Game Review: Contract Killer Zombies

Worried about infestations of Zombie hordes? ‘Round my digs, it’s easy to mistake roving bands of 13-year-old girls for zombies – they eat everything in sight (well…so far my brain is intact), moan loudly (although I suspect that’s their music, probably some banshee they refer to as “Lady GooGoo” or something) and go through clothing […]

Game Review: Contract Killer for iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch

[HTML1] As gun owners/writers go, I’m pretty non-violent. I’ve never shot another human being. I’ve never bagged a deer. Never shot anything larger than a dove, in fact. Even though I conceal carry, I don’t really believe, in my heart of hearts, I’ll ever have to shoot someone in self-defense. So I’m trying to figure […]

Game Review: High Noon STARS & STRIPES for iPhone

Listen up, buckaroo…if yer the kinda desperado that has a hankerin’ to drill some other sidewinder fulla lead, you gotta call ’em out for a shoot-out. But this is 2010. Unless you’re a Crip or a Blood, callin’ somebody out in the middle of town for a little gunplay’s gonna get the attention of the […]

Game Review – Deer Hunter 3D

Full disclosure: I am not a hunter. I have never killed a deer. Not that I wouldn’t. Just never had the opportunity to do it. I have been on a couple of dove hunts, which was fun – kinda like fishing, but with noise and violence. But as far as deer hunting goes, my direct […]

Game Review – Shadowland: The Sniper

But is it fun? Well, I’d give it a thumbs up, simply because it seems to be a great deal more realistic than most single-person shooters that I’ve played. It is a little frustrating though, simply because the bad guys don’t take long to start shooting, once you’ve gotten through the training set. And of course, you can’t beat the price. Which is a good thing, as reviewers in the iTunes store have complained that the mission is fairly short, and there’s nothing to do, once you’ve completed the mission.