Doctors for Responsible Gun Ownership Oppose New Hampshire Red Flag Bill

By Robert B. Young, MD [Doctors for Responsible Gun Ownership was asked for written testimony regarding a badly conceived, intended and written bill that the newly Democrat majority legislature would enact as an Extreme Risk Protection Order law in New Hampshire. This is what they submitted.]  Doctors for Responsible Gun Ownership is a nationwide advocacy and […]

Politics Trumping Science in Support of Gun Control. Again.

By Thomas E. Gift, MD An editorial by Dr. Frederick Rivera and co-authors regarding firearm ownership appears in the August 28 edition of the Journal of the American Medical Association—“Firearm-Related Mortality: A Global Public Health Problem” . The authors of this editorial review a report in the same journal, “Global Mortality from Firearms, 1990-2016”, seeking […]

Why the Right to Keep and Bear Arms Matters to This MD

Despite what the AMA, many medical specialty groups, and the media would have you believe, not all physicians are opponents of civilian firearm ownership. That’s the whole idea behind Doctors for Responsible Gun Ownership a group of ardent gun rights supporters who also happen to be practitioners of the healing arts. Take, for example, this […]

How to Make Friends and Influence People—About Guns

By Robert B. Young, MD The antagonism of medical leaders has infected too many physicians with disregard for the Second Amendment and the value of firearms. More than anything, DRGO’s purpose is to correct that. But addressing these prejudices, once established, is an uphill battle. Just as more, better speech is the best response to […]