Cabot Guns Relaunches Alchemy Custom Weaponry

Premium custom 1911 maker Cabot Guns bought Alchemy Custom Weaponry in 2016. Now they’re re-launching the brand in advance of SHOT, featuring three hand-tuned and fitted 1911 pistols in the mid to upper $2000 range…about half the starting price of a Cabot. Here’s their press release . . . Cabot Guns Launches Legendary Alchemy Custom […]

Cabot Gun Announces ‘The Crystal Gun’ 1911 Pistol

Press release from Cabot Guns: The Crystal Gun is a work of glass art that just so happens to incorporate a Cabot 1911,” says Cabot Founder and CEO, Rob Bianchin of the fully functional pistol.  The project is the manifestation of an almost year-long collaboration between Cabot Guns and Pittsburgh-based glass artist Brian Engel. Brian took a sculptor’s […]

Cabot Guns Presents The Legend of Sacromonte Pistol

Cabot Guns press release (with TTAG pics): Certified Master Engraver Otto Carter’s second piece for Cabot Guns, entitled Sacromonte, shows what a true artist can do with a blank canvas of stainless steel. Its intricate, flowing embellishments take their inspiration from Moorish design, especially the artwork adorning the Alhambra palace in Grenada, the Royal Court […]