TrackingPoint on The (Networked) Battlefield of the Future

  Nick saw TrackingPoint’s promo vid envisioning some future (or maybe current) sandbox, one with TP-enabled ballistics. Let’s say Nick was, well, skeptical and hoped TrackingPoint’s Oren Schauble would cut loose with some more deets. Or at least their whole vision thing for where they see the technology going. Well it didn’t take Oren long […]

TrackingPoint Rifles to Be Password Protected

TTAG’s been tracking TrackingPoint’s “precision guided rifle” for some time. We just blogged Remington’s announcement that its super-secret Venture X project is a TrackingPoint rifle of one sort or another. The Austin company’s software/hardware combo makes it possible for just about anyone to hit a long range target with a rifle. That’s a good thing, […]