Italian Gunman Opens Fire on “Foreigners” After Gruesome Murder

“A lone gunman targeted foreigners in a drive-by shooting spree Saturday in a central Italian city, wounding six people, one of them with life-threatening injuries, before being arrested,” reports. “The suspect’s motive wasn’t immediately clear, but the city of Macerata in the central Marche region is still reeling from . . . the gruesome […]

OMG! A Statue! Holding a Rifle! OMG!

It’s been nearly three years since Foghorn put his final test round through ArmaLite’s gargantuan AR-50, but the bolt-action .50 BMG is still making noise. This week it’s shaking the world of Italian arts and antiquities, and it’s all because ArmaLite Photochopped a super-sized rifle into the arms of Michelangelo’s David . . .