BREAKING: New Information in the Mossberg Drop-In Triggers Suits

For obvious reasons we’ve been keeping on top of any developments in this lawsuit by Mossberg against effectively all of the manufacturers of drop-in AR-15 triggers (comparison review of every drop-in on the market). Yesterday, I posted about some “prior art” that these manufacturers may likely use in their defense — attempting to prove that […]

Sniper’s Hide Wins Round 1 In Tactical Rifles Lawsuit

It was nigh on a year ago that we first covered the defamation lawsuit brought against Snipers Hide by a disgruntled ‘custom’ rifle builder calling itself Tactical Rifles. If you may recall, Marc Soulie of Spartan Precision Rifles posted this warts-and-all Youtube review of a Tactical Rifles tactical rifle on Sniper’s Hide, after which all […]

Sniper’s Hide Sued by Over Negative Forum Post

  Telling the truth isn’t always easy, and it isn’t always cheap. Sniper’s Hide is one of the authoritative blogs and forums for long-range shooting and precision marksmanship. But the Hide has found itself on the receiving end of a federal defamation lawsuit because of a critical forum post and YouTube video. Click the screen cap above to […]

$23,500 Settlement For CO Open Carry Wrongful Arrest

James Sorensen open carried at a Gay Pride event in Colorado Springs in July of 2012, and this video shows him being arrested for doing absolutely nothing illegal. Open carry has been legal in Colorado Springs since 2003, but an entire squad of police somehow missed that memo. They took him to jail, and now […]