TrackingPoint Rifles to Be Password Protected

TTAG’s been tracking TrackingPoint’s “precision guided rifle” for some time. We just blogged Remington’s announcement that its super-secret Venture X project is a TrackingPoint rifle of one sort or another. The Austin company’s software/hardware combo makes it possible for just about anyone to hit a long range target with a rifle. That’s a good thing, […]

Remington + TrackingPoint = Venture X

Well the mystery’s over. Remington’s announced that its forthcoming Venture X project is a firearm incorporating TrackingPoint’s tracking technology—just as Nick “Soothsayer” Leghorn predicted. And tested. We’re talking about a Remington-branded “precision guided firearm” or (PGF as I’ve dubbed it) that makes the worst hunter into a Lauren Rich [gratuitously depicted above] or a gender appropriate […]