Cuba Protests
Police scuffle and detain an anti-government demonstrator during a protest in Havana, Cuba, Sunday July 11, 2021. Hundreds of demonstrators went out to the streets in several cities in Cuba to protest against ongoing food shortages and high prices of foodstuffs, amid the new coronavirus crisis. (AP Photo/Ramon Espinosa)
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As I type this, 228 miles south of me, people are fighting for their freedom in the streets of Cuba. The communist government has been in power there for 62 years and it appears the people might have finally had enough.

The people are rising up against the authoritarian state, armed with nothing but rocks and fists.

My family fled Communist Cuba in 1961 and came to the United States of America, the shining beacon on the hill of liberty and freedom. We came to this nation to secure the freedoms that sadly were lost in our patria (fatherland).

These freedoms were lost for one reason and one reason only: A DISARMED POPULACE ISN’T FREE. THEY ARE SLAVES TO THE STATE.

Since the Bay of Pigs invasion, we Cubans who came here have been involved in every conflict the US has found itself in and we’ve been proud to call ourselves Americans. One such patriotic member of my family was my Uncle Mario. He told me to always be armed and never surrender my guns to the government. He learned that lesson the hard way.

My Uncle Mario, who worked for the CIA and took part in the Bay of Pigs invasion.

He told me the first thing the Communists did in Cuba was outlaw guns.

Right now, the people in Cuba are risking death to simply exercise their freedom of speech. A freedom that was forcibly stripped from them since they had no way to defend it.

The New York Times considers the word “freedom” an anti-government slogan.

In Cuba, it is considered wrong to shout the word of “freedom” at those who subjugate you. Doing so results in the government sending out its goons to silence the people.

Right now, the people are fighting for their lives as the communist government has cut off all communications. As of this moment, no one knows what is happening.

Cuba’s secret police, the Black Berets, being deployed to attack people wanting freedom.

Let Cuba be a lesson.

Right now, in Washington, DC and in our state capitols and city halls, we have members of our own government that want to disarm us and silence us. We’ve seen how the assault on the Second Amendment has led to an assault on the First Amendment. We’ve seen how they have attempted to trample our liberties and crush our freedoms. How they use terms like “public safety” and “common good” as an excuse to violate our rights.

I say this to my fellow American Patriots, never give up your guns.

It is the Second Amendment that has the teeth to keep all the others in effect. And remember, government doesn’t grant us these rights. We are born with them. The Constitution is simply a list that enumerates our inalienable rights.

Cuba Protest
Anti-government protesters march in Havana, Cuba, Sunday, July 11, 2021. Hundreds of demonstrators went out to the streets in several cities in Cuba to protest against ongoing food shortages and high prices of foodstuffs. (AP Photo/Ismael Francisco)

Because if Government can grant rights, they can take them away. The Founding Fathers understood that, hence why they acknowledged that our rights existed long before quill touched parchment as they fought against the crown for America’s independence.

Our right to keep and bear arms is what keeps what happened in Cuba from happening here in the United States of America.


I always wear the Cuban flag around my neck to remind myself of what my family lost. I carry the S&W to remind me how to prevent it from happening here.


Luis Valdes is the Florida Director for Gun Owners of America.


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  1. Turn on any news outlet that will truthfully show what’s happening in Cuba, then ask yourself if this is what you really want for us!! Because that’s exactly what the left wants.

    • The real problem is we mills the fact that the government unionized government employees and the military through out history will on command kill you. Our government employee scum are not any more trustworthy.

  2. what to do when all the comms are shut down?
    i’ve a friend from yemen who visits regularly, but i’ve only been to little havana for a midnight sandwich.

    • That’s what amateur Ham radio is for. Whether you get a higher end setup or use the cheap little Baofeng handhelds, have a backup form of comms to be able to listen in on what’s happening.

      • “to be able to listen in on what’s happening”

        won’t work, in a serious situation “they” will simply flood the frequencies with non-stop propaganda.

        • In the past, Communist/totalitarian governments have also executed everyone in the house where a short wave radio was found, right down to infants. Sometimes easy answers are not so easy.

        • “right down to infants”

          tribal warfare. “left nothing that breathed” (joshua, bunch of chapters, bunch of verses).

    • “what to do when all the comms are shut down?”

      presume the worst and act accordingly.

      given the extreme media propaganda displacing any actual news, it’s almost shut down now.

  3. I like how the leftist media, I mean ministry of truth, is trying to frame this as a covid protest. Or they’re just ignoring it. NYT actually saying the word “freedom” is an “anti government slogan” like it’s a bad thing.

    • “Freedom and other anti-government slogans” tells you everything you need to know about the New York Times and the establishment they lead.

      • “the establishment they lead”

        no, that they’re part of. behind the scenes it’s all one big happy tribe.

    • Yeah, I’ve seen enough video of the protests that after watching US news I was able to translate the Cuban term “liberte!”, realizing it must mean “Covid” in English, amirite?

  4. Cuba sending its black block/antifa peacekeepers to shut down the radical fascists shouting “freedom.”

    Sounds like Portland, WA.

    I thought the splendor and plenty of the revolution was supposed to provide for all?

    • “I thought the splendor and plenty of the revolution was supposed to provide for all?”

      Strange that it never quite works out that way. 😉 I reckon people always have to piss on the electric fence for themselves.

    • “the splendor and plenty of the revolution was supposed to provide for all?”

      it does, and magnificently.

      it’s just that “all” means “all the chosen insiders”. not you. to them, you’re just a talking animal, to be treated as such.

    • Lol. I spent too many years in the northwest. The whole area blends into a mish mash of hippy bullshit on the west and redneck escapades on the east. It’s one big open air asylum.

      • Haha. You got that right.
        I live about 30 miles from Portland and I still have to deal with the weird.

  5. History confirms Gun Control is a cancer on Freedom. History shows Gun Control starts small and grows and grows and does not ever stop growing until the innocent in its path are tortured, enslaved and dead.

    The people calling for more and more Gun Control in America are sick, sick, sick. The people who fall for Gun Control being sold to them as “Sensible Gun Control” and other packaged and repackaged sugarcoated poop are as dumb as dumb can get.

    Gun Control? Lock it in a box and incinerate it along with nooses, slave shacks, concentration camps, gas chambers and the rest of its long line of gutless despicable relatives.

  6. I’ll wait to see what third parties such as NACLA have to say because anything from the U.S. or Cuban governments automatically suspect.

    • Pray for Cuba…and the Caribbean. Heck the whole world. These Cuban’s sure have bad timing. If this happened last year Trump et all would have helped. Slow Joe will prop up the corrupt gubmint…

    • Cuba has such a shitty healthcare system. COVID there can actually be a serious problem because even the common flu there kills due to lack of basic medical care. Wallowing in your own crap in a rusted chair in a waiting room as you wait while dying isn’t a pleasant experience and that is the norm for the Cuban medical system for the common people.

      • When I spent a few days in Cuba a couple years back, I found out from a tour guide that the cure for cancer was actually developed by a Cuban doctor! Who knew, right?! And not only does our government hide the cure from us, they have the NERVE to say Cuba’s health care is not up to snuff? We’ll be in that mode soon enough, between media who will suppress real news and social media who will actively censor the news to make people believe bullshit is true.

        • “We’ll be in that mode soon enough”

          yep, all our cancers will be cured! the gulags will cure all kinds of diseases! no disease permitted in the ussa!

  7. As much as we might wish for a bloodless transition like Berlin ’89, I don’t believe democracy in Cuba will happen without some dead government goons in the streets, much like Budapest ‘56.

    • I’m hoping for for Romanian solution of lining up the bastards and shooting them like what happened to Nicolae Ceaușescu and his horrible evil wife.

    • there’s only four possible states with them.

      1) you dead
      2) you enslaved to them
      3) them posing as being just like you while working behind the scenes to enslave or eliminate you
      4) them dead

      there’s a fifth – them abandoning their fascist racist superiority over everyone else in the world and just being another people – but being the chosen is heady stuff and detoxing from that is an uphill fight.

  8. Can’t believe they are waving that oppressive, racist red white and blue rag… Didn’t they get the BLM memo?

    • They smuggle out cigars. They now smuggle in American flags. Just like the people in Hong Kong waved American flags. A “goddess of Democracy statue” for cuba??? Now will the Tech companies ban the videos? And will the Libertarians support the tech company bans????

  9. “Necessity is the plea for every infringement of human freedom. It is the argument of tyrants; it is the creed of slaves.”

    – William Pitt

  10. In times of tyranny, people around the world raise the US flag as a symbol to show their oppressors that they know they are naturally free and that they will fight or die fighting for that freedom. And here we have celebrities who hate that symbol, athletes who actively disrespect it, and politicians who say we are the problem and that we must change.
    Go try selling that mess to somebody else, because I’m not buying it. I’ve been to other countries, I got degrees that would let me emigrate and immigrate to many other countries without issue, and they’d probably be glad to have me. But here I stay, living free.

    • “politicians who say we are the problem”

      their problem is with reality. but saying that reveals them for what they are, so they project that problem onto anyone who is comfortable with reality, blaming them in order to hide the real issue.

  11. Is it a telling point how many want to escape FROM such places versus how many want to escape TO those places?

  12. Cuba is not communist they’re led by a fascist dictator nor was the USSR or China communist they are all fascist dictatorships McCarthyism in the 50s has led everybody to believe that’s what communism is. communism is exactly what you think it is basically like a bunch of hippies sharing everything sounds great on paper would not work in real life. McCarthyism has tied communism and fascism together because even at the bare necessities of Communism( the people coming together to work together )is to dangerous and idea for the elites. That’s why the standoff at Bundy ranch was swept under the rug cuz those men worked together to defeat the government and their b******* for cattle grazing. they don’t want us to understand that coming together will strengthen us as citizens which is why they’ve labeled all these places as communism to go you don’t want that this is what happens to communist countries while they’re actually fascist countries ran by dictators don’t get me wrong communism is the dumbest s*** ever but it’s not what Cuba Russia or China are they’re all fascist dictatorships

    • Horseshit. You want to contain your propaganda to subjects where the main players have not publicly declared the truth for decades. Fidel Castro declared Cuba was Communist in around 1960, and Cuba has never pretended anything else, since. The Soviet Union openly (and massively) propped them up until the Soviets went bankrupt around 1990. Most recently, the glorious revolution has provided for them through their arrangement with Venezuela, another glorious Communist state Utopia. Venezuela ships crude oil, from the producing fields the government stole from the American developers, to be processed in the refinery the Cuban government stole from the American developers, the products are sold and the proceeds split between the elites of the two failed states, to be deposited overseas and wait for their arrival when their glorious Utopias are no longer such fun anymore.

      • What Larry said, one of the few things Republicans have right; Communism is evil. Unfortunately they have used it a an excuse to start and or intervene in a number of wars and or affairs that TBH are really none of our business.

    • “Cuba is not communist they’re led by a fascist dictator”

      that’s what communists say every time their paradises fail. “it’s the other guy’s fault!” thus they steer people away from what might help them resist future communist murder camps.

    • Cuba is not communist they’re led by a fascist dictator nor was the USSR or China communist they are all fascist dictatorships

      Communism is a political, social, philosophical, and economic doctrine aiming to replace private property profit-based economy with common (State) ownership of major means of production…. Communism is a state-controlled economy and TOTALITARIAN government… There are five (5) Communist countrys in the world….

      North Korea (since 1948) North Korea became a communist country in 1948 following South Korea ’s declaration of independence.

      China (since 1949) The People’s Republic of China has one of the strongest economies in the world. Surprisingly, it is one of the communist superpowers.

      Vietnam (since 1954) Vietnam ’s status as a communist country is linked to its association with the Soviet Union. …

      Cuba (since 1959) The Cuban Revolution of 1959 is one of the bloodiest events in history and a political turning point for Cuba.

      Laos (since 1975) The Lao People’s Democratic Republic became a communist country in 1975 after a revolution that was supported by the Soviet Union and Vietnam.

      The Hippy Communes were loosely based on the ideology but mostly failed because there were more wanna-be “leaders” than there were willing “workers” those communes were closer to Socialism than Communism…

    • Barefoot bandit is right. Neither China, the USSR, Cuba etc. are communist countries . . . At least not pure communism. It is interesting how every attempt at communism turns into tyranny. Is it not? The “communists” who lead these revolutions do not want to give up power. And yes Lenin, Mao, Castro, Pol Pot, etc. were communists. If the afore mentioned men were not communists then nobody is. Every attempt at communism has failed for a very good reason: it does not work.

      • you don’t understand. they think they’re the humans and that you’re just an animal put here by god to serve them, to be eliminated if you don’t. what they have planned for you is a state where they have all the rights and you have none. if they even suspect you or any of your relatives or friends might once have possessed firearms, they’ll just disappear you and dispose of you, no questions asked, then bulldoze your house and cart it all to a secure dump.

  13. I hope they can maintain the momentum. They have had demonstrations before but didn’t get far with them.

    Our Flag, the one disrespected by our own Countrymen, is being flown by oppressed people in Cuba. No Flags of the CCP, North Korea or other oppressive governments are in sight. Yes, they also fly the Flag of Cuba. That is their Nation, they want their Country back.

    I fear our present government will be of little help to these people. Of course rushing into the fray would be a mistake, we have to make sure of who we would be dealing with.

    In 1989 a man named Maj. Giroldi attempted a coup against Noriega. He did speak to the CIA and it was said he only asked for minimal assistance. The CIA had doubts he could deliver we only blocked two roads for assistance. The CIA also feared it was a trap to embarrass the US and implicate us in the coup.
    The Maj had previously been instrumental in suppressing a previous coup just a few months before. So he was viewed with some doubt.
    The Maj did attempt the coup with several other officers. They failed and were executed. The execution was known as the Albrook massacre.

    Some in Cuba can expect the same if they fail.

    • “Our Flag, the one disrespected by our own Countrymen”

      they are not our countrymen. they just pose as such in order to infiltrate our country and subvert it.

  14. theres a movie about what eventually happens when only the police and military have guns

    • no, ordinary germans had plenty of guns. the movie you’re thinking of is “the chekist”, and the book is “the gulag archipelago”. look them up.

  15. Never fear.
    President Harris will order her Senile Sock Puppet Biden to ship plenty of guns and ammunition… to the communists. She might even loan them a squadron of A-10s .

    • “President Harris”

      actually it’s president ron klain. just call him daniel. biden is nebuchadnezzer grazing on the grass.

  16. This is when a freedom-loving billionaire should acquire a big transport plane, fill it with guns and ammo, and fly it over Cuban towns dropping bundles.

  17. This is an excellent article, Luis.

    This is also an excellent way to argue for preserving our 2A rights, unlike JWTAYLOR calling gun control racist. Ugh, it’s so tiresome.


  18. I am from Cuba. My family left 46 years ago when I was four years old. My father’s brother was executed by Fidel’s army in front of my dad and our family as a going away present to my father. But, even my Cuban friends who are of my same, age but born in the U.S. don’t think Communism is as bad as the media makes it look. I tell them it is worse than the media makes it look. They don’t believe me. But, these are also the same Cuban’s that think gun control is a good idea, that guns should be banned and that only the Government and police should have guns.


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