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That’s what the Biden Administration is doing: reversing a decade-old ruling that assured gun owners that the purchase and use of pistol braces did not violate the National Firearms Act (NFA).

I had not ever seen a pistol brace and didn’t even know they existed, but it turns out that they are pretty popular with gun owners. Between 10-40 million of them are possessed by gun owners in America according to the Congressional Research Service. They help stabilize a gun while aiming and firing by providing an extended brace beyond the pistol grip.

The advantage for aiming and firing multiple shots is obvious; by transmitting recoil to the body through the brace rather than the hand alone the gun is easier to control.

“While firearms equipped with ‘stabilizing braces’ or other rearward attachments may be submitted to ATF for a new classification determination, a majority of the existing firearms equipped with a ‘stabilizing brace’ are likely to be classified as ‘rifles’ because they are configured for shoulder fire based on the factors described in this rule,” the ATF said in the rule. “Because many of these firearms generally have a barrel of less than 16 inches, they are likely to be classified as short-barreled rifles subject to regulation and registration under the [National Firearms Act (NFA)] and [Gun Control Act].”

The agency says that nearly everyone with a pistol-brace-equipped gun is “violating the NFA by possessing an unregistered rifle with a barrel of less than 16 inches.”

What is at issue is whether the brace turns the weapon into a “short barreled rifle,” which are controlled under the NFA and highly restricted. Short barreled rifles are treated differently under federal law than either long-barreled rifles or handguns, and by changing the rules the Biden Administration is turning lawful weapons into illegal ones at the stroke of the pen.

Gun owners will have only 120 days to apply for a special permit and pay $200. Something tells me that most gun owners will either be ignorant of or simply ignore the rule, having acquired the weapons legally.

“Any weapons with “stabilizing braces” or similar attachments that constitute rifles under the NFA must be registered no later than 120 days after date of publication in the Federal Register,” the agency said,” or the short barrel removed and a 16-inch or longer rifle barrel attached to the firearm; or permanently remove and dispose of, or alter, the “stabilizing brace” such that it cannot be reattached; or the firearm is turned in to your local ATF office. Or the firearm is destroyed.” …

But there’s the rub: by turning millions of law-abiding citizens into instant criminals the government has acquired a powerful lever to use whenever they so choose. Anybody who possesses one has a sword of Damocles over his head. If the government decides it wants to get you, it can.

— David Strom in ATF Turning Millions of People into Criminals

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        • The viciousness of possums is routinely underappreciated, because they tend to play dead in response to an attack, hoping to catch the attacker off guard. The attacker usually succumbs to boredom and leaves just prior to the second phase of the possum’s defense mechanism kicking in, thereby saving itself a thorough and embarrassing thrashing.

        • Within a year or so and one lead to the other so not even beginning to worry about that (more the results it created).

        • @Safe

          True that, always first and foremost in mind. As they say in court, precedent, precedent, and precedent.

        • Leftists have infinite sympathy for drug felons, whose crime is being addicted to drugs, and selling drugs to others who are addicted to drugs, but zero sympathy whatsoever for the typical gun hobbyist looking to plink in the backyard, who they lump together with hardened criminals and spree killers. Owning a gun has no victim. Selling drugs has a victim when it is fueling a harmful addiction, yet gun owners with a gun hobby need to go to prison, and drug dealers and users, they need to be released from prison and given hugs and reparations, as they are doing in California. But leftist bigotry is not bigotry. It’s just “keeping people safe. ®”

    • If we’re going to ignore one of their unconstitutional rules we might as well ignore them all. “Might as well be hung for a sheep as a lamb.”

  1. Every government does this from time to time. Flipping the felon switch by periodically making the legal illegal and legal illegal is just one more thing for tyrants and despots to get their jollies with.

    It’s us useless eaters who have to pay the fees and do the time.

    Just ask every family destroyed by prohibition, every employee at Slidefire, every soldier stationed around toxins, every Native American, every family affected by the Democrats great WWII internment scheme, the kids at Waco, the Weavers and soon enough everybody who lined up for the jab. Maybe, if you’re really lucky and penitent enough, your grandchildren will receive an official “oops, my bad” from the gov.

    If the answer to “cui bono” is “the government” then it’s tyranny plain and simple.

    • Cui Bono , is that Sonny Bono’s sister?
      And a ” my bad” from the giverment is like waiting on ice water while vacationing in Hell.
      By the time it gets to you the good intentions evaporated.

    • When biden use the concocted label “Assault Weapon” it’s done in the same tactical, derogatory manner Jim Crow democRats used the N-word…to belittle, besmirch, denigrate, etc.

      Of course if the agenda of a few at the top like biden is Gun Control then what else do you expect to come from them when history confirms Gun Control in any shape, matter or form is rooted in racism and genocide?

      Only thing worse than biden are the gun owners who have failed miserbly to define Gun Control according to its roots in racism and genocide…If you listen closely you might hear biden et al applauding those “I’ve Got Mine” zipped lipped gun owners who talk the talk but don’t walk the walk.

    • F-Troop know they don’t have the resources for mass searches, seizures, and arrests. So they’ll rely on snitches and do some “Shock-and-awe” actions for compliance.

      So watch for news vans suddenly parking outside your place. F-Troop will want to set an example and let everyone know.

    • Yes you missed out on the part about theBiden Dictatorship.
      The Supreme Court gives us Bruin but Fedzilla doesn’t enforce it. So what we’ve got is a ” You cant.” and a “Hide and watch.”

    • Brian,
      I think it’s in the 10th Amendment. It’s something like, “The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution are reserved to the Bureaucracy.”

    • In the full article, Strom noted, “Chances are good that the Supreme Court will overturn this rule, and it is already being challenged.”

      • making something illegal that had been previously legal goes all the way back to 1934…but it usually involves congress to make it stick…so we’ll see…

  2. If you own any firearm (all are at risk now), constant contact with your federal representatives is essential. Write or call frequently.

  3. Fear not he who can kill your flesh, but he who can kill your flesh and your soul. I don’t care anymore, if you kill me, if I keep right with god, I’ll be just fine.

  4. That NFA is fcked up. Why can we not have a stock on a handgunm? Because it enhances accuracy therefore possibly reducing collateral damage.
    I’ve got an IQ of maybe 12 however my elected officials intelligence really scares me considering the power they wield.

    • Y’all brace boys now have a clue what it’s like to live in ILLannoy. Welcome to the giant family of felons🙄 Civil War II in 5 4 3 2 1…

    • Your “elected officials” have never heard of the NFA. If in a demtard/blue state, 50% still believe that FDR is a demigod.

    • It’s a legacy of the original 1934 NFA where handguns were to be highly restricted and SBRs and SBSs had the tax imposed to stop people shortening longarms. But the handgun restrictions were removed from the NFA but the rules for SBR and SBS remained.

      Originally the barrel length for both was 18″ but the government was selling M1 Carbines as surplus with 16″ barrels so the SBR rule was changed to 16″ minimum. The SBS minimum barrel length was not changed from 18″.

  5. Wonder how much the ATF will owe the owners of Bump stocks?…The Fifth circuit made it clear THE ATF CAN NOT PASS LAWS..

  6. Best thing to do is for everyone owning one of those braces to simply non comply and be civil disobedient. That has been effective in the past for two reasons. It implies people are willing to fight to keep what they obtained legally and there are millions of them out there which is far more than the personnel they have to collect them. If anyone comes to your home without a warrant invoke your Make My Day or Castle Domain laws of your state and do not allow them in your home under any circumstances regardless what they telll you. Make them work for each and every confiscation and it will take them years to do it as well as suffer the consequences of dealing with those of you willing to fight for your 2nd Amendment rights.

    • My team didn’t win the national championship this year…BUT GOOD NEWS!!…THE NCAA just passed a new rule yesterday… However, the team that did WIN it violated the new rule multiple times last year, during the game…So I guess that means my team is the rightful winner now?…Is it normal to change the rules after the game is over?…That is what the ATF is saying…

  7. If the 120 days comes and passes, and I become a felon regardless for keeping my pistol braces, what’s stopping me from then just putting a stock on them.

    • They already sort of tried that with the bump stock thing. The ATF got smacked around pretty good by the courts decision too.

      The long and short of it is this > The ATF is trying to do the same thing with their brace rules. They actually amended a CFR to do so. This is not only unconstitutional and illegal because law making is the domain of congress (which was pretty much hammered into them in the bump stock case) – but its an attempt by Biden to bypass law and the constitution and congress and rule by fiat tyranny through executive order – he is the one that directed the DOJ to do this and the DOJ directed the ATF to do it.

      • I believe this is going to bring it all to a head. EPA’s smack down last year was a big chunk out of Chevron Deference’s ass. Even the Supreme’s aren’t happy with it as per Bruen, even thought they didn’t destroy it completely. Gross mistake if you ask me. Oversight Committee is all over Dettelb4ch rn and the entire agency threatening subpoena’s for non-compliance and ignoring official requests related to this executive fiat proxy law issue.

        Remains to be seen how this 5th circuit bump stock ruling plays out, but it’s going to make an impact to be sure. Wait and see I guess.

        • This isn’t Chevron Defference. Agencies get no Chevron Defference when rule making (changing regulations, as here), esp when, as here, it is penal. If there were, it would be negated by the many years that these braces were acceptable to the ATF. IT would also be defeated by the fact that it was dictated from the WH – it was political, and not expertise based.

          It’s still illegal, and more akin to the EPA’s excesses that got slapped down by SCOTUS. One thing that they cannot do is write a regulation that turns millions of citizens into felons.

      • SBR’s were on their way to being deregulated…when the administration changed…ATF does as it’s told…and tries to please its master….

    • putting semi’s under the NFA was seriously discussed during the Reagan administration…people were converting them left and right and they saw this as a solution…

  8. Do we just hope the courts save us again? How long until we begin running low on conservative judges? What happens then? The NFA won’t get repealed until we also control the Senate and presidency. People are serious about this now. They won’t have Paul Ryan there who’s only job was to stop the agenda until the dems could take control.

    Look at the 24 electoral map. It doesn’t look good. I think they’re trying to ditch the Puppet. No amount of propaganda can hide how terrible he is. Newsom to the rescue?

    • “Look at the 24 electoral map. It doesn’t look good.”

      For whom?? The Senate looks good for Republicans, but they’ll probably blow it again like they did ’22 midterms.

      • I meant the Electoral College map. See which states were won in 2020 and compare that with the midterm election trends. That doesn’t look good for a Republican candidate. At a minimum, the Republican would need to carry Arizona and Georgia. PA and MI look like lost causes.

        The silver lining is that most people understand the Puppet is terrible. That’s why they’ll probably ditch him for a more coherent, younger version of the same thing.

    • To Dud Brain

      quote————–The NFA won’t get repealed until we also control the Senate and presidency. ———–quote

      The Supreme Court already ruled (under the watch of the far right radical Scalia) that banning machine guns under the NFA was legal simply because they fear them. Dream on if you think they will ever repeal the NFA.

      • By repeal, I meant new legislation. That’s why I said both chambers of Congress and the presidency would be required.

        • “That’s why I said both chambers of Congress and the presidency would be required“

          Donald Trump and the Republicans had both houses of Congress and the presidency in 2017 and 18…

        • Miner,
          You overlooked two things in my original comment above.

          1. Look up ‘What is a Paul Ryan?’
          Read about what he did regarding the proposed Hearing Protection Act.

          2. Notice I said, “People are serious about this now.”
          Voters are serious about holding their representatives and Senators accountable. They’re tired of being screwed over by the establishment. Not only are they serious about removing silencers, but given recent developments, I guarantee you they’re serious about removing short barrel rifles and shotguns.

          The bureaucracy will regret this. There will be a backlash.

        • “Voters are serious about holding their representatives and Senators accountable“

          Really? By accountable do you mean rewarding an international fugitive and serial liar with multiple committee seats in the United States House of Representatives?

          “Santos has said the more-than $700,000 in funds he lent to his campaign came from his company, the Devolder Organization, which The Washington Post reports was organized just one month before the Republican declared his candidacy in 2021.

          This week, the Post reported on other campaign donations, these from Andrew Intrater, the cousin of sanctioned Russian billionaire Viktor Vekselberg, who has close ties to Russian President Vladimir Putin.
          According to the Post, campaign finance documents show that Intrater and his wife both donated the maximum $5,800 to Santos’ 2022 campaign.
          Santos said of Intrater’s company: “They’ve made the news on several occasions. They were heavily involved with the Russia probe. Unjustified,” a nod to the Trump-Russia probe overseen by Robert Mueller and concluded in 2019.

          The outlet also points to an SEC filing showing that a company linked to Intrater gave a $625,000 deposit to Santos’ former employer, Harbor City, which regulators have accused of being a Ponzi scheme.
          Harbor City’s assets were frozen in 2021, after which point Santos — along with another Harbor City employee — formed a new company: the Devolder Organization.

          The Devolder Organization has been the subject of much speculation since Santos was elected, with financial disclosure forms showing that the company paid the Republican some $3.5 million over the last two years. (Those payments are especially significant considering Santos stated in a 2020 financial disclosure that he had no assets and no earned income.)“

          Russia, Russia, Russia.

          Putin/Trump, apparently that’s the ticket for the Republicans in 2024.

        • Nice subject change, as usual. You’ve been waiting for an opportunity to copy and paste that. I don’t know much about Santos other than he got caught in some lies. If he has some questionable donations on top of that, then he’s basically a low level Joe Biden.

          He’s been on the job for less than a month. We’ll see how he does. If he’s on thin ice, then he might go out of his way to perform for his constituents, like Gov. Ralph Northam did after his Klan picture went public.

        • And really, you complain about Paul Ryan?

          Paul Ryan was the one that got all you wealthy 1% capitalists the massive permanent tax cut, you should be more grateful.

          Did speaker Ryan ever administer the oath of office to a drag queen, and assign committee seats to her as speaker Kevin McCarthy has?

          “George Santos ‘was a Brazilian drag queen who used the name Kitara’: Report claims lying Republican has ANOTHER identity
          By Elizabeth Elkind, U.S. Political Reporter For Dailymail.Com
          00:15 19 Jan 2023, updated 00:28 19 Jan 2023“

      • Golly it’s like we have note ever had an incorrect ruling that was later corrected with an honest reading of the law later on like with Roe or anything. Even if not anyone who wants gun control is in for some pain this decade.

      • Dimwit lil daaaa fails to understand that there is a new era at SCOTUS. Some “precedent” BS from Rooosevelt legislation/court has NO relevance. The current court FIXES the moronic leftist nonsense from various progtard courts of the past.

        RNOW is the time to extract many lbs of flesh from the demtards. They are demanding an increase in the debt limit.
        1. Rescind the “omnibus’ budget act of Dec 2022
        2. Revoke the NFA and CGA 1968
        3. Headcount of every non DOD agency to be reduced by 10% in FY 2024 and additional 5%/yr thereafter. Remaining headcount within 200mi of the capital annually beginning in By Jan 1, 2024 must decrease by minimum of 20% with additional 20% in 2025 and 2026.
        4. NO new non DOD land acquisitions of in any form. Reduce land and building space by 10%/yr.
        5. No further increase in the debt limit.

        • reducing ICE, CBP, and BP seems like a bad move right now. all other counts seem good.

          Also, it’s tragically hilarious that the left is still in some Russian collusion fever dream like Russia is anything more than a global laughingstock at this point.

      • @dacian

        “The Supreme Court already ruled (under the watch of the far right radical Scalia) that banning machine guns under the NFA was legal simply because they fear them.”


        SCOTUS never ruled that banning machine guns under the NFA was legal “simply because they fear them”.

        Justice Antonin Scalia’s majority opinion in Heller, implied that “M-16 rifles and the like” (meaning machine guns) because, in discussion at SCOTUS, ‘they are not and were not in common use by civilians at any point in time during our nation’s history’ in a context of “the court’s invocation of ‘dangerous and unusual weapons in Heller. Not “simply because they fear them”

        Learn to read.

        • Booger Brain

          You are to stupid to even have any reading comprehension or realize when you have been hoodwinked with the usual Supreme Court disingenuous claptrap and excuses.

          At Any rate my original statement stands correct. You will never see the Supreme Court abolish the machine gun ban. Without even realizing it you confirmed it with your own post or is this way over your head as usual.

        • antifa does not encourage education. It takes 3 members to prepare a statement because you need one who can read, one who can write, and a third to keep an eye on those dangerous intellectuals.

        • “Just as the First Amendment protects modern forms of communications, and the Fourth Amendment applies to modern forms of search, the Second Amendment extends, prima facie, to all instruments that constitute bearable arms, even those that were not in existence at the time of the founding.” Heller, 554 U.S. at 582

    • “The NFA won’t get repealed until we also control the Senate and presidency.”

      Republicans will never repeal the NFA. It is been around long enough to enter conservative thinking. Republicans will defend it, just to “conserve” it’s history. The NFA has now enter the overton window of what republicans will accept.

    • the NFA is not going to get repealed…even republicans support it…the taxing provision may go away however…ATF is no longer under treasury…and their authority to collect taxes is now questionable….

  9. “Gun owners will have only 120 days to apply for a special permit and pay $200.”

    So much for the ‘promise’ of free registration of braced pistols, then?

    • Perhaps the author didn’t read all the way to page 277 (although it’s mentioned a few times previously):

      “The Department is forbearing the following NFA taxes on persons in current
      possession of firearms equipped with a “stabilizing brace” as described below:
      1. Individuals and FFLs that are not Class 1 (Importer) and Class 2 (Manufacturer) SOT
      holders in possession of firearms equipped with a “stabilizing brace” that are subject to
      the provisions of the NFA as of the date this rule is published will not be subject to the
      $200 making tax so long as they timely submit an E-Form 1 by [INSERT DATE 120
      2. FFLs that are SOT Class 1 (Importer) and Class 2 (Manufacturer) holders in possession
      of firearms equipped with a “stabilizing brace” that are subject to the provisions of the
      NFA as of the date this rule is published must timely register their affected firearms on an
      FEDERAL REGISTER]. Because the E-Form 2, as noted above, does not require an
      accompanying NFA tax payment, ATF will not collect any taxes for registration of these
      In addition, the Department will forbear from collecting any transfer tax for the
      transfer of a weapon with a “stabilizing brace” that is an NFA firearm for any transfer
      that occurred before the effective date of this final rule.”

      • The attitude you’re displaying is exactly why we have little left of our 2A Rights. The wording is clear, and generations of those just like you have let it slide with nary any inclination to nut up and fight for your rights being stolen from you.

        Whether lackadaisical & lazy, or simply cowardly, it matters not. The end result of this malaise is, in the end, we lose. This is a binary issue. If you’re not with us, then you are against us, and will be treated accordingly.

        Remember that when the fight to regain our freedom starts.

        • There will be no fight, sorry to say. They if they want to, will take us out one by one. We The People will hear about the fruit loop on the news about the gunm nut the government saved us from, the guy with an arsenal, ready to blow anytime.
          Militia will be targeted harder then when Bill Clinton was in office.
          The secret lays in a unification of the races, governments love a division, it gives them power.
          The governments propagates this racism , united we stand divided we fall. As long as Zebras(black and white) are kicking each other the Lion(governments) have nothing to fear.

        • I’ve pointed this out to several people.
          Those who fail to pick a side almost always have a side picked for them.
          Usually to their own immense displeasure.

        • Your such a negative Nancy with no imagination, possum. And ill informed on improvised weap0ns. Especially those that go B00M.

          Agree about the faux racial rift, and the unification tip.


          If there is one situation that calls for it, the takings of your freedoms is one most severely demanding.

        • the supremes have been rejecting gun cases lately…have to wait and see what they’ll do with this one….

    • 120 days from either the day this was published, which some have said wasn’t written to the registrar at the same time. Which would be today if the latter is correct.

      Who knows though, the entire thing is as clear as mud.

    • DB, that’s just the initial step in coming for your guns. Gotta know where they are. Watch Kitty Werthermann’s YouTube video how the Nazis did the same stepped process……for their safety. Turned out well for those Jews. History…learn fromit, re-live it, or die from it.

      Politicians with laws never stop bad guys with guns.
      They only control the good guys, or turn them into criminals, which is their true agenda.

    • In the mid 1960’s anti-gun Mayor John Lindsay enacted long gun registration with the promise they would never be confiscated from law abiding citizens. The per-gun fee was just a few dollars. The politicians promised that gun registration could help solve crimes and, even if it didn’t, registration was harmless. After all, it was just registering guns, not confiscating them.

      As registration did nothing to solve crime or stop criminal use of guns, crime continued to get worse in the city. So in 1991, Mayor David Dinkins attempted to make the public think he was tough on crime, this time by pressuring the City Council to enact a ban on so-called “assault weapons” (such as the M1 carbine).

      After that, the New York City police used the registration lists to confiscate the “assault rifles”of individuals whose registered gun had been outlawed.

      Carry on…

      • You’ve basically registered your gunm when you fill out a 4473. Proof of identity, place of residence, type of firegunm, and serial number.
        Sounds to me they know what I’ve got and where I live.

        • Depends…when did you buy said gunm. Do you still live at that address? If not, it’ll take work to track you down. How many 4473s are there to sort through nationally?

          Besides, .gov is supposed to be prohibited from using 4473s as the basis for a national registry. You don’t think they’d violate the law, do you?

          Oh wait…nevermind.

    • How many examples of broken promises dies one need to stop falling for this stuff?

      Or maybe you just figure you’ll be dead by the time they’re broken to to hell with everyone else.

  10. The Holman Rule from 1876. Or how to castrate the BATFE while still funding it.
    I like how these 20 republicans of the freedom caucus think.

    If you want more freedom in your life? Then you have to gain and use political power. That is something that the “Puritan Libertarians” simply do not understand.

    And while there are people who are crapping on MTG because of her support for Kevin MCcarthy. They are either silent or, they are clueless, that their libertarian hero Thomas Massey, was a supporter of Kevin McCarthy as well.

    The Holman Rule in 1876

    Listen to the first two minutes. Total video time 11 min long.

    “ATF Announces Ban On Pistol Braces In SHOCKING New Rule That Will Make People Felons”

    • You think ATF/Fed bureaucrats think beyond their next (metaphorical) meal? They are concerned with staying in power which depends on the next crew of demtards in office (Who is going to keep feeding them).

  11. It don’t matter what I do it’s gonna be wrong so like a bad marriage maybe it’s time this relationship ended.
    This won’t be the “final rule” it’ll just continue

  12. If you put a 16″ barrel on a handgun, does that make the weapon a “long gun” forever more? Does that mean you have to change the registration? Is it legal to put a 16″+ barrel on a handgun and still keep it as a handgun?
    Having a longer barrel on my CZ52 handgun (or a light weight rifle in 7.62×25)could be awesome – much more power than a .22 and would be great(with enough ammo saved up) for a SHTF situation(your ammo not really having value to others – being a rare caliber)

    • No. The rule is just the same as mg’s. Once, and always one as it was created. That’s enumerated in NFA law.

      The language in the ‘rule’ is intentionally deceptive and incorrect. No surprise there, giving themselves a back door to changes, likely detrimental.

    • My understanding is:

      Begin with a new AR lower, that has never had a stock attached, never been built or identified as a rifle, and then build it into an AR pistol. You may convert it to a rifle, then back to a pistol, at will without running afoul of the NFA for converting it, as long as it never has a short barrel and stock on it at the same time. According to this new rule, to remain a pistol, it has to have no stock and nothing that the AFT is attempting to regulate as a stock. Short barrel and no stock, ok. Long barrel and stock, ok. Short barrel and stock, SBR.

      Begin with a new AR lower, and build it into a rifle, and it will always be considered a rifle according to the NFA, no matter how you trick it out, and putting a short barrel on it will make it a SBR.

      Now, that being said, this is how it’s been up to now. There may be some clause in this new rule that has changed this.

  13. “Between 10-40 million of them are possessed by gun owners in America”.

    Heck of a range/in other words have no idea. In any case that demonstrates the lie of only a few million ARs in public hands if there at tens of millions of pistol arm braces.

    Is the arm brace mounted on a broom OK with the ATF JBTs?

  14. One of my issues with the change is the more hoops to jump through. Braced pistols are easy to travel with. Mine goes in the bag and on any try I go on that is going to be longer than overnight. If I register it, I’m supposed to fill out a form to take it across state lines. That form can take 1-4 weeks to be approved. Sometimes these trips are fairly spontaneous as I have family and friends all over. That means that I would no longer be able to take a firearm that I am quite comfortable using in a variety of situations out of state without getting permission. Unless of course I don’t tell them, and at that point, why tell them I have it in the first place.
    It’s irrelevant at this point. I sold mine as soon as the ruling dropped.

  15. It seems Biden and the ATF have never heard of that pesky document called the U.S. Constitution. This regulation is “void” from its inception for the following reasons:

    1) Article I, Sec. 1, clearly dictates that only the legislature can make law, and that it can ONLY do so when that law it’s making is “in Pursuit thereof” the established provisions of the U.S. Constitution. We don’t have dictators and their gestapos in the United States of America who can enact their whims with impunity,

    2) furthermore, Article 1, Sec. 9, dictates to government(s) that they, the government(s) of this republic are forbidden from enacting “ex post facto law”. This means that anyone who possessed a pistol brace prior to the enactment of this “colorable” statute cannot be prosecuted after the fact – even if this statute was constitutional,

    3) there is no language in the Second Amendment that permits government(s) to regulate “Arms” in any manner – to the contrary, government(s) are forbidden from doing so. Therefore, ALL statutes (not a binding laws), including this one, that curtail the ‘right of the people to keep (own) and bear (carry, possess on one’s person) Arms” are “void” (re: Marbury v Madison, 5 US 137). This is because they were NOT “made in pursuit thereof” the established provision of the Second Amendment which dictates that this “right… shall not be infringed” by the government(s). All such statutes including this one, are therefore “notwithstanding” in the binding “Law of the Land” (Article VI, Paragraph 2). This fact renders ALL statutes, acts, codes, edicts, et al., that infringe upon the people’s right to arm themselves, with whatever they want, UNCONSTITUTIONAL!

    Too damned bad that someone will have to get busted, spend a whole sh*t-load of money getting through the court system to the SCOTUS before they’re ALL stricken down!

    • “there is no language in the Second Amendment that permits government(s) to regulate “Arms” in any manner“

      You may have missed the “well regulated militia” part of the second, it’s right there in the qualifying preface.

      “REG’ULATE, verb transitive
      1. To adjust by rule, method or established mode; as, to regulate weights and measures; to regulate the assize of bread; to regulate our moral conduct by the laws of God and of society; to regulate our manners by the customary forms.”
      Websters dictionary, 1828

      • Militia is a group.
        3 or more people equal a group.
        About Face,,,,, oh just turn in a circle. A Well Regulated Militia.
        That was hard.

      • “You may have missed the “well regulated militia” part of the second, it’s right there in the qualifying preface.”

        You may have missed the rest, the part about ” the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”

        But you can keep up with this out of context prefatory clause pretense if you wish, its a typical anti-gun and anti-constitution argument – that – SCOTUS says has no relation to “the right of the people to keep and bear Arms”

        • Plus…

          “there is no language in the Second Amendment that permits government(s) to regulate “Arms” in any manner“

          is 100% true. Your out of context prefatory clause refers to regulating a ‘militia’ and not ‘arms’. It’s right there in your out of context use of your prefatory clause where it says “a well regulated militia’ and not “a well regulated militia arms’ or “well regulated arms’ or any of that delusional nonsense you want to throw into it trying to say your out of context prefatory clause says the government can regulate ‘arms’.

      • “Well regulated” when the 2nd Amendment was written, meant that something functioned the way it was supposed to, not that the government passed rules and regulations about it. So a “well regulated” boat floated, a “well regulated” well produced water, a “well regulated” firearm shot to point of aim, and a “well regulated” militia protected the state it was from.

      • Selective editing. Continuing:

        2. To put in good order; as, to regulate the disordered state of a nation or its finances.

  16. The problem here is administrative criminal “law”. This maybe a test case to put all semi-autos on the registry.
    Biggest issue is making political opponents criminals after the fact – a nifty way to imprison your opposition.

    ex post facto law
    A law that retroactively makes criminal an act that was not criminal at the time it was done. In the United States, the passage of such laws is forbidden by the Constitution.

    Take note the rule also says surface area, and “component”, not just a brace.
    So, if you just remove the brace from an AR-15 pistol and it has a carbine length buffer tube (7.25” OAL), then you might still have an SBR when you were led to believe you didn’t. They do specifically indicate length of pull, and a standard pistol buffer tube of 6-6.5”. They don’t indicate where they are measuring from. Compliance? You have to ask yourself if it’s a hill worth dying on? Does it materially reduce your ability to defend yourself? I’d say probably not. Is it worth $50-$200 to either get a 16” barrel, or a pistol buffer tube shorter than 6.5”? To avoid nasty entanglements I’d say so. If you want something really short, get a bullpup, or do a 14.5” or 13.7” pin and weld, and a ultra compact stock. Problem solved for the most part. Just keep 16” barrel, 26”OAL (collapsed or folded).
    Imports probably need to stay pistols because of 922R.

    I expect this will all blow over, but it may take some time. Be patient.

    I’ve always wondered if bump stocks and braces were OK’d so they could come back later and hassle everyone. Remember on the $200 “free” SBR thing… they can always change their mind and either confiscated the arm, or arrest you, or both. But they never change their minds, right?

    Stay safe.

  17. Conspiracy Theory:
    Because of the threat from China and other nations, the weakening of the U.S. military, and the increased risk of invasion – much of the threatened anti-gun legislation is to get U.S. Citizens to actually buy more firearms and ammunition as a civil defense supplement to national defense.
    Generally speaking firearms with 16” barrels are more effective than those with shorter barrels. So, this maybe just another effort to help optimize the opportunity for a strong CONUS civil defense.
    After seeing what’s happened in Ukraine (best case for the 2nd Amendment), no country in their right minds would invade CONUS. It would be suicidal.


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