Springfield Armory VHS rifle
Subtle, huh?
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Springfield Armory might finally be giving a lot of us what we’ve been asking for. If you don’t know, Springfield imports its XD series and Hellcat pistols from Croatia, specifically, from a company called HS Produkt. The XD series used to be known as the HS2000 before Springfield picked up the line. HS Produkt, however, also makes something called the VHS.

Here’s the VHS, which is cool, but I’m hoping for the modern version.

The VHS isn’t just a dying video medium used to record and watch reruns of the Golden Girls. It’s also a bullpup rifle that was created for the Croatian military.

The VHS has been around since 2009, and in 2013 the more modern VHS-2 was born. Since Springfield has a close relationship with HS Produckt, a lot of us have been hoping to see them import these rifles to the American market. Springfield may finally be giving us what we’ve wanted.


This morning they posted the above graphic on their social media with a stack of VHS tapes (geddit?) and a little message letting us know a product announcement is coming Friday. Sure, that’s really subtle, but I don’t think it’s too much to read into the clever marketing here that there are VHS rifles in Springfield’s future.

One can only hope. Importing rifles can be tricky, especially with the anti-constitutional sporting purpose BS and 922R compliance issues mean it’s not always easy to import real deal rifles.

I want this, not the SL8

Best case scenario: Springfield imports the rifles in a quasi-neutered state and then makes them 922R compliant prior to their release, giving us a true VHS experience…or as close as you can get with a semi-auto variant.

FN does that with the SCAR series. Worst case scenario: we get the HK treatment and get an overpriced neutered rifle like the SL8.

Why the VHS?

More rifles are better than fewer rifles, right? Well, I certainly hope so. The VHS and what’s hopefully the VHS-2 offer a modern bullpup platform in 5.56. The short-stroke gas piston-powered gun offers shooters an adjustable LOP, the ability to swap ejection easily, and a modern platform for mounting all your accessories and optics.

ARs are great, but I wouldn’t mind another option on the block. Sadly, Springfield has apparently canceled their SHOT Show appearance, so we won’t get any hands-on time next week. That’s a shame because Springfield has always been a range day regular


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  1. Welp… if only it wasn’t being brought to market by springfield. I won’t touch anything from them.

    • A lobbyist asking for a carveout for his clients in a bill that was introduced by anti-gunners and sure to pass in an anti-gun legislature is not treason, nor is it a reason to boycott a gun manufacturer. I can’t tell if it’s just willful ignorance that keeps people parroting this line, or if the gunowners already on the Springfield hate train were just glad to finally have a semi-justification for their existing hateboners. Either way it’s kind of sad. Then again, this is the same community that parrots fuddlore endlessly even when it’s repeatedly and quantitatively disproven, so I guess I shouldn’t be surprised.

      • That’s garbage. They didn’t just ask for a carveout, they supported it as long as they were exempt.

      • They were giving campaign money to suburb Democrats before the Gun Dealer Licensing Act. Screw SA and RRA. With friends like them, you don’t need enemies. It’s sickening to walk into into a LGS and them selling their products. Which I quit supporting locals shops.

    • Another great fun gun from Springfield.
      For some people the older they get the more immature they become.

  2. On one hand, this could be very exciting news. I like seeing more modern rifle designs that aren’t just the next AR-15 come to market.

    On the other hand, it’s Springfield so I won’t give them a penny.

  3. That 3-position selector would be fun but peasants such as I aren’t allowed such niceties. Maybe the VHS will be easier to find than Kel-Tec’s RDB rifles which I guess are hoarded away at the end of rainbows by leprechauns…

  4. I’d be interested especially at a decent price point. There isn’t much out there in this category sub $1500

  5. Off topic but has anyone heard glock is making employees get the jab or get tested weekly?
    The wife said she saw it somewhere but I haven’t seen it.

  6. Based on the documents submitted to the ATF, it is based on the VHS-2 design.

    The submitted rifle had “featureless” grip and a proprietary, restricted capacity magazine.

    I assume Springfield is domestically producing pistol grip and magazine well modules to replace those.

    I’ve got screenshots of the documents I could share if you’d like.

      • It wasn’t a website it was a video from July 2021. I grabbed a bunch of screenshots.

        Easiest way I have to link them is here: https://twitter.com/ZMan941x/status/1414337571245772800

        Basically, they’d need to replace the pistol grip and magwell, both of which are modular.

        I think I just found a leaked picture of the one they are releasing. The grip module seems to have been replaced with one that can take AR grips. Not sure what’s going on the with mag.

        However the branding. It says “HELLION”. Not sure how I could shoulder such a rifle without cutting myself on that edge. Yikes.

  7. Have always been intrigued by the VHS-2, hopefully his happens and isn’t too neutered. A 300 BLK version would be great.

  8. I’m not boycotting SA for their past, but that is one fugly high point & keltec looking bastard love child gun.

    Can SA not come up with their own designs?

  9. I lived the SA/RRA carve out, it was treason !
    I left IL shortly after for a free state and will NEVER give a dime to either company.

    Call me a hater or one with a good memory either way NO SA, NO RRA!!!

  10. This is only way I will venture back into the Springfield Fold. I’ve been wanting this imported for years.

  11. Fuck this company and fuck anyone who buys from this company while they still have the leadership from the fiasco in charge.

    We don’t forget.

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