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Well, the LiveChat with Massad Ayoob is history. A good time was had by all. But if you missed it, don’t dispair – the entire transcript is available above for your reading pleasure. Oh, and next time we hold one of these little sessions…don’t miss it!

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  1. Brad, you did an awesome job again as usual. I hope you can do another great interview with Mas sometime soon, and I’d also like to hear from some others that you feel can enlighten us all. Keep up the great work Brad, it was truely a lot of fun.

  2. It’s a life-saver for the person who suddenly finds themselves a stalking victim or death threat victim and may not have 90 days for a carry permit to process. That said, I suggest it be used sparingly and discreetly. Scaring people makes no friends for our side of the argument.

    I think that’s contradictory. If you’re one of those people who finds themselves in a dangerous situation without 90 days to wait for a permit, you’re probably not going to open carry because you don’t want trouble with the cops, and you KNOW it will happen.

    If we’re advised not to do it, and most people are afraid to OC because they know somebody is going to call the cops on them, do we really have the right?

    The only way the person Mr. Ayoob mentions is really going to OC is if it’s common enough that they aren’t going to have to put up with MWAG calls. And that is NOT gonna happen if OC is only done discreetly and sparingly.

    But other than that, a great read. Wish I could have (virtually) been there.

  3. I think Mas is trying to become the new Internet meme.

    “Mas Ayoob is such a Bad A** that he successfully charged a Rhino.”

    Thoroughly enjoyed reading and wish I could have been there. Rob Pincus and Clint Smith are two others I’d like to see here in this format.

  4. Massad,

    I bought a Gentex hearing guard from you at 2nd Chance years ago.

    It needs some fixing now.

    Any suggestions?

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