Stoeger Cougar vs. Wilson Combat X-TAC

A $499 Stoeger Cougar vs. a $2395 Wilson Combat X-TAC? D’uh. But that’s not the point, exactly. Post review, both guns are headed back to their respective manufacturers. Before they leave TTAG, I wanted to know if a total newbie would be appreciably more accurate with the Wilson than the Stoeger. We found our test […]

Gun Review: Stoeger Cougar .45 ACP

The Stoeger Cougar is a continuation of the now-defunct Beretta 8000 (a.k.a. Cougar). Ironically, Beretta discontinued the 8000 during the same year that Desperate Housewives hit the airwaves (2004), a show that gave new prominence to the two-legged definition of the word “Cougar.” Just as the the new meaning reinvigorated an old stereotype, the Stoeger […]