BangBang Cinema: Iron Man 2

Back in 2008, Marvel’s Iron Clad Playboy Tony Stark got a chance to rock and roll on the big screen. Despite a kick-ass rock and roll trailer, there was plenty of reasons to be hesitant. A ton of comic book movies had been bad up to this point. Also, Marvel took charge of their own […]

Die Water! Die!

Here’s a YouTube clip featuring the same Hatsan shotgun used by Miles “the Crazy Texan” Slade (Ian Somerhalder) in The Tournament (reviewed by our own Robert Fure). Quick aside: doesn’t ANYONE shoulder this bad boy (Die Forest! Die!). Actually, it may not be the exact same gun (Robert?). Hatsan Arms Company makes 14 Escort semi-auto models and […]

BangBang Cinema: The Losers

I have a very personal relationship with The Losers when it comes to TTAG. You could, without a doubt, say that if this movie didn’t exist at this time and place, I would have never come on board to write here. It was several weeks ago when I got a look at the posters for […]

BangBang Cinema: The Hurt Locker

I see a lot of movies in a year. Hell, I probably see more movies in a month than a lot of people do in twelve. But every now and then, one that I should have caught slips past my checkpoint and executes a successful evasion. Such was the case with The Hurt Locker. You’d […]

The Losers Movie Poster Lacks Shell Casings

I love living in a world where people have enough food, clean water, shelter, security and freedom to be able to occupy their mind with stupid shit. To wit: Robert Fure of’s Boiling Point blog is pissed about the lack of shell casings in the movie poster for The Losers [above]. How great is […]