Midwest Gun Works Delivers the HK P7 Hotness

“Hey, weren’t you the guys with that color case hardened Hi Power on display at SHOT Show?” I asked of the gentlemen wearing Midwest Gun Works polos at a shared lunch table in Louisville. We were at the NRA Annual Meetings & Exhibits, enjoying some pulled pork and talking guns. “I have a weak spot for color […]

“Jesus Scopes” Critics Need to Find Their Smile

“Enjoy your war profits” comely commentator Rachel Maddow snarked at the end of her MSNBC report on the “Jesus Guns” controversy. Maddow was upset at Trijicon scopes for selling the U.S. Army some 250,000 Advance Combat Optical Guides engraved with serial numbers referring to Biblical passages. For example, one of the scopes is engraved with […]

“Jesus Scope” Maker Trijicon Hearts the AR-15

Dear Concerned Citizen, Trijicon has recently been contacted by many people with concern about an article written by a Jim Darnell entitled “Production of the AR-15 sporting rifles is a big mistake “. We, at Trijicon, share your concern about this article, as it attacks one of the most fundamental rights of all Americans. Please […]