Look at Cabot Guns’ Latest Wonder Guns: The Fire and Ice Damascus 1911 Pistol Set

Cabot Fire and Ice 1911 Pistol Set

Cabot Guns

From Cabot Guns . . .

Check out or latest achievement, a pistol set we call Fire and Ice. I think we pushed the boundaries of what is possible a little further once again.

Cabot Fire and Ice 1911 Pistol Set

Cabot Guns

Unique work like this is both a challenge and a labor of love. This set of firearms was commissioned and developed for a special client, but we are thrilled to be able to share the photos and videos of it with you.

Cabot Fire and Ice 1911 Pistol Set

Cabot Guns

With most pistol purchases, one is left to their own devices with regard to accessories and tools. In the case of Fire and Ice, extraordinary, one-of-a-kind, matching accessories were also included with this pistol.

Cabot Fire and Ice 1911 Pistol Set

Cabot Guns

These accessories include the one of a kind Damascus hammer a Damascus Titanium bushing wrench, along with a custom knife, all crafted from the same material slabs of Damascus and Damascus Titanium used in the creation of these magnificent guns.

Cabot Fire and Ice 1911 Pistol Set

Cabot Guns

Back in 2013 we produced our first pistol with a Damascus upper. Since that time we have developed and evolved our expertise in cutting and finish Damascus steel and have now constructed pistols with 1. Damascus uppers, 2. uppers and lowers. 3 uppers, lowers and small parts and both right and left-hand 1911’s. In fact, we have developed relationships with the top Blacksmiths on the planet to create extraordinary quality Damascus steel billets for Cabot.

More on the Fire and Ice here.


  1. avatar Hody Snitch says:

    I refuse to be impressed until they make a self cleaning, self lubricating one that loads itself and possibly makes its own ammo.

    1. avatar Dan W says:

      I’d buy a set right now if they never ran out of ammo.

  2. avatar Kerry says:

    Pardon my ignorance, but what is the round extension protruding from the rear of the slide? Functional or decorative?

    1. There’s one on each side. And notice there are no slide serrations. So they’re there to give you a grip when racking the slide.

      1. avatar dph says:

        Why would you need to rack the slide on a gun meant to be shot?

        1. avatar dph says:

          “never” meant to be shot?

  3. avatar Red in CO says:

    Isn’t this the same company for whom TTAG reviewed a $6,000 pistol that had to be sent back THREE TIMES before it could get through a single magazine without choking? Hard pass

    1. avatar Thixotropic says:

      I own a Cabot Vintage Classic.

      They customized it with a light rail and a few other things.

      I personally could NOT STAND the appearance of the blank aluminum trigger or the satinized barrel, so I hand jeweled them both.

      Shoots 0.8 inches at 25 yds. from Ransom Rest.

      My next M1911 custom will be a Stan Chen. It’ll be a few years.

      1. avatar Rocketman says:

        I had an Auto Ordinance customized 1911a1 that would put 5 shots into an inch and a half at a measured 50 yards. Best damn pistol I ever shot in my life. Even my target grade Smith and Wesson couldn’t equal it. Unfortunately it was stolen by some SOB. If I ever find out who they will curse their mother for giving birth to them.

  4. avatar James Campbell says:

    Now all I need is some previously unknown rich uncle to leave me a fortune on his will. Until then I can only admire Cabot firearms from a distance. I have one 1911, a Para Ord/Caspian double stack frame 14.45.

  5. avatar jwm says:

    I admit these are works of art. Worth every penny the person that commissioned them paid. But I’m not a bling kinda guy.

  6. avatar CarlosT says:

    Game of Thrones + handguns would be interesting.

    1. avatar SmarterThenYou says:

      “Lots of people name their ‘guns’.”
      “Lots of cunts.”

  7. avatar NORDNEG says:

    They look great,,, but the only impression I want to make is when I shoot it I want it to hit the target,,, I personally couldn’t afford this set anyway,,,

  8. avatar Dan W says:

    These look nice. If I had a spare 100k sitting around I would like to have a set.

  9. avatar MyName says:

    It actually happened, a brace of Cabots without the cheesy stars in the trigger.

    1. avatar SouthAl says:

      No way I’d buy a Cabot without the stripper stars. No one would believe they are not fakes.

  10. avatar Cruzo1981 says:

    When firearms become art…

  11. avatar Jay in Florida says:

    My boss once told me.
    “Build the chair. There is an ass for every seat”
    Some ass out there must have a lot more money then sense.

    1. avatar rosignol says:

      So long as it’s their money being spent, they can do as they like with it.

      It’s more blingy than I want for myself, but I do kinda enjoy living in a world where things like this exist.

  12. avatar Bucephalus says:

    As someone afflicted with EGS (Expensive Gun Syndrome), I can only say wow!
    It’s a pity that these will almost certainly be safe queens, which is why, even if I could afford them, I would never buy something like this. I say shoot ’em if you got ’em!

    1. avatar James Campbell says:

      I actually shoot all my guns, even a 1 of around 68 Walther P5 Lang (6″ barrel) I purchased from Germany last summer (did the export/import thru Waffenbock Deutschland and Simpson LTD, Illinois, arrived this year). The last P5 Lang that came up on the US market sold for $8000.00 on GB (last month, imported and sold by TAI in Minot ND). I PMed with the purchaser on Walther Forums, he’s keeping it as a safe queen, sad. The P5 Lang is about the sweetest and most accurate 9mm handgun I’ve ever shot.
      I don’t care how expensive a gun is, having a safe queen WITHOUT a shooter is not good, bordering on painful.

  13. avatar Minuteman says:

    I would buy those guns if it wasn’t for all those scratches on the sights.

    1. avatar Dan W says:

      Looks like they tried to save a buck and had century arms machine the sights for them.

    2. avatar anaxis says:

      That’s a piece of meteorite, it looks like.

  14. avatar SouthAl says:

    Waiting for someone to tell us how many glocks or hi-points can be bought for these.

  15. avatar Old Guy in Montana says:

    No ill feelings for someone who has the wherewithal and desire to own this kind of art…just not my style. Even if I won a lottery I think that I would have to pass on this one-of-a-kind offer. I will admit that I like the hammer and the knife…the guns…not so much.

    1. avatar anaxis says:

      First thing I thought was; screw everything else, I want that hammer!

      …. and maybe a set of those meteorite sights, although they’re probably still too rich for my blood.

  16. avatar achmed says:

    Lovely. The little rounds things on the slides though are kind of a discordant note . They always seem to do one little thing that is a head scratcher. Like the stripper stars – “what the heck is that? “

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