and distortions.

    It is not healthy for the right to hold Trump so high either. He gets my vote because I believe that of these two men, Biden is a communist/marxist and Trump (for all his faults) loves this country and knows how to get things done. The fact that Biden is a mental case just strengthens my vote for DJT.

    I am mot a single issue voter but the 2nd Amendment is understandable. They both only have one more 4 year term and Biden dimply does not have that in him. Even leftist voters can see that. Much damage can be inflicted upon this country in the coming months. Many lives have been lost because Biden has been president (around the globe). Even if Trump wins, there is evil coming from the left. As far as this election is concerned, the most valuable thing is votes for Republicans across the board. Democrats have to be removed from power. Not just the president.

    • “While also being convinced that anything any Republican says (especially Trump) is automatically a lie“

      Because people understand past performance is the best predictor of future behavior:

      “Trump made more than 30 false claims during CNN’s presidential debate — far more than Biden
      By CNN Staff
      48 minute read
      Updated 1:47 PM EDT, Fri June 28, 2024

      Trump’s repeat falsehoods included his assertions that some Democratic-led states allow babies to be executed after birth, that every legal scholar and everybody in general wanted Roe v. Wade overturned, that there were no terror attacks during his presidency, that Iran didn’t fund terror groups during his presidency, that the US has provided more aid to Ukraine than Europe has, that Biden for years referred to Black people as “super predators,” that Biden is planning to quadruple people’s taxes, that then-House Speaker Nancy Pelosi turned down 10,000 National Guard troops for the US Capitol on January 6, 2021, that Americans don’t pay the cost of his tariffs on China and other countries, that Europe accepts no American cars, that he is the president who got the Veterans Choice program through Congress, and that fraud marred the results of the 2020 election.

      Trump also added some new false claims, such as his assertions that the US currently has its biggest budget deficit and its biggest trade deficit with China. Both records actually occurred under Trump”

      • More lies from MajorIdiot! Even the Leftist news outlets made note of all Biden’s lies he told at the debate (the few times that what he said was even comprehensible as some form of English). Inflation is moving back up. Energy prices have already started increasing again, and Senile Joe’s “solution” is to tap the Strategic Oil Reserve (helping try to get the senile serial-child-molester re-elected is NOT the purpose of the Strategic Oil Reserve, MajorIdiot!). EV sales, now that they are not heavily subsidized, are in the toilet. Everyone is waking up to the disaster that is “Green Energy”. Senile Joe and his merry band of thieves spent TENS of billions of dollars to build? SEVEN EV recharging stations. Pete the Incompetent just had another train derailment on his watch (he was too busy worrying about racist bridges, apparently). Trump is outraising Biden, and steadily moving ahead in the polls. VA is now edging toward being a tossup.

        Your Leftist/fascist grift is busily dying a well-deserved death, and I’ll be enjoying every second of it. Only a complete, mouth-breathing moron, such as yourself or your senile, stupid pResident, could even try to pretend that Senile Joe is, or has been, anything but a dumpster fire of a Big Government radical. And he’s not even very good at that.

        Keep on whistling, MajorLiar, you’ll get past that graveyard. Biden is going down faster and harder than Kamal-toe.

  18. My, isn’t that curious?! Our ever-reliable, always-lying, Biden shill, MajorLiar, hasn’t shown up to try to tell us all we didn’t actually see what we all saw on debate night. “Who you gonna believe, me and my constant stream of Leftist lies, or you own lyin’ eyes?”

    Must really suck to be a Biden shill, right now, MajorMistake! Well, since you, AND your senile, incompetent disaster of a pResident, are sucking so bad, anyway, just go with the flow – suck it long, and suck it hard. Heh!

    • Oh, he’ll be along soon enough with his usual selectively edited cut n’ paste “facts” from sources no one has ever heard of, with conveniently missing timeframes or aggregation of statistical data. Pretty sure he just lost his ability to frenzy the keyboards with his usual fervor, due no doubt to nursing his now three day drunken stupor.
      Or maybe, just maybe, reality after the debate proved to be too much for even his tiny blue heart to handle.

    • Lamprey, I’m glad to hear you missed my pearls of wisdom, and I’m sorry I wasn’t here to give you guidance over the past few days.

      • MajorMoron,

        Making a half-@$$ed attempt to blow smoke up my keister and spin a few more lies is not “guidance” in the real world, MajorMoron.

  19. How to survive the Biden era?
    Get out of debt.
    Own a piece of rural property large enough to support small and medium livestock.
    Access to fresh water.
    A well stocked pantry.
    Learn skills.

    • Cultivate good relations with your neighbors who’re doing the same thing. You’ll need to have each other’s backs if/when raiders and thieves spill out from collapsing urban areas and start eyeing your tasty livestock. And some of them are likely to be in uniform…

  20. We all have known about Biden decline since he ran from the basement in 2020. After the debate, I would expect our enemies to take advantage of the situation.

  21. Tips for Surviving the Biden Era. – a couple of tips to begin with…

    1. “…That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government.

    — (partially quoting) The Declaration Of Independence — In Congress, July 4, 1776”

    2. “One has not only a legal but a moral responsibility to obey just laws. 𝗖𝗼𝗻𝘃𝗲𝗿𝘀𝗲𝗹𝘆, 𝗼𝗻𝗲 𝗵𝗮𝘀 𝗮 𝗺𝗼𝗿𝗮𝗹 𝗿𝗲𝘀𝗽𝗼𝗻𝘀𝗶𝗯𝗶𝗹𝗶𝘁𝘆 𝘁𝗼 𝗱𝗶𝘀𝗼𝗯𝗲𝘆 𝘂𝗻𝗷𝘂𝘀𝘁 𝗹𝗮𝘄𝘀.

    — Martin Luther King, Jr. 16 April 1963 in his ‘Letter from a Birmingham Jail’ “

  22. As with most of the periodic collapses of various empires/societies those out on the land who actually produce food will survive while the cities destroy themselves or are destroyed opposing armies. If possible, get clear of debt, learn some solid skills that will be needed should the grid collapse or some damn fool gets us into another major war.
    If possible, get out of the major metro areas and into either a small town or more rural area where you can garden and possibly keep some livestock. Rabbits, chickens, goats, etc. can be a source of protein, the garden can produce vegetables, and surplus can be used for trade/bartering. If you can, buy gold and or silver coins or bars/bullion. Another surprising trade item is alcohol. Booze, wine, etc. People like to drink.
    Build friendships with your neighbors, even if you are in a city. As a group you have a better chance of survival should things go bad. The lone wolf may sound great as a story but in reality the lone wolf gets killed by the wolf pack.
    It really doesn’t matter who ends up in the White House, the bureaucracy is more in control than the elected officials. Been that way for the last century.


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