Columbus Bump Stock Ban Ruled Unconstitutional

A few weeks ago, we noted that a Franklin County, Ohio judge issued a temporary restraining order blocking the bump stock bank enacted by the Columbus City Council. That seemed a no-brainer as Ohio has a preemption law on the books that prohibits cities from enacting gun control laws that are more stringent than anything that […]

Ohio Judge Blocks Columbus’s New Bump Stock Ban Law

Ohio has a preemption law that prohibits cities from enacting more stringent gun controls than anything that exists at the state level. That’s there to prevent creation of a patchwork of laws from being enacted forcing law-abiding gun owners to know the laws in every city in the state they may enter. Without preemption, gun […]

Politicians Only Want To Be Seen As Doing Something, Results Are Purely An Afterthought

“This is something that’s doomed that local politicians are doing to grandstand. It’s not designed to keep guns away from anybody or make anybody any safer, but rather, designed to make members of city council and the mayor easier to get elected.” – Ohioans for Concealed Carry’s Chuck LaRosa in Gun-rights groups sue to block Columbus […]