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“A lone gunman targeted foreigners in a drive-by shooting spree Saturday in a central Italian city, wounding six people, one of them with life-threatening injuries, before being arrested,” reports. “The suspect’s motive wasn’t immediately clear, but the city of Macerata in the central Marche region is still reeling from . . .

Pamela Mastropietro (courtesy

the gruesome killing and dismemberment of a young Italian woman [above] this week, allegedly at the hands of a Nigerian immigrant.”

Note that US News uses the word “foreigner” for the black victims of the Italian shooter and “immigrant” for the Nigerian murderer. To be fair, the story must negotiate a minefield.

The shooting spree came days after the killing of 18-year-old Pamela Mastropietro [above] and amid a heated electoral campaign in Italy where anti-foreigner sentiment has become a key theme.

The head of the anti-migrant Northern League, Matteo Salvini, has capitalized on the killing in campaign appearances, and is pledging to deport 150,000 migrants in his first year in office if his party wins control of parliament and he is named premier.

Obviously, shooting random “foreigners” to avenge a killing is beyond the pale. The Italian shooter had no legal or moral justification for taking innocent life.

But it’s also true that the right to keep and bear arms is an extension of the right to keep a community safe from criminal predation. When that right is denied, the resulting sense of powerlessness can lead to bad, bad things.

The antis use this an excuse to disarm the populace. But as we saw in today’s Quote of the Day, human nature trumps tyranny. Where there’s a will, there’s a gun. For good and for evil.

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    • Very true. They are an occupied country now filled with an enemy who is raping and pillaging their way through Europe.

      • Where do mass shooters in Europe get AK-47?
        Mafia connections. Not Sicilian, but one if the eastern European ones.
        Albania, probably. The capital city (Tirana) is pretty much owned by the local mafia family (One of whom lives in a walled mansion in the middle of the city, and hasn’t left the building for 15+ years.
        Why? The price on his head is so high that he can’t go out.

  1. When folks feel the .gov ain’t doing their jobs to protect society they get angry.

    When that same .gov says that to protect society they must take guns away from those that will be victims the potential future victims get really angry.

    When the .gov attempts to restrict and disarm the law abiding in order to protect the bad guys, shit gets interesting.

  2. “The shooting spree came days after the killing of 18-year-old Pamela Mastropietro [above] and amid a heated electoral campaign in Italy where anti-foreigner sentiment has become a key theme.”

    The American Leftists fawning over Europe as a model of the society they desperately want to emulate here are shockingly ignorant of European history.

    That particular history of how far Europeans have gone in the past when they have finally taken enough crap from from invading foreigners.

    Purges and murder and slaughter, oh, My!

    (I’ll take “History repeats itself more often than not” for $500, Alex…)

    • Look to San Francisco as your example people. Poor confused immigrant finds an evil gun and “accidentally” murders a lady. The jury lets him off without even negligent homicide or illegal possesion of a stolen gun….. They’ve decided that laws only apply to the law abiding, and “victim” is the highest class in society. Real victims are “privileged” or “oppressors” and “had it coming”….. and people just accept it.

  3. People will always devise ways to defend themselves (or aggress other people). Guns make it easier and more efficient, but the volition to act originates within the individual Human. It has been this way since even our non homo sapiens ancestors began to make tools from stone, wood and bone. The antis will never disarm us, but strive to create a great disparity between the State and the individual so as to facilitate the State’s control of the individual. Ironic how the individual created both tools and the State only to have them both turned into the means of tyranny over their creator. Maybe we should no longer tolerate those turns of events…

  4. “foreigners” says the media.

    Foreigners in this case mean the same thing as when the media says “youths” for hardened criminals of teen years.

  5. Ah foreigners…and they’ll get accused of xenophobia and raciss motives. Where’s the Italian Trump?!?

  6. All of those “immigrants” are guilty of illigal immigration as well as welfare fraud, because, well, no money for illegals. Most of them are also guilty of identity fraud and more as they threw their passports away and claim to be syrian. So innocent is not how i would describe them.
    Are those offenses worth flying lead? At the border by a border agent yes, that is literally their job. But not by civilian lynch justice. However, when you see lynch justice, you know the govt f**ed up badly by not serving justice themselves.

  7. I was in Italy a year and a half back. It was amazing to see the crazy high number of sub-Saharan African men (and only men); most were selling selfy-sticks and bootleg purses in cities, but there were also a lot of indigents hanging out in small towns. Honestly, the situation didn’t feel all that safe, and given how big the size of the migrant wave, I wouldn’t be surprised if the right wing doesn’t come into power as a result. Unlike Germany, Italy doesn’t have much Holocaust guilt counteracting the urge to kick out the out-group.

    • Luckily much of the youngest generation of Germans is getting tired of being taken to museums telling them how horrible they are (for something not even their grandparents were necessarily involved with). The fact that their government takes 65% in taxes and gives it to people with no skills who just ran across the border and burned their passports doesn’t help either.

  8. Just going out on a limb here, but I’m guessing Italy only admits the Nigerians affiliated with Boko Haram? Christian Nigerians need not apply?

    • there are about 100 million christian people either opressed or on the run right now. But we don’t want them in europe and also never ask who they run from. That might make some desert people look bad, but those people are not to be questioned because they are a opressed minority and cannot be evil.

  9. Obviously, shooting random “foreigners” to avenge a killing is beyond the pale. The Italian shooter had no legal or moral justification for taking innocent life.”

    Bullshit. Immigration is invasion. Therefore there is both a legal, and more clearly moral obligation to expel them by any means necessary.

    I hope the local townspeople erect a statue in his honor.

    • Horatius Cocles got one, this guy should as well. In all of human history, you have never had countries letting massive numbers of foreign invaders waltz in and attack and undermine the society. And to prevent your own people from fighting them is treasonous.

  10. It genuinely disturbs me that you commenters are actually allowed to own guns. Some of you are saying that it is perfectly justifiable to gun down legal immigrants because you think of them as invaders. Also, you’re quite sure that it was the Nigerian man who killed that girl, but I highly doubt you were screaming for Amanda Knox’ head.

    • Which comment called for the killing of legal immigrants?

      Or are you like hillary? Unable to tell the truth?

      • I’d guess he’s like the people that celebrate when a hunter gets shot instead of a lion….

        Full of sympathy, until being sympathetic doesn’t match his skewed beliefs, then the truth colors show.

    • Amanda Knox was not only found not guilty, but fully exonerated by the Italian appeals courts. Her prosecution was a joke and last I heard her prosecutor was on trial himself.

    • Therein lies your first mistake commie. Nobody “allows” me to own guns. I have a RIGHT to own guns. I would not recommend trying to take that right from me. It would be bad for your health.

    • I don’t agree with any violence directed at peaceful folk, but you obviously haven’t been paying attention if you think these migrants are “legal immigrants.” They jumped on boats in Africa and were rescued by the Italian Coast Guard. They are the equivalent of catch and release illegal migrants in the US… Far from legal is you share my honest use of the English language.

  11. Nigeria has nearly a dozen oil Billionaires, all created since the time of the nation’s independence. The UN should arrest them all and distribute their stolen wealth equally between all the Nigerian people. That would stop the need for a migration.

    • Since when has communism ever fixed anything and why on earth would we encourage the UN to impose it on independent sovereign states?

  12. Do the words “migrant” and “foreigner” mean refugees? Because I have a feeling they aren’t feeling super angry at tourists.

  13. its only going to get worse before it gets better in europe

    anybody interested in what it will look like google samarra iraq 2006

  14. The Italian “powers that be” should give the guy a full auto, all the ammunition he wants, a bullet proof vehicle, a medal, and erect a statue in his honor. I’m getting real tired of hearing about the brave and courageous refuges that fled their country. Fleeing your country is not brave or courageous, kicking the shit out of the enemy is.

  15. More like: “Patriotic Italian ‘citizen’ in defense of his nation, it’s women, it’s children, it’s aged, fights back against bloodthirsty subhuman invaders”.

    • Yup, this is the inevitable result of letting violent invaders swarm your nation, and protecting them over your own people. This man is a modern Horatius Cocles

  16. I think it’s slimey how journolists use the words, “foreigners,” and, “immigrants,” as cover for the word they really need to use: Nigerians.

    I am of two minds about the shooting. On the one hand randomly shooting people is not the way to go, because it punishes innocent people, and it’s a great way to create motivated, antagonistic actors. On the other hand when you know a group of people are a constant source of trouble, and pose a literal existential threat to the society they live in, then you need to keep them in check.

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