Gear Review: Hunter SMART Bluetooth Active Headset

Ever wanted to take phone calls and jam out to ABBA while shooting? There’s an app for that: Sweden’s Hunter Electronic Hunter SMART ear pro. It’s active electronic hearing protection with built-in Bluetooth, now available in the U.S. of A . . . Without batteries, Hunter’s cans are ~23 NRR muffs that work in the standard, “dumb” way. Turn […]

Question of the Day: Which Car What Gun?

I’m not saying that the image used by Sig Sauer in this summer promotion is tacky. Nor do I believe that the recently confiscated Mexican drug lords’ gold-plated machine gun was to firearms aesthetics what bestiality is to veterinary science. Still, I’m not sure if I’d want to associate my guns with a SMART car. Sure, it […]