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Until recently, firearm suppressors that accepted a screw-in mount in the base were threaded with whatever random thread size the manufacturer chose. No real rhyme or reason, just whichever size matched their silencer diameter and whatever pitch they felt like cutting or tapping. The result was that mounts from one company wouldn’t fit silencers from another company.

Over the last three or four years, this has changed. SilencerCo released the Hybrid 46, and between the extremely universal nature of that .46 caliber suppressor and the size of SilencerCo itself, interest and demand grew for adapters and mounts that fit this suppressor followed by demand for other suppressors that fit Hybrid-compatible mounts.

This 1.375×24″ (1-3/8×24″) thread size at the base of the silencer found itself adopted by more and more manufacturers. It then earned the moniker HUB Mount, aka Hybrid Universal Base.

Today, silencers, mounts, and other accessories that are HUB compatible are available from dozens of manufacturers. Whether you’re looking for a 3-Lug mount, a pistol booster, fixed mounts for your rifles, QD systems, etc., you can find it!

Over at Silencer Shop, a simple search nets dozens and dozens of HUB compatible accessories and silencers.

While it certainly isn’t mandatory, if you’re in the market for a new suppressor I’d definitely recommend taking note of the mounting system and likely giving a few extra “buy me” points to any can that works with HUB / 1.375×24 threaded mounts and accessories.

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  1. I’m waiting for Dead Air to make their AK mount a separate thing with this universal thread so I can use my Hybrid on sketchy AKs. They’d probably sell more mounts than silencers because of the damn stamp wait.

    • Last I waited was 290 days. I just chuckled when they told me “it should speed up this year”… year right. They might speed up the acceptance, but the processing will still take over 150 days.

    • ASR describes a different thing (SilencerCo’s “Active Spring Retention” quick-detach system) and isn’t connected to the 1.375×24 HUB thread pattern.

      I mean, yes, they do make ASR mounts in the HUB thread size, but they also make ’em in other thread sizes to fit non-HUB sized silencers.

  2. A 4473 is more than enough mother may I hoops to jump through for a gizmo that is way louder and far, far less a danger than a silent $2.00 ice pick purchased from Harbor Freight or anyone of the millions of two ton much quieter vehicles/projectiles on the nation’s roadways. Never mind the silent gasoline, lighters, etc. anyone can purchase.

    NFA set an in your face level for your Second Amendment Rights…and if you venture an inch more or less off the Gun Control path jack booted Gun Control thugs will shoot you, your wife, your dog, your friends, crash your home with tanks and burn it down as seen on TV.

    Bottom line…Like its sidekicks slavery, lynching, etc. Gun Control must be abolished.

    • And furthermore…If making “Noise” remains a backdoor requirement to Keep and Bear Arms citizens are going to be sht out of luck when the day comes lasers currently used for sighting can burn a hole through a perp.

    • But, Debbie! Isn’t it illegal to use an ice pick as a weapon? Do we need more ice pick laws? Lemme call Brandon!

  3. Funny how the so called “Civilized” countries a couple of our usual suspects always want to emulate require suppressors for most firearm uses.
    Gun Mufflers are a great idea. But the Hollywood version of a rifle or large bore handgun being quieter than a fart in a hurricane has been pushed by the anti gun idiots for decades. Many people and most politicians think these ungainly canisters are somehow magically capable of making a .45 ACP or .50 Browning completely silent.

  4. Yes, I’d love to have one or three. No, not enough to add my name to the Confiscate First List, pay the $200 “Mother May I” Unconstitutional Tax Gouge and ATF’s Probe Up Your Arse Background Check.

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