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They finally put the band back together. Launching today, SIG SAUER’s silencer line has its own website ( and its own look & feel. Prominently featuring three of the most recognizable people from the old AAC (Kevin Brittingham, Ethan Lessard and John Hollister) the site seems like a continuation of the attempt by SIG SAUER to give Kevin a little space and let him do what he does best: sell awesome silencers . . .

SIG SAUER’s usual way of doing business can come off as a little stuffy and “old school” for some, especially in the constantly evolving world of silencers. Most of the silencer companies had the exact same branding issue back when AAC started, but Kevin Brittingham shook that market up by using an aggressive skateboard-style branding campaign for Advanced Armament that got younger shooters interested in silencers and all the accouterments that come with it. That marketing played a huge role in AAC’s success, and it looks like SIG SAUER has recognized that need to brand their silencers as something cool and different and has given Kevin his own space to explore how to blend that “f*ck you we’re awesome” attitude with SIG SAUER’s more traditional look and feel.

The website lists all of the current models of SIG SAUER’s silencer line, which covers literally every single caliber and application the average shooter could possibly want — and at damn near half the price of anyone else. Rumor has it that the website is a sign from above that cans will start shipping very soon.

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  1. …and notice what he’s holding there???? *hint hint* (I’m dying for a review on the MCX pistol! They are already shipping from Cabelas) 🙂

      • haha well, I’m really wanting the 9″ 300 blk/5.56 Pistol kit so I can SBR it. It’s out there. $2300, but it exists. For me, .308 is really the realm of M1A, a boltie, SCAR-H or even the Desert Tech MDR (if/when it ever comes out). 300 blk is awe-some out of a 9″. Can’t even describe the joy. and a quick change capability to 5.56 makes it much more practical, economical, capable. Why I’m not seeing more excitement about this yet, I’m not quite sure. Maybe everyone is just a little freaked by all of Sig’s ‘new releases’ and some of the issues they’ve had with some models… But I’m holding out hope this is going to be as awesome as it looks. I know already that the trigger sucks, but I always upgrade the trigger anyway – quick swap and you’re good. It’s light, a side-folder, piston, quick barrel change, modular as all get out, and comes in my favorite flavor: 300 Blk. What’s not to love? Am I missing something?

        • Oh, I intend to do the exact same thing with the exact same setup. I do wish they’d put a right side bolt control on there, though. Keeping the same manual of arms as the AR15 is nice, but there’s no good reason not to add functionality that should have been there, especially when it doesn’t alter the usage of the existing controls.

          As for the .308, I’ve been eyeing the SCAR and the MDR, but if this mcx variant comes to market soon I might go for that instead.

  2. For all that’s holy can you please start spelling “accoutrements” correctly? That’s twice in one week. It’s a French word that has made it into the English language, and not pronounced like the mechanic from Dukes of Hazard.

  3. I don’t mean to be one of “those guys” but could you please switch to the term “suppressor?” Silencers are only found in Hollywood. If we want the other side to understand us better then we should use the correct in our terminology.


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