Andrea Mitchell Shoguns Knows Nothing About Guns
courtesy AP
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The AR-15 has only been around for about 60 years, so you can understand why no one in the mainstream media seems to know the first thing about what it does, how it works…you know…esoteric details like that. It’s why they hate it so much when gun rights supporters call them on their errors in reporting when an AR figures prominently in the news. They whine and call it “gunsplaining.”

So when they describe an AR as an ultra-powerful semi-automatic machine gun, cut them a break. They simply haven’t had enough time to absorb all of the AR’s intricacies.

A shotgun, though is a different story. They’ve been around for a couple of hundred years. You’d think that would be enough time for these enterprising journalists — people trained and practiced in ferreting out the facts — to learn how something as simple as a scattergun works. But you’d be wrong.

The Annapolis shooter used a legally purchased shotgun yesterday to murder five people in the Capital Gazette newsroom. Fortunately America has people like Andrea Mitchell to explain exactly what happened and the implement he used.

Bless her heart. Mitchell’s come in for more than a little ridicule since unleashing that tweet.

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  1. I wonder if she has any tips for reassembling a Ruger mark 3? She’s probably had to deal with a bunch of those buggers.

    Like a backwards funnel… I think there’s probably a joke in there somewhere. Maybe having to do with cleansing toxins or something.

    • I prefer sniper rifles that actually work like forward funnels by focusing the bullets into a virus-sized target. But you know, some early scatter guns did use a funnel for loading the powder.

      As far as the age, the shotgun concept is far older than 140 years. Hell I’m almost that old and I’ve got one my great grandfather inherited.

    • She probably saw one of the 3 Stooges episodes from the 1930’s. I think I remember a “blunderbuss” in a few episodes. And the stooges part would certainly follow

  2. The only thing ironicatbest knew about a funnel was when it was attached to a hose and filled with beer.

    • Oh, for Christ’s sake, why don’t you two just have sex and get it over with, already?!

  3. If that picture at the top is of Andrea Mitchell, then I think I can safely say she was tweeting about the Blunder Buss as they both come from the same time period and the funnel would be a good description. I know, I’m so mean.

    • Andreeeeeea is about 20yr past her sell by date.

      The MSM just has a hard time finding replacement for these angry old feminazi wackos. Their sweet young things may be kneejerk progs but are mostly empty suits/heads. What’s Pravda to do?

    • If you have every listened to her “reporting” you will know the it is WAY more than skin deep. Ugly bitter shrew.

      • Never have. I don’t watch television and haven’t for years. I must say I don’t miss it one bit.

  4. A Reuters reporter has blamed this shooting on Trump for creating a toxic environment by denigrating news organisations. If Trump is ever assinated can we blame the toxic environment created by 100% negative news coverage ? This reporter (what does that word really mean if she can be described as one) calls a shotgun a backwards funnel to explain it to us who cannot understand. Why does any conservative ever watch CNN or MSNBC ?
    Kevin Costner’s character in Dances With Wolves had it right. « I have nothing to say to you, you are not worth talking to. »

    • They dont….. CNN is ranked 17th in prime time just below the Food Network. More conservatives are learning about dive spots in Bangladesh than “learning” about anything on CNN.

    • American reporters live privileged lives. Minorities are vastly under-represented in the business, and compared to European reporters US reporters earn almost double despite the business model tanking.

      Reporters in Europe are also massively more held to account on the truth. If a reporter lies about someone in the US that person has to prove the reporter lied, also must prove the lie was harmful and must prove the reporter was negligent in disregarding the facts. Fail to prove one and you can’t hold the reporter to account for even the most bald faced harmful lie in the US. In Europe it is the reporter that must prove the truthfulness of an accusation and no tangible harm has to be shown. This is why there is little elative #metoo in Europe, Australia or Japan. It makes US reporters much more likely to be fast and lose with the facts. The point is in terms of pay, accountability, and legal protection these are very privileged people

      This shooting is a long sought after opportunity to absurdly count themselves among the “victim class.” Like David Hogg, an “oppressor” in all US definitions and inculturation because he is not a minority, they are now all, from Oregon to Florida, Main to San Diego, “victims” of poltical gun violence with an attendant image of a Trumpite following Trump’s orders and mowing them down — even though that narrative is patently false and an utter lie.

      But what could be more seductive than getting your victim class card to carry? if you don’t have one you are nobody.

      • Your absolutely right. Over 40 years ago, when I was in high school I had a chance to speak to a European journalist. I told him that I wanted to either go into A)flying, B)journalism or C) engineering. He advised me to either go into A or C and explained that European journalists laugh at American journalists behind their backs. American journalists, he said, were lazy, didn’t get their fact straight, were overpaid for the amount of work they actually did and were extremely biased. I took his advice and went into aerospace engineering instead and never regretted it.

  5. Thank you Andria for the blunderbuss image. Although a backwards funnel also evokes your intellect: no information goes in, you just spew out with no focus.

    Half or more of he country own guns, and probably 0.01% of reporters and newsroom staff have ever touched one. Why do they even open their mouths?

    By the way Andrea dear you don’t have to aim a truck to “hurt a lot of people” and way bigger mass casualty events have been accomplished in developed democracies by an individual with a truck than an individual with a gun

    • Why does she open her mouth? Because she knows that she is smarter and better than you and she is here to educate your benighted backwards self.

      Be honored she deigns to speak well not to any of use but about us in a manner were we can see it and be illuminated.

    • Here’s a Fun Fact: Blunderbusses didn’t ‘blunderbuss;’ That ‘backwards funnel’-shaped muzzle only aided in loading the things, which were fed with loose powder and anything from ‘swan shot’ (pistol-bullet size) to small shot (BB-ish) and anything in between (bur rarely gravel, as that was awfully hard on the brass barrels common for the time, especially in Naval use). Those flared muzzles didn’t disperse the shot at all.
      Just as with a modern shotgun, expanding bores and ‘funnel’ shaped chokes don’t do much to spread a shot pattern; The shot leaves the muzzle in a relatively tight ‘tube’ shape, bore diameter and expands at a fairly regular rate once it leaves the muzzle (about 1″ for every 3′). A good cylinder-bore 12-gauge (no choke) will put 8 of 9 buckshot into a man-sized silhouette target at 25 yards with ease. Great ones will do the same at 50.
      It’s still surprising just how many people believe that one doesn’t have to ‘aim’ a shotgun.
      Andrea Mitchell, of ALL people should know this; When she was a girl, Highwaymen were all the rage, footpads were everywhere, and the King’s troops still patrolled the carriageways.

  6. Her brain is like a backwards cow’s anus. She doesn’t have to have direct aim to get bullsh*t everywhere.

  7. I clicked on this article and when it popped up, there was the picture of this woman. I never believed in Zombies till now ! I’m going to nightmares for a while and I don’t scare easily. She looks like she has been shot thru a catalytic converter then a backwards funnel. Freddie Krueger’s sister. She should be an armorer for the Taliban. As dumb as she is ugly. All b s aside, have you ever noticed how the dumber that people are, the more convinced they are of their brilliance.

  8. Unfortunately, MsMitchell is this factually inaccurate about most things she “reports” about; and she isn’t the only one in the “media” like that!

  9. People, people, people…..

    Just stop it.

    Every reporter, journalist, Ken and Barbie news reader knows guns are used to kill people. In fact they know it is settled science that guns can go off accidentally and kill people. Guns are the cause of every evil in the nation, and guns are caused by Trump. Guns are just bad, and people who want one are bad.

    Now, can we just go back to talking about the damn guns, not the media who need no one to ” ‘splain” to them the things they already know?

  10. If you haven’t been exposed to something, it doesn’t matter how old it is. How many people today know anything about riding a horse?

        • Well, I’ve been involved with horses for some 50 years. I’m in contact with horse folks from all over the country. My guess just the horse folks I know is more than all the media that knows anything about firearms. That’s just little ole me. I’ve also been a firearms user and collector for the same amount of time.

    • I do George. i grew up mustering on horseback as half our country you could not get through safely on a bike (by our country i mean the property that the family recently sold). went to ag college and there were a heap of the guys there that fancied themselves as stockmen and made fun of my riding style. i got the last laugh several times. once was when i had broken my tail bone several days before i was to get on a horse for the first time with saddle on when breaking it in. i stayed on the horse despite the pain. the second was out on stockmanship. they were loosing cattle in the scrub and i was getting them out. yes they could ride well in flat open country but they did not know how to ride in the shit stuff 🙂

    • I do know about riding horses. I was a regular client at several horse riding facilities. The first I was a client for just over a year and worked at the facility for 2 years. The second I was a client for a few years and they asked me to enter into competitions they were sponsoring. The second would let me take horses on to the trails unsupervised.

      Even after I had not ridden horses for over a decade, I went on a horse ride while in New Zealand (while on my honeymoon, my wife has a pedicure instead). The guide said I was the best rider he had seen riding a difficult horse I had under control in 5 minutes.

      I probably know more about horses and guns than the vast majority of journalists.

  11. Mitchel is about as stupid as the author of this post that thinks shotguns have only been around for 140 years.

    • You can give her real credit (Hah!) for knowing that the first practical pump-action shotgun IS about 140 years old. That would be the Spencer Model 1882, so she’s only four years off.

      Yeah, THAT’s the ticket.

  12. This ghastly apparition of a woman was one of the worst shills for Hillary I had the misfortune of hearing “report” that one time I was stuck in a room that had NBC’s fake news on the tv. She’s an abject fraud, and a big part of the reason why contemporary journalists are some of the lowest forms of life on earth.

  13. I was really hoping we got over the “you don’t have a to aim a shotgun” thing. Apparently there is more work to do.

    • Jon, probably not for those familiar with shotguns. But for lame stream media, give it up, not a chance.

  14. Too bad she can’t figure out how a retractable ball point pen works,oh but she can push the Leftard agenda.

  15. She needs to get with Tactical Joe. Just point the double barrel shotgun through the screen door and yank the trigger….you never know what you will get with that backward funnel.

  16. What the hell does Andrea Mitchell know about guns any guns including shotguns other than her security team is carrying them? As wife of former George W. Bush Treasury Secretary Alan Greenspan Mitchell and her hubby had a 24/7/365 armed security detail provided by the Treasury Dept and paid for by taxpayers. Now she has an “armed” driver like most “on-air” personalities, a retired cop, he chauffeurs her from her door to the studio each day and accompanies her when she does “live” spots “on location”.

    Having passed by the ABC-TV building one day while in NYC and seeing the crowd I decided to see what the fuss was all about and stuck around for a few minutes. I noticed the hosts of “The Shrews” arriving, Whoopi Goldberg, Joy Behar, etc. like many in the “elite” Liberal Media they too have “armed” drivers, again exclusively retired cops, the only ones deemed “privileged” enough to carry in NYC, you can’t miss the mannerisms identifying them as former law enforcement nor the bulge indicating they’re “packing” as their jacket pulls aside when they open the door for their charge.

    Funny in NYC and Wash D.C. “the elites” get “armed” security while everyone else, the peasants, are left to fend for themselves and could be charged with “Assault With A Deadly Weapon” for repelling an attacker with an umbrella.

  17. Andrea Mitchell has never been competent. She slept her way to the top when she was young. Her pedigree is well known, she’s a fool.

    • yep like many modern journailsts she is like a little yap yap dog….. all bark, no substance…. but less smarts than even one of those little yap yaps

    • That’s right she slept her way to the top just like ABC’s Barbara Walters. Before her television career “Wa-Wa” Walters was a Lionel Trains employee, she “worked” alongside executives in the “promotional department” at Lionel’s NYC high-rise office building just off Fifth Avenue at the north end of Madison Square Park (original location of Madison Square Garden), she was responsible for booking TV spots and product placement on shows with many of the networks whose “flagship” stations and TV shows were broadcast from studios in and around NYC. “Wa-Wa” Walters rubbed elbows with numerous network heads and celebrities no doubt schmoozing and making “connections” in nearby Midtown hotel rooms during her lunch hour with the likes of Frank Sinatra, Nat King Cole, baseball players, and other “notables”.

      • Quote: ““Wa-Wa” Walters rubbed elbows with numerous network heads and celebrities”

        I posit she rubbed more than elbows

  18. Martha Stewart:
    Shot shells can be used once discharged to be lovely candle holders for the holidays. Festive red goes great at Christmas or the 4th of July. Fill them with jelly beans for the little ones for Easter. Jews need not participate. They should stick to the guns that use those gold colored bullet holders. Bullet thingies are a true holiday blessing.

  19. Somebody hand her a loaded 20 gauge and have her hold it backwards so the shot will go in the right direction please. Then don’t anyone else stand anywhere near her.

  20. I had one once that could actually shoot backwards! True story! But I had to sell it, I kept getting shot in the face.

  21. “our thoughts and prayers go out to joe scarborough…who as andrea mitchells husband has to agree with everything she says and has to say *no honey* and give her a hug every time she asks him if she sounded retarded on TV”

  22. Next thing you know, she’ll be telling us that if you plug the barrel with your finger like a famous talking cartoon rabbit, the shotgun will blow up in the face of the Elmer, I mean shooter.

  23. Her husband is marginally smarter than she is even if he did contribute to the dot com implosion.

  24. A backwards funnel is used to blow it out her a$$ something dear Andrea needs to do.

  25. Crooked, just before Trump handed her her butt on a plate, told Andrea that she was her favorite reporter. Now we know why Clinton said that. The old hag from Chappaqua doesn’t like being upstaged and there is absolutely no danger Mitchell could ever do that. Even old lady Clinton isn’t THIS stupid.

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