CMMG’s New Mk57 Pistols and SBRs in FN 5.7x28mm

Press release: CMMG has announced the release of a new line of AR pistols and short-barreled rifles (SBR’s) chambered in FN 5.7x28mm.  Available in 5-inch barreled BANSHEE and 8-inch barreled PSB configurations, each model in the new Mk57 GUARD line is fed from FN 5.7 pistol magazines and uses CMMG’s patent-pending Radial Delayed Blowback operating […]

ATF Expands eTrace to Belgium. JPFO: Why?

Belgium makes some first-class firearms. The City of Liege has been at it since 1350ish. Thanks to Europe’s pervasive anti-gun culture (just sayin’), the country’s firearms industry is a shadow of its former self. But there’s still some action. In addition to its most excellent name-brand American exports and its military guns and ammo, Belgium’s […]