CGS Siren Carbon Fiber .22 LR Suppressor
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With a carbon fiber external tube housing shielded aluminum baffles, the CGS Siren delivers on sound reduction, great looks, and insanely light weight. How light is insanely light? . . . Would you believe a scant 2.2 ounces? Whoa.

CGS Siren Carbon Fiber .22 LR Suppressor

CGS Group‘s Siren, now available at Silencer Shop, is a .22 LR suppressor that isn’t specifically rated for other rimfire rounds. It is also not rated for full-auto use (likely due more to the 7075 aluminum baffles rather than the carbon fiber).

CGS Siren Carbon Fiber .22 LR Suppressor

All of the Siren’s metal components are all 7075 T6 aluminum, Type III Hardcoat anodized. Machining and finish are clean as can be.

CGS Siren Carbon Fiber .22 LR Suppressor

An included tool is used to tighten or loosen the end cap. Only gently finger tight is required.

CGS Siren Carbon Fiber .22 LR Suppressor

With the end cap off, the sealed baffle stack will slide smoothly out of the carbon fiber external tube. Thanks to the sealed design of CGS’ “Orion” baffles, very little carbon fouling occurs inside the tube so the baffles do not become stuck and little to no cleaning of the tube is needed. This design is also stronger, as the baffles themselves provide gas pressure containment strength instead of solely the external tube, as is the case with many suppressors.

CGS Siren Carbon Fiber .22 LR Suppressor

All baffles are identical, which simplifies re-assembly and allows the order of the baffles to be rotated (this can extend the time between cleanings and can even out any baffle wear that, if it’s going to occur, will be much more drastic on the first baffle).

CGS Siren Carbon Fiber .22 LR Suppressor

I’m not too proud to admit that I used to be a huge carbon fiber slut back in my “car days.” Now that I’m so much older and wiser (also balder and fatter) I typically appreciate its functional use — when CF’s great strength-to-weight ratio is put to good effect — more than its aesthetic overuse, but would be lying if I claimed I’m not drawn to its unique looks.

CGS Siren Carbon Fiber .22 LR Suppressor

In the case of the Siren suppressor, the carbon fiber tube is obviously functional as it’s doing the job of the aluminum tube seen on most other .22LR silencers. For the same strength it’s also doing this job at a fraction of the weight of aluminum.

CGS Siren Carbon Fiber .22 LR Suppressor

At the same time, carbon fiber has poor thermal conductivity. In effect, it’s basically its own suppressor heat shield. Even after rapidly firing through a few magazines, the CF stayed cool to the touch while an aluminum suppressor tube would have been extremely uncomfortable or possibly hot enough to burn me.

CGS Siren Carbon Fiber .22 LR Suppressor

Over the last few months I have shot the CGS Siren on various .22 rifles and pistols with barrels ranging from 5 inches to 16 inches, both semi-auto and bolt-action, and have been extremely pleased.

Not only is the Siren silencer one of the very lightest weight rimfire suppressors on the market, it accomplishes this feat while still maintaining what I’d call a “full-size” length of 5.25 inches and a normal rimfire silencer diameter of 1.06 inches. In other words, it isn’t a mini suppressor and its weight savings stem from materials design, not size reduction.

CGS Siren Carbon Fiber .22 LR Suppressor

It’s no surprise, then, especially considering CGS’ knack for innovative, extremely effective baffle designs, that the Siren easily hangs with any rimfire suppressor on the market for sound reduction. It’s insanely quiet on any gun.

The Siren is also so dang lightweight that you literally cannot tell it’s there. It simply doesn’t change the balance of whatever you’re shooting at all.

CGS Siren Carbon Fiber .22 LR Suppressor

At an MSRP of $399, the CGS Siren’s price is also in-line with other high-end rimfire suppressors and is lower than many. After shooting it extensively I simply have nothing negative to say about the Siren at all other than it doesn’t do any cute modular tricks as is the trend these days.

CGS Suppressors’ Siren delivers class-leading sound reduction, benchmark-setting light weight, and cool and unique styling in a very well-made silencer. What else could you ask for?

Specifications: CGS Siren Suppressor

Caliber: .22 LR
Diameter: 1.06 inches
Length: 5.25 inches
Weight: 2.2 ounces
Mount Type: 1/2×28 direct thread
Materials: 7075 aluminum and carbon fiber
Finish: Type III Hardcoat Anodized
Full Auto Rated: No
Decibel Rating: 112 to 115 dB average depending on host and ammo
MSRP: $399 (around $329 at Silencer Shop)

Ratings (out of five stars):

Utility  * * * 
With lightweight aluminum baffles, the Siren is limited to 22LR and a semi-auto rate of fire.

Form Factor  * * * * *
The Siren looks modern and cool, and it’s so dang lightweight you literally can’t tell it’s on your gun. Great design, both functional and aesthetic.

Suppression  * * * * *
The CGS Siren goes toe-to-toe with the quietest rimfire suppressors on the market with, depending on the platform, little or literally zero first-round pop.

Overall  * * * * *
Delivering world-class sound suppression, insanely light weight, and high-tech looks in a beautifully machined silencer at a fair price is a definite recipe for a five-star review.


All photos courtesy the author.

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  1. Due to half my 22s being integral builds I currently have more 22 cans than hosts… leading to my problem of what 22 host do I need?? Help me TTAG!!

    • Kel-Tec P17 and a Black Collar Arms Pork Sword Pistol on a custom Zermatt Rim-X action with 9-inch Patriot Valley uber match grade barrel (we’re building four of these) 🙂

  2. I would really like to get a suppressor for one of my favorite .22s in the safe…oh wait…that’s right, I live in CA and suppressors are illegal for private ownership here.

    Well, I’d really like to at least have a threaded barrel, to be prepared for the possible day when I either move out of CA, or CA turns from blue to reddish and suppressors are legal to own again…oh wait…that’s right, I live in CA and threaded barrels are illegal for private ownership here.

    Oh well. Nice article. Nice suppressor. Like a lot of other things Americans elsewhere can buy, but Californians cannot.

    • So move to another state.
      Or ignore the laws like they do for illegal aliens.
      Just call it an undocumented muffler.

      • Not from what I’ve been instructed by LEO friends and my local gunsmith, as well as what I’ve gleaned from reading our penal code. The muzzle brakes, flash suppressors, and BOSS tuners on my applicable guns are all pinned to the barrel, as CA doesn’t allow “usable” threading.

        If you have supporting links that prove otherwise, please provide. Thx.

  3. A nit to pick: saying that carbon fiber has poor heat thermal conductivity is misleading. It is more accurate to say that carbon fiber has poor thermal conductivity in a transverse fiber direction. In the direction if the fiber, thermal conductivity is far superior to most other materials.

    • A trivia nit, for carbon-fiber geeks –

      If you over-tension a carbon fiber to the point of breakage, it will spark, and if that carbon fiber is surrounded by frozen pure oxygen, it will ignite, very, very rapidly, causing quite an *expensive* explosion, like this :

  4. Took 11 months to get my last NFA item.
    I had one NFA item previously.
    Should not take that long. Should not have to do it at all.. .
    Not even the cost… or the photo.,.or fingerprints. Not even the$200 tax stamp.
    It’s the ridiculous open ended wait time. Even if you already have NFA items. Even if you are an LEO – even a federal LEO – or military – or first responder.
    Absolutely ridiculous.
    Maybe put a 90 day max time on it. 10-30 would be much better of course.
    It’s 2020…not 1920. Instant check please.

      • I don’t want to make my own…and should not have to…
        And this shows the sheer idiocy of the process.

      • ALL ATF forms should be eForm and take 30 days or LESS.
        We do instant fingerprint/photo checks at the border for terrorists. Hmmmm.

    • It should be well known by now that when you give them an inch you know they always come back wanting to take a mile. It’s really our own fault that we are in this situation of constantly having to accept infringements on our constitutionally protected Right to bear arms because it is said as an axiom of law that “if you do not raise an objection then you do not have one”. When was it exactly that they amended the Constitution to change the meaning of the very explicit directive of “Shall Not be infringed”? Because without ever having taken that measure to amend what it says in the Second Amendment, it stands as originally written and the Second Amendment remains as the supreme law of the land. And this means that any requirement for a license or for the payment of a fee is a blatant infringement. However, if we continue to never make that argument then our gun Rights will only exist to the extent that our masters in government decide to grant them to us… and in the manner as they define what this “privilege” is. And what I mean to say in other words is that we have allowed them to convert our Right into a government granted privilege. And remember that what the government gives to you it can also take away, and that’s why the Founding Fathers called it The Bill of Rights and not the Bill of Privileges. Rights are inherent and God given to us at birth… our Rights do NOT come from government. It is in fact the government’s duty to protect these individual Rights, not to infringe upon them!

    • While MA sucks big time, their personal background check website worked well. I did one private sale in MA when I lived there. The seller just went to the website, checked my LTC A, and I checked his info. I handed him money, he handed me a neutered evil assaulty weapon, and we went on our way. We did it at a car dealership which was funny. This was about 10 years ago so I am sure you would go to jail for just thinking about selling a gun like this.

      Now, the NFA, if we have to deal with the unconstitutional infringement, should be this easy. I log in, I submit my info, it checks NICS, it give me approval in seconds. It then emails me my tax stamp and also provides a print button to print it out. I can add a second email so maybe the gun store gets a copy and hands me an in stock suppressor so I can walk out of the door. While I would love to just buy it and walk out, we have the reality of a stupid law to deal with and no good path to get it struck down or repealed.

  5. Make it a 30 day wait and I’ll buy more. Not waiting forever for these things it’s ridiculous. But it will never be repealed.

    • Some retail places here in Florida will let you use your NFA items on property while you wait.
      That is OK…sort of like probation instead of jail…but still not free for your use entirely.
      Image vehicles without mufflers? OMG!
      Many other countries restrict guns…but suppressors are cheap and easily purchased over the counter. And no tax stamps.

      • Yeah the guy I go through in KY does the same. He refers to them as “conjugal visits” lol. Basically he’s a retired navy vet that runs a suppressor business, has plenty of free time, and loves to shoot.

        I already had a .30 can when I bought my .45 and rimfire through him, so I passed but cool of him nonetheless.

  6. Carbon fiber would be poor at loosing the heat that will build up inside.

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