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Forbes recently ran a major article on gun sales on Facebook — which occurred despite the social media’s site recent ban on private firearms transactions. I reckon it’s only a matter of time before Facebook kicks anything and everything gun-related off the site. A high-profile mass shooting and/or Clinton presidency could increase the impetus for a Facebook gun ban. Stories like this one [via] also move the blacklist-shaped ballistic ball in that direction . . .

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  1. Wouldn’t the clever thing be to allow gun sales on Facebook, and just have a few dedicated LEOs monitor it? This seems way easier to catch criminals if they are posting on Facebook than if they go back underground and rely on face-to-face referrals…

      • Where I live cops bust people for stuff the put on Facebook all the time. Infact when investigators first get suspects ID’d the first thing they do is pull up their Facebook to see if there’s any damning evidence of any crime.

    • Yeah not only would that be morally reprehensible and illegal, it is logistically impossible. The breadth of the web is far too much for a few LEOs to monitor effectively.

      • People get busted for stuff they put on Facebook all the time. Craigslist too. There’s nothing special or protected about a Facebook post. It’s like putting up a billboard. It’s not somehow magically protected.

        • Of course people get busted for what they do on the internet. Just because some people get caught doesnt mean that it is a viable means of defense to have a few dudes monitoring what is put up on the internet. Not only that, a good argument could be made that it is illegal to monitor and question legal private sales.

          I go to sell my handgun on facebook, my buddy sees it and says he will buy it, next thing I know I have cops at my door making sure that the guy that I’m selling it do isn’t a felon etc. This is unfeasible manpower wise and a clear infringement.

        • That’s just not how it works. Let’s say your guns are stolen, you provide a decription and hopefully a serial number to the detective in charge of your case. They then get in touch with pawn shops and look online for (insert type of gun here) and if they find it, they go investigate. If they find the gun/person and the serial number matches, bam, totally legal arrest and you get your stuff back. Nothing morally wrong about any of that.

        • Where did I say stolen? Im talking about completely legal sales not firearms being stolen and recovered at a pawn store or being searched through evidence lockers. Of course illegally obtained firearms will be rooted out but what we are talking about is having LEOs monitor Facebook for sales of guns after they are made illegal by Zuck or to ensure that every sale is Kosher which would imply that you have a follow up check which is illegal.

        • No it’s not. That’s what you’re taking about. You are creating that narrative on your own paranoia. No one is suggesting that.

        • “They then get in touch with pawn shops and look online for (insert type of gun here) and if they find it, they go investigate.”

          If a gun is pawned or sold at a legitimate pawn shop, its serial number is logged into the ATF database. Local police and sheriff’s departments resources are spread very thin in most places, they simply don’t have the manpower to enter every serial number on every item pawned.

          The exception is guns. *Every* pawned gun goes in the ATF database.

          There is a surprising percentage of gun owners who don’t record their serial number, especially if the gun has changed hands a few times, which is very common with guns.

          The cops that handle local pawn shops do tend to check the local pawn shops pawn tickets for local guns stolen, especially if other items were stolen at the same time.

          Even if you hate cops in general, make their job easier for them if yours gets stolen, please record your firearm serial numbers…

      • I believe the NSA cold assist in solving that problem. Their computer program simply mines the mega-data for key words and then flags those for further investigation. According to SCOTUS this is not a violation of the First Amendment since no human is looking at any communications until a trigger word is found. Trigger word = reasonable suspicion = warrant to investigate further. All legal and Constitutional.

        It is true, however, that if such a system were in place the BGs would simply go back underground to the black market system which has worked reasonably well for them for thousands of years.

  2. Every so often I drive by 1 hacker way. Doesn’t matter what day of the week or time of day there’s always tourists out there taking selfies of themselves with the sign.

    Can you imagine living a life with less meaning than that?

  3. What is the difference if they tried to sell them anyplace else online or the newspaper etc.?

    This will simply be a convenient excuse void of logic and full of emotions stoked by political correctness.

    This will only come to light however unless something else hits the 24/7 new cycle — for example, another bomb somewhere in the EU or Trump says something more incredibly stupid than anything else he has already said in the past few months.

  4. As many people that are going to get on here and opine that Facebook always was and always will be a waste of time, remember that this is a smaller battle on the war on culture. You may be right, Facebook could very well be a waste of time, and a foolish millennial exclusive but this is a very war on our culture. Whether we like it or not, people in my generation flock to the social media and if firearms are cleansed from these popular sources of entertainment and lifestyle, we start losing.

    Generations of people who grow up ignorant to their rights not only as an American, but as a Human Being. This is the broader goal here. The more people you can shield from the gun rights movement the more are going to be de facto on the side of disarmament as they follow the “I never needed a gun” train of thought. Fight this with whatever means we have available.

    • Or maybe THEY start losing when their bans on “inappropriate” subjects begin to reveal to millions of young people just how deeply anti-freedom the establishment/left really is. (It’s possible…isn’t it?)

      • It is possible. It also makes it a lot less likely to get our message out there. Unfortunately, most people don’t go out looking for their political values, they are taught them through their parents, peers, schools, and the circles they run in socially. If their parents don’t own firearms, they sure as hell aren’t going to hear from it in their schools, and that leaves social circles such as social media that are on their way to being cleansed as well. We don’t want gun ownership to turn into something that exists only on the deep web and is as taboo as pornography on your computer.

    • Silly me, here I was hoping the BG would use it to resist arrest and save the taxpayers a lot of money on trials and incarceration expenses.

  5. I’m sure it’s not the only thing ever trafficked this way that’s stolen. Craigslist was a common avenue for stolen car parts forever, and probably still is. Just like hocking any other stolen wares you go where there is a buyer.

  6. This would not happen if there was no Facebook. BAN FACEBOOK!! For the children, Politicians and common cents.

    At least require a background check, and a license to use. Facebook that is…

    That way I will feel safer.

    • I was trying to read a couple articles of Forbes earlier today. The ads were atrocious. They’ll figure it out that such nonsense drives people away. Their content is simply not worth pushing through the ads to read.

    • Wired is well on the way to a hard fall.

      First obvious sign was the way their front page now *always* has a ‘Wired Classic’ article front-and-center, while the post count has been steadily dropping.

      I used to *really* like Wired’s web presence, reading 5 or more of their articles daily, now it’s rare I read 2 daily, if that much.

      And now Forbes is pulling the “We notice you’re using Ad Blockers” bullshit.

      I hate to say it, I *really* hope TTAG doesn’t go down that path, it will kill readership…

      • What these clowns don’t get is that it’s not about the ads– it’s about privacy and security.

        Ads can be shown without violating your privacy. And maybe one day they will again.

  7. “Stolen Guns For Sale on Facebook. The End is Nigh?”

    Dammit. For moment I thought this article was about the book of crapface going under permanently.

  8. Facebook? Oh yeah, I heard of it. It sounds like an excellent and effective way of deleting your Facebook page.
    Grab a stock photo of a gun, put it on your page as for sale for X amount if scratch and let FB do the rest.

  9. facebook creater has 17 armed guards around his house and he is always guarded and he says he is anti gun bunch of bs

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