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As a member of the TTAG Armed Intelligencia, you visit TTAG often, for the latest in All Things Guns. (And thank you for that, by the way.) More and more of you feel the urge to comment on the musings of our humble scribes (ditto). But have you ever wondered about the generic-looking icon that pops up beside your name when you post a comment?

The icon (a.k.a. “avatar”) is a pictographic representation of, well…you. And the generic silhouette is really just a placeholder, until/unless you grace our pages with something a little more personal.

“But wait,” you say. “How do I change my avatar from something that looks vaguely like the top half of a silhouette target to my own mug, or even something that expresses my individuality, my hopes, my dreams, and the fact that I have too much time on my hands?” Glad you asked.

Time for a quick visit over to There, you can create your very own avatar, using your own artwork, photograph, or something you scraped off Google images. Tie it to the same email you used when you registered here at TTAG and automatically, your generic icon will be replaced with something quite a bit more “you.”

So what are you waiting for? These avatars don’t create themselves! Don’t be one of the herd. Become one of the heard AND seen, with a shiny new avatar. Did I mention it’s free?

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  1. The “avatar” thingy at the upper left IS my actual picture. Now you understand why I’m so nervous at the shooting range.

  2. Well, it appears that another John Fritz already exists over at Gravatar, thus complicating my quest for an avatar. And the prompt for WordPress users to just jump right in doesn’t work. For me, that is. Anyone else have trouble with that sign-in?

    … and it works!


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