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Did you know that you can now buy all the suppressors in Silencer Shop’s huge inventory through your local gun store?  Through close-knit partnerships with local FFLs and manufacturers around the country, Silencer Shop now sells suppressors directly to dealers as well as allowing consumers to select which dealer they want to use through’s unique e-commerce platform . . .

Benefits of the Distributor-Dealer “Buy-It-Local” Program Include:

• Silencer Shop offers a wider inventory of suppressors than most local dealers and usually gets the latest suppressor models first.
• Consumers can buy directly from and pick up their suppressor from the local FFL at a later date.
• This program helps reduce the paperwork required of dealers and consumers and streamlines the process for everyone. That means fewer headaches from filing ATF paperwork.

Silencer Shop buyers have the option to select a participating local dealer during the checkout process. Silencer Shop then processes the payment and begins the ATF transfer. When the merchandise arrives at the local gun shop, the dealer will also receive a check for the difference between the price they charged on the website and Silencer Shop’s dealer price. Dealers may complete the NFA paperwork, or Silencer Shop will do it for them if they are a Powered by Silencer Shop Dealer.

Silencer Shop’s COO thinks the Buy-It-Local program is a win-win for both customers and dealers. “We feel we have put together a complete package for dealers and customers alike. We’ve reduced paperwork, time, and improved the process considerably. We want to encourage suppressor dealers to get on board with the Buy-It-Local program. The features of the Buy-It-Local Program are far-reaching, and we believe they create a win-win relationship between our dealers, and us as a Distributor.”

For more information about the program, visit or call their headquarters at (512) 931-4556.


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    • Huge?

      Well, you might think it’s huge. But let’s say you want, oh I don’t know, how about the TTAG silencer of the year from one of the largest silencer companies on the planet?

      Sorry, we no carry that one. How about this other one that looks the same. But is more….more weight, more length, more money, more loud.

      And any Class 3 FFL worth their salt will assist you with the paperwork if not do all the typing and mailing for you. I know mine does.

    • It was never a problem before 41P/F came into play. Everyone that wanted a can but had been waiting is now panic buying. That’s why SilencerShop (and everyone else for that matter) is always out of stock. Blame supply and demand.

    • Exactly, if you create a log-in account, then and only then can you search their site using the filter “in stock”. Boy is that an eye opener. Especially if you are looking for a 22 can. Check capitol armory as well, especially if you live in Texas, as they can ship it directly to the house of a chl holder.

  1. “Did you know that you can now buy all the suppressors in Silencer Shop’s huge inventory through your local gun store?”


    Lemme hit the ATM and I’ll be there in 15 minutes.

    What? What do you mean I can’t take it home with me?


  2. “You can now buy all suppressors… through your local gun store.”

    That is great, but what they actually mean is…

    “You are required to buy them through your local gun store because we only sell to them, and the price on our website actually changes depending on where you live after you go to the cart. Oh yeah, and since we have to do two different transfers, go ahead and add at least 3 weeks to your wait.”

    Just buy from Capitol Armory and save yourself the trouble.

    • It adds about 10 days to the process and all of the dealer’s prices for every product are very clearly on the product page itself, not in the cart. Have you even bought from SS before?

      Also, FWIW, if you’re are buying from Capitol Armory, you are probably still buying indrectly from Silencer Shop, since they are a distributor for Capitol Armory.

      • Yeah, I have bought from them before they changed their business model and you could actually purchase from them. I just tried to buy a can from them about a week ago and when I called to ask questions they said that the price I saw online wasn’t what I would be charged. They added about $30 to it because that is “what local shops in my area are charging” and then I was told by them that the extra form would add 3 weeks. If that isn’t true maybe they should train their sales staff better.

        As for them distributing to Capitol Armory, that is nice but I know that the can I finally decided on was not from them because they messed up their contract with SilencerCo. Also, Capitol Armory seems to be much less sketchy when it comes to the back end of buying a suppressor.

  3. I used SilencerShop last year for 4 cans that my local dealer didn’t carry and would have had to order anyway. The service was outstanding and they did all the paperwork for me. My cans all cleared in about 4 months and I picked them up a a dealer about an hour away from where I live. It is a great option if you live in an area that doesn’t have a lot of choices when it comes to NFA items.

    41F has screwed up everything at this point and there is a run on silencers and SBR’s. All of this will level out post July when the new rule takes effect. I know I’m probably done buying NFA stuff. Don’t want the hassle of including everyone on my trust in the new BG check process. Thanks for screwing gun owners Barry.

  4. I may consider a suppressor for my big rifle… the minute the BATFE, NFA and all the rest of the extortion and control rackets ( the whole “state” thing ) are dismantled and NOBODY is telling us what we can buy or “licensing” it.

    Unfortunately, I probably won’t live that long. 🙁

  5. Almost nothing will be in stock on a regular basis until after July.
    The machinegun community is getting hammered also.

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