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As I was riding the Metrolink into the city this morning, I noticed some rather prominent and prevalent signs on the train reminding riders not to carry on the train. Apparently, according to some of the “regular” riders on the train with us, the signs are brand new. Metrolink appears to be concerned that some convention-goer will accidentally bring a gun on their train and… Defend themselves? Quietly pass the ride in peace? Commit statistically 1/6 the crimes of the average population?

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  1. St. Louis will soon find itself on my list of “Places to Never Visit” at this rate.

  2. As with other forms of incarceration, it is “for your own good”.

    It is democracy, though. If people don’t like it, they should elect a new city council.

  3. Of course, criminals packing their “gats” will see the signs and immediately exit the train. Oh, wait….

  4. Good thing that they post signs like this so criminals can know where they can and cannot commit armed robbery and murder.

    I’ll simply never understand the foolish mentality behind these signs. Assuming the presence of a gun is what leads to crime is like assuming that the presence of a penis is what leads to rape.

  5. Huh. I can carry on the T in hoplophobic Boston, but a CCW holder can’t carry on a bus in firearms friendly Missouri? Go figure.

  6. What gun is that on the sign?

    Looks like it could be a tactical 2011(look at the squared trigger guard) with a threaded barrel.

    Which is of course EXACTLY what criminals are using nowadays.

  7. The sign says to visit their website for more information, but I can only find one mention of firearms anywhere on there. But that one mention makes me not interested in visiting their fair city. Like most major cities with airports, there’s a line that runs from the airport to the city center. But if you’re traveling with a weapon, you get to find some other form of transportation into town. From their FAQ:

    “I’m flying into town with my hunting rife in a case as checked luggage? May I bring it onboard MetroLink or MetroBus?”

    “No. Metro’s policy is that NO firearms are allowed on its vehicles, property or facilities.”

  8. I lived in the Loo till I was 19, (1969), and carried a gun for the last year I lived there. I had problems with some locals in N St Louis and felt the need to protect myself. I still go back to visit Crowns and other sites, but will not ride the METRO without a gun. I carry other wise while in Iowa, or St Louis. There are several blacks fron St Louis, that live in the same area, and work at the Iowa Pen., with me. Wonder why?
    Low Budget Dave: The U.S. is a Representative Republic, not a Democracy. BIG diffrence.

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