Gun Review: Benelli Nova Pump Field Shotgun

Gun Review: Benelli Nova Pump Field Shotgun Benelli’s tag line is “Simply Perfect.” That may be a touch overstated as I’ve yet to see a gun that can reach that bar. But as pump shotguns go, Benelli’s Nova Pump Field Shotgun can make a lot of good arguments for being considered the top of the […]

3 Tips for Choosing a Duck Hunting Load

As is the case with brass-cased cartridges for personal defense, there will always be, uh, “discussion” about which soft-shell load kills ducks the best. Marketing tactics pushing the newest shot formulas or wad designs will surely tempt even the most seasoned waterfowler. But a 12 gauge cartridge that dropped ducks during the Dust Bowl era […]

Three Ways to Start Preparing for Next Duck Season Now

Duck hunting season has come to an end for most throughout the country and the inability to drop a limit of drakes means the onset of Duck Depression (yes, it’s real) for many. For those of us who practically live to hunt waterfowl, duck season never really ends…it just bleeds into the preparation period for […]

Gun Review: CZ 712 Practical Shotgun

CZ’s line of shotguns is pretty well fleshed out these days, spanning the spectrum from classy side-by-sides to go with your elbow-patched tweed jacket to tactical pumps for the bedroom closet. The 712 Practical seen here, which I’ve been playing with since November, is intended for use in 3-Gun competitions but can certainly suit other […]

New from Benelli: Compact Versions of M2 Field in 12- & 20-Gauge

  Let’s get one thing straight: “youth models” of rifles and shotguns are safer than “adult” versions for women, smaller men and children. They are much easier to safely hold, carry and shoot than “over-sized” firearms. The fact that an irresponsible gun owner let their child have access to a loaded firearm without adult supervision—a […]

Gun Review: Benelli MR1 Tactical Rifle

The AR may be America’s rifle, but the weapon is not without its critics. Some say the system runs too dirty to be reliable. Others aren’t thrilled with the AR’s military demeanor and “assault rifle” rep. Either way, some gun owners choosing a rifle to defend hearth and home find themselves between a rock (traditional […]

Gun Review: Benelli M2 Tactical ComforTech

Tactical shotguns aren’t supposed to be pretty. They’re supposed to be brutal. The uglier and more intimidating, the better. Trust the gunsmiths at Benelli to turn their back on this tradition of fucile da caccia super bruto. The Benelli M2 Tactical auto-loading (semi-automatic) 12-gauge is gorgeous. Its sleek design, minimalist lines and dark brooding looks generate […]

A Turkey Hunting Grammar Primer

In case you didn’t know it, the turkey hunting season is upon us. In Oklahoma, turkeys are fair game on April 6. wants its readers to know that everything’s Jake. To that end, they interviewed Ron Smith, southwest region senior wildlife biologist for the Wildlife Department. “If you haven’t hunted turkey, you haven’t lived! […]

Show Us Your Gun: Benelli SuperNova Pump

And there you have it: TTAG’s YouTube channel is born. The channel’s name—guntruth—is the same assigned to our Twitter account. Please feel free to upload your videos onto guntruth, and watch for more material—LOTS more material—soon. A demo video of this gun, the Benelli SuperNova Pump to follow, for example.