Thomas Hills, Ph.D.: Anyone Who Believes in the Right to Keep and Bear Arms is Dangerous

Some people respond to information about gun deaths with the short reply that information has no place in the American conversation about guns, because gun ownership is a “right.” It doesn’t matter what guns actually do, the true odds of shooting a bad guy, how many innocent people die, what Norwegians with guns might have managed when […]

WebMD: Strict Gun Laws Totally Save Kids’ Lives, the Brady Campaign Said So!

“Laws that limit children’s access to guns — requirements for locking mechanisms on guns, keeping firearms in locked boxes or safes, and storing guns separate from ammunition — protected kids from suicide, the study found. “‘States that didn’t have any laws designed to specifically protect children had four times the pediatric suicide death rate as […]

Arming Doctors with Data, Suing EA Sports and the Chicago Labor Day Weekend Body Count Mounts — TTAG Daily Digest

Can Arming Doctors with Data Help Reduce Gun Violence? Trying to fight gun violence with data – and anti-gun rights doctors… Dr. Winslow, a professor of medicine at Stanford University who deployed six times to Iraq and Afghanistan with the Air National Guard, offered his thoughts on the military’s discharge system. The retired colonel then […]