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I did my own version, trying to take an even-handed approach to explaining so-called “assault weapons” and the bans being proposed, but this guy went above and beyond. It may be a slightly on the “wall ‘o text” side of things, but the execution is flawless. Definitely something to bookmark next time you get into an argument over the internet.

The Truth About Assault Weapons Website

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  1. He should break away from the slide show presentation style. Having to click next after reading every sentence or two is a good way to lose the attention of the reader and allow them to give up before fully taking in all the information.

    • I see your point, but spoon feeding info in bite sized chunks is probably perfect here. If you just presented a wall of text, fewer people would actually read it. Of course, so many people have been brain-washed into automatically dismissing any info that doesn’t come from NYT/MSNBC/CNN etc. that it’s an uphill slog regardless.

    • But it’s perfect for people who browse websites with a mobile device, like a phone or iPad.

      Sometimes, simple is more… especially when some people will immediately ignore a “wall of text.” By forcing someone to read it line by line, the website drives home some solid, rational points.

      • I agree, being dyslexic, sometimes it a chore to read an article that goes on and on. Have already emailed link to family and friends.

        Since I’m mostly pistols and revolvers owner, really
        did not know much about “assault weapons” found it very interesting. Anybody have DifFi’s email? , would love to send it to her, to allay her fear of scary black rifles.

    • +1 Same here. Going to definitely posting this to FB, especially since most people my age have problems reading anything “long” (meaning: longer than a paragraph).

      I like that it goes line by line.

  2. Simple but effective. This is important if you find yourself in front of a camera.
    You need to condense things down to a single sound bytes, that makes sense.

    • +1. Especially since the most representation I’ve seen on TV of the Gun Rights movement these days is on Piers Morgan show, and if your argument is too wordy “Piss Moron” is likely to interrupt you.

  3. I submit to you that since Dianne Feinstein is “scary looking” she herself could be considered an “assault weapon”.

    • LOL!+1 on Feinstein.
      I thought the presentation was excellent for”low info voters” and those on the fence who don’t know any of these facts or even which end of the tube the round exits.
      Thanks Nick!

  4. I wrote my reps for today already, have you guys?

    Send something to them daily.

    Some reps are already saying they are hearing from pro-gun people at a 9 to 1 ratio. That ratio should be 20 to 1. Or 100 to 1. We outnumber them so much that if we all write, they will have to listen to us and voice themselves against any gun control or be drowned in phone calls and crushed by letters.

  5. That website, however true it is, makes me want to throw my $2000 PC out into the snow. WTF were they thinking with that interface? I am not an iphone-using hipster, please design websites rationally. My eyes hurt :/

  6. Wow. This website is fantastic. If it goes viral I think it’s safe to say it’ll cripple most of the gun control agenda such as an AWB (neutered OR the “DiFi nuclear option”) as well as any restrictions on magazine capacity. Beautiful.

    The more pageviews and attention this gets, the likelier it is to be mentioned on other blogs, newspapers, and even on TV. If this gets even half the attention Cpl. Boston’s letter did, the gun rights movement will be much better off for it. It’s time people actually knew what assault weapons are.

  7. I’m the creator “The Truth About Assault Weapons”. I want to say thanks to Nick for helping to get the word out. I sent the URL to Robert and crew hoping to get some feedback. They did better than that by sending a ton of traffic.

    As far as complaints about the format go, I’ll be the first to admit that some people would rather read a long-form article (Nick’s is fantastic). I’m actually among those people. But I also recognized that different people have different attention spans, and that the slide show format does have certain educational advantages.

    It’s very easy to read on an iPad, for example, and considering how intertwined mobile platforms and social media are these days, a tablet-friendly format seemed like a wise choice. Gun prohibitionists have spent years indoctrinating the public about “assault weapons”, so it was important to get this in front of as many eyeballs as possible. Social media is currently the most frictionless way to do that.

    In any case, consider this version 0.1. I’m open to suggestions that will make the material clearer and ideally even more concise. Thanks for the kind words and also the constructive criticism.

    • Thanks for producing that! How about a link on the first page that goes to a column view? This way, both options are available and the reader can choose.

    • I think it’s actually perfect in its layout because of the simplicity.
      The people who prefer long formats (like myself) ALREADY KNOW and/or have looked up this info. Keep it simple so I can simply paste that link to the average persons who have been indoctrinated by the media.
      One suggestion i have is to please insert right after “assault weapon” term invention page that LEGALLY it could be a coffee mug, spatula, brick or anything that could be used to threaten someone with. But by marrying the term to certain firearms, it makes it appear that their ONLY purpose is to “assault” innocent people with, which contains useful political value.

      No need to get into what the “assault” in assault rifle actually means or what AR stands for, that’s too much detail but i think it’s important to highlight that the term is used to get peoples emotions involved and has no proper definition.

      also 45-60 rds per sec is too slow perhaps you could say:
      “The AR-15 can fire NO FASTER than other semi-automatic firearms, and pales in comparison to fully automatic weapons, some of which can fire in excess of 1,000 rounds per minute. Do you know anybody that can pull a trigger that quickly?”

  8. The AR-15 can fire between 45 and 60 rounds per minute depending on the skill of the operator.

    this is a lie. a normal person can pull the trigger more than once per second.

    • yeah i would agree, maybe rather than saying a number i would put it as “The AR-15 can fire NO FASTER than other semi-automatic firearms, and pales in comparison to fully automatic weapons, some of which can fire in excess of 1,000 rounds per minute. Do you know anybody that can pull a trigger a thousand times in one minute?”

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  11. That’s a Great website to send journalists to, but many of the source links are broken and I didn’t see a link to contact the site owner.


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