Brady Campaign’s Paul Helmke: Gun Ban for FBI’s Terrorist Watch List “Pretty Reasonable”

Define “pretty reasonable.” Fairly reasonable? Partially reasonable? It’s no small point. “The bills in Congress dealing with this issue are all pretty reasonable,” Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence President Paul Helmke opines. “S.1317, sponsored by Senator Frank Lautenberg, and H.R.2159, sponsored by Representative Peter King, both give the U.S. Attorney General the ability to […]

Starbucks CEO: “Only Unloaded Guns at Starbucks”

So, Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz screwed the pooch at the shareholder’s meeting re: the whole gun control thing. Maybe. After a sensible statement about the logistical issues surrounding the idea of asking employees to frisk customers for firearms (or some such thing), Schultz apparently shot himself in the [metaphorical] foot. “I do want to clarify […]