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Pocket holsters all seem to have one fatal flaw: size. People spend a ton of money to get the thinnest handgun possible and then they slide it into a holster that adds bulk to an otherwise svelte holster. Leather pocket holsters are an improvement but even then there’s some extra girth that can be trimmed. Blue Force Gear is introducing a new holster that they claim is one of (if not the) thinnest holsters on the market.

Made from the same material as their plate carriers, the holsters are extremely slim and durable. Blue Force Gear backs up this claim with a lifetime warranty and promises that if the holster doesn’t work they will make it work. Holsters are designed for specific firearms meaning that a generic holster might not be available for some time. Current models supported are the SIG SAUER P238, P938, Ruger LCP, GLOCK 42, Kimber Micro, and coming soon in a J frame flavor.

Retail for these holsters should be about $20.

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  1. The concept and price are outstanding.

    This pocket holster has the same MAJOR flaw that all other pocket holsters seem to have: they don’t provide a spacer which compliments the outline of the pistol barrel and trigger guard. There should be a spacer, approximately the same thickness as the pistol itself, filling up the area where they have their “Blue Force Gear” logo and extending almost all the way up to the handle of the pistol.

    As it is right now, when you put that pocket holster in your pocket and your pants tighten up a bit (when sitting down), the outline of the pistol prints rather noticeably. I would much rather have a uniform outline in my pocket that is the same shape/size as a wallet.

    • I have a Veddar holster for my P938 which does what you’re talking about. The outer side is a flat slab of leather which looks like a wallet. However, the holster is so big it sticks out the top of my jeans pocket and barely fits my cargo pants. Great idea, poor execution.

      • Uncle George’s Wallet Holsters.
        I use one for a cw360. Fits that back pocket of most pants. I like Wranglers because they have the extra belt loops. His website with tell you want guns will and will not work with a back pocket holster (hint the g42 is too big)

    • I see your point. My other worry with a soft pocket holster is that it could collapse around the trigger and cause an unintended discharge. I have always thought that thin kydex would be a better material than cloth or leather.

    • DeSantis has pocket holsters for most of the pocket pistols. I have the Super Fly for my Sig 938 and it has a flap, that can be removed if desired, that profiles like a wallet. They’re very slim, inexpensive and easy to draw from.

    • “when you put that pocket holster in your pocket and your pants tighten up a bit (when sitting down), the outline of the pistol prints rather noticeably.”

      OK, there just may be a reason for that.

      Years back I was looking at a little over-under barrel High Standard derringer.

      With it was a neat holster design, a wallet holster with a trigger finger cutout. Pull it out just like a wallet and without taking out the derringer, fire it.

      I was told that was an illegal holster since it disguised the shape of the gun in it. To be legal, it had to have an NFA tax stamp (AOW, if memory serves).

    • The DeSantis Superfly has a removable panel to break up the outline, but obviously it adds width and gets in the way of drawing.

      I can get away with wearing cargo pants at the office so I don’t bother with it, but it’s there.

    • my choice for pocketing as well. but keep in mind that the unique portion (the molded in part that the trigger snaps into) will not work with (and so is not included) p938 style single action triggers. still, with the full coverage outer it disappears. the front pocket design will work in cargo pockets, but the rear pocket design would shift less there.

  2. Problem with J frame holsters is that they either are too tight and sometimes pull out out with revolver, or too loose and the revolver is caked in dust and lint in no time.

  3. I have two Desantis Nemesis (Nemeses?) pocket holsters. They do the job just fine. Perfect is the enemy of good enough.

  4. While not really a holster, I use the Boraii Eagle Claw ( Yeah, it’s just a trigger guard, but that’s fine for my internal-hammer gun which I shoot and clean regularly. It fits my khakis, jeans, slips into my coat pocket when I am walking the dogs in my jammies, etc. I carry all day when I am at appointments and my EDC looks like I have an iPhone in my pocket if my pants get tight (my .380 is about 11oz and I wear tailored slacks, so not talking about baggy slacks or tactical wear). Also, if they don’t have a product for your gun, send a note to the guy and he will likely make you a holster. He didn’t have one for my gun, but I sent an email and within a week I had their product at my front door (with a nice key ring I now use for my gun lock keys). In practical use, I’ve never had to draw on anyone, but I have practiced many times and can safely disengage the guard and draw. Before loading, I do a practice draw or two to ensure I can engage. I have never had the guard slip off. The weight reminds me to pocket keys, wallet, and phone in weak-hand pockets. It’s a natural fit for me now and I find I carry the Boraii gun more than my traditionally-holstered gun.

  5. What almost works:

    Black Leather Unisex Pistol Pack Belt Holster Concealment Concealed Carry #15 L @ eBay:

    I say almost because I’m trying to do this: keep the cell phone, charger, phone and keyboard charging cables and a Bluetooth keyboard for the phone in there. The LC9s is in a bellyband. If someone looking to make trouble out of thin air stirs up some #$%^ I can demonstrate that it hold cell phone bits, and the spectators they try to get to play their game write them off as fools

    It will hold an LC9s with a 7 round magazine or an S&W Airweight, but I try to use it as a decoy.

    regrettably, it is not deep enough for the keyboard.

  6. Mmmppfff……why bother with a holster with a pocket pistol that has a thumb safety? Just stuff it in your waistband no holster needed. Its called Indian Carry and we do it on the reservation all the time using a shoe string. The string loops over your belt, put the muzzle thru the loop, tuck it IWB and the string keeps the gun from falling down your pantsleg.

    Actually, shoestring carry was started by the OSS in WW2 so there was no holster to toss away if you had to ditch a gun while running from the SS. But we call it Indian Carry and do it all the time with a Ruger LC9S.

  7. Kind of sad, that the company that makes the thinnest holster, does not make it for the thinnest Pocket Gun. The Beretta Pico. What a great combination that would be. Come on Blue Force, step up to the plate, get with the Program.


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