Thompson/Center Recalls All ICON, VENTURE and DIMENSION Rifles

Three of Thompson Center’s most popular rifles — the ICON, VENTURE and modular DIMENSION guns — may have a problem with their safeties. In the right circumstances, closing the bolt could cause it to disengage. Yikes. Here’s their press release: Thompson/Center Arms™ has identified a condition that may cause the safety lever on certain ICON®, […]

Gravatars, Part the Second.

Okay, you mugs. Thanks to those that created their very own gravatars. Lookin’ goooood. But I couldn’t help but notice that some of you have remained with the same ol’, same ol.’ So in my semi-venerated position as TTAG Lord-High Muckety-Muck of all that is WordPress, I’ve updated the default logo, so it’s a little […]

Gravatar: Iconically speaking…

As a member of the TTAG Armed Intelligencia, you visit TTAG often, for the latest in All Things Guns. (And thank you for that, by the way.) More and more of you feel the urge to comment on the musings of our humble scribes (ditto). But have you ever wondered about the generic-looking icon that […]

TTAG is Growing, but Icon See You Very Well…

The good news: TTAG is growing by leaps and bounds. New writers. New readers. Lots of readers making comments. It’s all good. And aside from a few tech glitches lately (our downtime Friday night/Saturday morning was due to a router problem at our server farm), everything’s been working smoothly. Which brings me to a comment […]