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For 2015, IWI US is releasing the UZI® PRO and the Jericho 941 to the U.S. market. I had the chance to take them for a quick spin during SHOT Show day at the range, and some initial impressions plus photos follow. . .


For the U.S. market, IWI has relocated the Jericho’s normally slide-mounted safety to the frame, making it even more like the CZ 75 that it’s based on. Anyone familiar with a CZ will be right at home here. It feels, handles, and shoots like a CZ — comfortably and accurately. From my limited time behind the gun, the trigger struck me as being smoother and nicer than any of the new DA/SA CZs I have owned, but it’s possible that this example has a lot of rounds through it and these triggers absolutely smooth out after 500 to 1,000 rounds.

Steel w/ long slide

It looks like IWI US is planning on selling the Jericho in two slide lengths, each available in either steel frame or polymer frame. From the photos I have seen, it appears to be coming in 9mm, .40 S&W, and .45 ACP.

Polymer w/ short slide

As a pistol, I’m not entirely sure I understand the appeal of the UZI. It’s awkward to hold and awkward to shoot.


As a pistol with an SB Tactical brace, okay. Sure. Or as an SBR so you can even shoulder it. It still just seems odd without the giggle switch, really. But it’s an UZI and that’s fun.

UZI Pro SB Pistol with Brace Extended UZI Pro SB Pistol with Brace Folded

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    • I hear you; unless your talking about the model with the grip safety you mine as well just stick a 33 rounder in a Glock 17 or go with an AR 9mm Carbine.

      WITH the sig brace you have carbineish accuracy in a very very very small package.

  1. Even with the brace I don’t see the point. Plenty of better pistols and carbines out there. Without full auto an Uzi is just a big ugly pistol that won’t fit in a holster.

    • Because its an UZI, and practical or not it’s still kind of cool in an 80s action movie kind of way.

      The Jericho is nothing new… they have been around forever.

  2. The 941 has been available stateside, albeit with only the slide mounted safety/decocker, for some time. I had a steel framed 941S that was a KBI(?) import that I regret trading to this day. I foresee these doing well under a non-gimmicky brand like Magnum Research.

  3. Well, that solves that dilemma. I’ve always loved the baby eagles ergonomics. I couldn’t get past the slide mounted safety. I’ll be adding one these to the collection as soon as I find one in a shop. Thanks for the introduction. Stellar coverage of SHOT show thus far on the part of the entire TTAG staff. Keep up the good work.

  4. I was expecting it to have a giggle switch by the way the IWI dude was giving you a supporting hand, still confused about that one. The baby eagles look fun, never got to shoot one and have always been kind of curious about them. Ive really been enjoying the SHOT coverage so far, great job!

    • Yeah I didn’t even realize he was doing that until I edited the video later. I can’t really explain it myself. Maybe it’s just a habit from allowing people to shoot full-auto UZIs? No idea.

  5. Jericho with polymer frame + frame safety = take my hard earned money already! I picked one up at a gun show a few months ago (the older metal framed Baby Eagle) for the first time just to laugh at it but didn’t laugh at all. Instead, I fell in love. This will be my next pistol.

    Uzi Pro – full auto = nah, bro. I’d rather have a TP9 than an uzi pro if I was going to spend that much money for a pistol that should have a stock and full auto but doesn’t.

  6. The Jericho looks pretty cool, but I already have four CZ-75s, so it would be hard to justify.
    And I’m second on the LGS waitlist for a CZ Scorpion (and have my account all set up to do an e-file SBR form 1), so no real need for an Uzi. Plus to correctly use an Uzi, you have to dual wield full auto Uzis, while diving across a doorway in slow motion.

      • Flock of flying doves? I’d have to pitch the uzi’s and quick draw the Beretta Pintail loaded with #8’s. Probably have the PETA members of the audience swearing off my movies.

    • This was my thought. I had a Baby Eagle .45 jam o matic I got rid of a few months ago. I want to replace it with one of these, all steel of course. It would go great with the Tavor.

  7. I took my original CHL test with a .45 Baby Eagle. Called it my “Hebrew Hammer.” Now that’s what I call my Tavor… That’s not racist or anti-Semitic, is it?

  8. I am not so keen on the UZI as it is not FA. I do love the Jericho pistols. They shoot great (as long as you don’t get the Baby Eagle .45) and are accurate. I will look to snag one of these later this year.

  9. Jeremy? I read an article that said IWI is supposed to begin selling Galil clones in US. Have you guys heard anything on that at SHOT?

      • Oh, damn. And I got all excited, thought they were going to be selling semi-auto Galil rifles, not those pistol-toy things. Oh, well, I really need to be saving money anyway. 😉

        • Probably for the same reason CZ is first importing the Scorpion and Bren in pistol format — 922r compliance. They’ll have to assemble them in the U.S. with a sufficient percentage of U.S.-made parts. The pistols were easier and faster to get cleared for import. I’m sure both of these manufacturers are either tooling up to make various parts on U.S. soil or working with third parties to get appropriate things made here (grips, triggers, stocks, sights, magazines, etc etc… whatever it takes to hit the percentage while, ideally, keeping important things like receivers, barrels, operating mechanisms, etc made in the “real” factory overseas). In fact, IWI US was established specifically for this purpose so the Tavor could be imported. A bunch of the parts on it are made in the U.S., including the magazines, fire control groups, and whatever else…

      • This kabuki dance BS manufacturers have to go through for import is getting rather tedious. Galil is one of the few 5.56 chambered rifles I like, though I would really still rather have one in 7.62. .30cal man and whatnot.

  10. What are the 2 Available Lengths that the BDE is being sold In? In the pics above it looks to be like a 3″ barrel n a 4 1/2″, but my eyes have received me 1st Before Also, Anybody know anything about the 2 Available Lengths on the Jericho 941?
    Please n Thank You


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