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You can assume that if a knife can somehow be concealed in an otherwise unassuming pocket-sized object, someone’s selling it. By combining these remarkably sneaky knives, you could easily have upwards of ten separate blades on your person at all times. If you’re into that.

The Gerber Zip Blade: $9.60 via Amazon

Although some of the knives on this list are more like fun collectibles than legitimate tools, the knife makers at Gerber have put real thought into the stealth EDC knife concept. One of their coolest and most practical knives is a zipper pull (or keychain). For $15 and at the featherweight of .32oz, you get this extremely discreet .68-inch stainless steel utility blade. Not bad.

The Gerber Money Clip Knife: $22.50 via Amazon

“Phone, keys, knife, wallet, gun…” could be “Phone, keys, money clip, gun” with this money clip. Not for everyone, but a neat little tool.

Titanium Wedding Ring “Knife”/Escape Tool: $69 via Amazon

Apparently, you can use this thing to get out of handcuffs, or for other miscellaneous emergency applications. Your mileage may vary.

Carabiner Knife: $6.50 via Amazon

A keen-eyed fellow ‘operator’ will notice this is a knife, but it’ll fly under everyone else’s radar. A clever thing, especially for the millions of people who use a carabiner for keys anyway.

Para-Claw Paracord Wristband Knife: $20 via Amazon

If you’re going to be ‘that guy’ with the paracord bracelet, you might as well be this guy.

Antarctica Titanium Keychain Folding Knife: $35 via Amazon

Can you put enough knives on a keyring to make it qualify as a collection in itself? “Challenge accepted.”

Boker Urban Survival Tool: $48 via Amazon

This is a blade-fitted variant of the classic Kubotan self-defense tool. But it could has a glassbreaker and handcuff key, because why not?

JJMG Credit Card Transformer Knife: 3 for $12.99 via Amazon

You can’t make a list of EDC tools these days without something¬†credit-card sized. There are dozens of different card knife designs out there, but these guys seem to do it best.

Coin-Shaped Knife Gizmo: $5 via Amazon

Finally, this bizarre knife design looks like something out of Bladerunner, which, depending on your style, could be a good thing.


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  1. Any knife is better than no knife is a philosophy I do believe in, but there are some that are practical and quite a few that are not. Coin type knives have been around a long time (I’ve one made in the 50’s), but, they’re more a novelty than practical (and difficult to sharpen). For me, the “is it practical” is more important than “isn’t that clever.”

  2. Some of those look too easy to accidently cut yourself. I like the wrist band but taking it on & off may be a challenge. Is it a stretch type material? I’ve never owned a paracord wrist anything.

  3. Always a good idea to carry a knife for self-defense. Easily to carry, maintain, seal, and most importantly use. I have bought such disguised knives like a penknife, comb knife, and a card knife and they are exceptional.

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