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How long before Zuckerberg’s vigilant minions zap this one?

[h/t DrVino]

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  1. “How long before Zuckerberg’s vigilant minions zap this one?”

    As of 3:29 pm GMT+5, it’s *gone*…

  2. The link you followed may have expired, or the page may only be visible to an audience you’re not in.

    Don’t snitch, TTAG!

  3. Best one I’ve seen so far is a case of sprite hiding everything but the barrel, buttstock and magazine of an AR. 700 OBO for the sprite lol.

  4. I’m seeing a lot of these type of posts today. My favorite was the $400 yellow wash cloth that came with a free Mossberg.

    • If you want to either laugh, or shake your head constantly, check out ArmsList posts for guns in Colorado Springs, CO. Most are dealers, but some of the used stuff is absolutely stupid. Used Glocks over $700 because they have “extras”, like the 3 mags that came with the gun.

      • The only thing better than the overly-optomistic asking prices in Colorado Springs is the pathetic lowball offers. Guy #1 selling a used M&P 15-22 for $699. Thinks it’s a good deal. Guy #2 offers him $125, not a penny more, swears that’s market price.
        Foul language ensues.

      • Not just Colorado, but everywhere. “Would you take a Taurus in trade for your SIG?” is one reason Armslist is more trouble than it’s worth sometimes.

  5. Some of the sites I belong to have what they paid for it, stating that somethings not for sale.

  6. Reminds me of that episode of King of the HIll when Peggy opens a book store, but has no customers and Dale moves in and “gives” free guns with the sale of a book.

    • “Why don’t I show you the stylish 9mm luger that comes free with any $600 purchase of quality science fiction.”

  7. rather than post a photo of the banned item with the pliers one could post a photo of the pliers and printed description of the items that come with the pliers

  8. Buddy turned his page into a place for locals to only post photos of their guns. “If you like to receive compliments on your firearms, include a phone number in the description.”

  9. Time to take the batle forwad. If everyone starts marking FB’s paid news feeds as inappropriate, then migrating onto various Congress-critters and state level low life ads the same way along with the groups that want to suppress your 2A Rights.
    If you want to keep your account intact, set up a sham account, then after doing some posts that way, use it as a springboard for creative mayhem and carnage.
    When using this method, practice good OPSEC sweeping for cookies, history deletion, etc. As always, remember to have fun!

  10. Oh wow, LOL, that’s brilliant! Reminds me of when Europe banned the incandescent light bulbs (they’re banning them here too, but adopted it more slowly) and a guy responded by selling “Heatballs.” His advertising was something like, “A ‘Heatball’ is NOT a light bulb, but fits into the same socket! Heatballs also are 90% energy-efficient, giving up 90% of their energy as heat, with only 10% wasted as light.”

  11. Instead of playing games with a company that does not want nor respect you why not just stop patronizing that company?

    • Troy: I respect your opinion on this, but if a lot of gun owners put “ads” out there like that, Facebook would have to spend a lot of time and money “policing” it. I work in the industry and the reason outfits like Facebook are so profitable is they keep their personnel costs as low as they can. Visual recognition algorithms can help, but there are ways to fool them and in the end people have to make the decision to pull the post. Can you imagine if even half the 300 million gun owners in the US did this on Facebook? They wouldn’t even have to be sincere ads. You could ask $10,000 for a Hi-Point! I say fight back against stuff like this.

    • There are other social media sites, mewe being one of them, it isn’t as user friendly as Facebook, but it respects your privacy, it doesn’t claim ownership over your every post picture ect. Most of my local pages have made the move, I suggest more do the same stop giving Facebook everything, and move on, their policies will change.

  12. We should have a name for creative re-marketing of personal civil rights accessory sales –

    something that reflects the re-birth, and the real impact upon FakeBook legitimacy.

    I propose “bloom-turds”.

  13. I wish something like this would work but unfortunately lets face reality the add would not last longer than a snow ball in hell and the person who put the add on line would be banned in short order. I whish this were not so but its reality.

  14. Yes I’m seeing some “creative ” postings on one of the many FB pages I belong to. I also see several switching from “closed” to “secret”. Oh goody-if I unfollow I now have to get a member to sponsor me to get back in…and I have never bought off FB,GB or Armslist. Just seeing what’s around and trying to educate myself. I also echo the insane goofiness of sellers thinking their used junk is worth MORE than retail brand new. The height of lunacy…

  15. A group I belong to on FB changed their name today. “Hydrants” was substituted for Firearms, and the group’s profile pic was changed to a shot of a nice yellow fire hydrant.

  16. I suggest anyone reading this with a Facebook account begin blatantly violating Facbook policy by posting guns for sale. If we could make a coordinated effort Zuckerberg’s minions couldn’t possibly keep up with blocking us all. At the very least we could make their lives very busy and unpleasant.

    • It’s unlikely that there are even any humans involved– post takedowns are probably done by Python scripts that detect images and text relating to firearms for sale.

  17. I just noticed Will/Cook co. gun sales is NOW Will/Cook co stuff…I wonder if they get fakebook notices all the guns for sale? And now it’s “secret”. Yeah I wish I had something for sale. Sigh…

  18. Regulators gotta regulate.
    If it’s one thing gun know, it is how to be free. How stupid are these liberals that think they can shut down the free market. Or as they call it, a gun loophole.

  19. a buddy of mine screenshot a post he made and was removed by Facebook moderaters. I don’t know how to paste a copy of it here, but the gist of it was that he was explaining that there is no such thing as buying a gun online. all the guns still have to be shipped through an ffl, background check done, etc etc.

  20. Y’know, with Zuckerberg doing his usual thing (ie, screwing over his users) with yet another progressive policy, I think it’s time to rip him off and start a “AdultBook,” the site “where grown-ass adults network.”

    There would be no farms or games, BTW. And the site’s code would be written in a way to not allow someone to drop a hack onto your computer.

    I’m seriously considering coming out of coding retirement to come up with something like this. There’s a crying need for a networking site for adults who act like adults, doing adult things, without a nanny or pecksniff looking over their shoulder.

    Not to mention, it would be nice to meet & converse with people on a site that doesn’t sell you out to the NSA.

    • I agree with you in principle, but the problem is how to gain traction against Facebook. Only certain subgroups of people would even consider it without some serious advantage of your website over FB.

  21. Wait, if it includes everything in the picture, does that mean the table as well? 😉 </smartass>

  22. If you are a gun owner OR if you are just someone who believes in liberty and you are using Facebook, you are WRONG and you need to fix yourself.

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