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Sig Sauer SRD762Ti-QD_2

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When SIG SAUER stopped by Silencer Shop in early 2015, one thing was very clear: these guys are making firearm silencers for the end user. They’re not wrapped up in marketing hype, gimmicks or hooks.  They are focused solely on the science behind what makes the shooter and host firearm more successful as a unit. By incorporating tried-and-true designs of yesteryear into the modern machining process, SIG Silencers was able to produce a truly unique system . . .

The SRD762Ti-QD is the pinnacle of their innovation. The grade 5 titanium baffles are fully welded together and left exposed. This allows SIG Silencers to ditch the outer tube and incorporate the saved space into the internal volume of the silencer itself. The premise is simple: the more room given to slow/control the gasses exiting the firearm, the more efficient the system is as a whole.

SIG also realized that – while sound performance is important – the method of attachment is what sets you apart.  Considerations for the mounting hardware is often an afterthought for other companies.  SIG’s concept of end user accessibility led them to put serious thought into the revolutionary Taper-Lok™ Fast-Attach System.  These muzzle devices do not require arduous timing as orientation is achieved within the device itself through a truly ingenious multi-part design.  Optimal alignment is accomplished by the tapered surface between silencer and firearm. Meaning that accuracy is repeatable no matter how many times you install/remove the silencer from the firearm.

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  1. Just received my srd556qdti. The mounting system is pure genius. No worries of the can coming loose, and impact shift is virtually non existent. Now if Sig would just do a better job of getting the stainless steel models on the market, I would have another inbound.

  2. After talking with John Hollister during SIG days at Readyline he sold me on the SRD762Ti-QD.
    It is in ATF purgatory along with a MCX 300BLK SBR to put it on.

    • It’s an Accuracy International AX chassis with what might be a Surgeon or Stiller action. Too far away to tell exactly on the action but it is definitely a custom build.


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